9mmAmmoBox Can Cut Your Ammo Cost In Half

What if you could cut your ammo cost in half, 9mmAmmoBox.com recently launched a website to help you do just that.

9mmAmmoBox 9mm Ammo
9mmAmmoBox 9mm Ammo

Kansas City, MO – -(Ammoland.com)- In order to get the best prices on ammo you have to either search and wait for specials or order in bulk. Even then, with an average day at the range of 100-200 rounds the costs add up.

9mmAmmoBox.com is taking a unique approach to help lower your cost per round. First, they order in bulk so you don’t have to. Second, they only sell a single product, 9mm Luger ammo. This helps keep overhead low and streamline procedures.

Third, they generate revenue by selling advertising space on the packaging. This allows them to sell at a consistently low price in a fluctuating market.

Advertisers benefit from literally being in the hands of gun enthusiasts. Brand visibility goes beyond the initial purchase and extends to the range, plinking with friends, hunting, and more. It’s a cost-effective way to deliver a message, promote an offer, or other call to action.

As their name states, 9mmAmmoBox.com only sells 9mm Luger ammo. The company plans to expand their offering to other calibers through a network of similar sites as the company grows.

9mmAmmoBox advertise here
9mmAmmoBox advertise here

About 9mmAmmoBox.com

9mmAmmoBox is a Kansas City subsidiary of Zink Enterprises LLC. 9mmAmmoBox.com officially launched May 4th 2016. Their purpose is simple. Provide the lowest price ammo anywhere. Follow us on Twitter @9mmAmmoBox and Like us on Facebook 9mm-Ammo-Box.

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I think its time for a follow up on this article. I would like to know if anyone received their orders and why this company couldn’t even make it past one day of orders before shutting down.


I ordered the first week of May and nothing has shipped yet. Anyone know what one day of the month it is that they ship?


Web site is currently down for maintenance. I’ll have to check back later.

Bruce Brownlee

Web sight is down again!!!!!!!
Did you ever get the shipping fixed?
I’d like to test some of your rounds for my shooting classes.
Try to save them some money also.


They are always out of stock this month!!!!!


I will just stay with my tried and true ammo. One thing I have found out about getting older is that I don’t really like change that much. If I have something that works I stick with it. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

Produce guy

Freedomunitions is awsome ammo. All but Pmc 50 bmg was sticking in my rifle,Pmc ,10 rounds of 50 was like 45$, Freedom sales their ball 50 10 rounders for 25$ and the cases don’t stick,clean ammo. I had a issue with wolf 223 in my ar, fte, was the most common issue but not to far in between, maybe 2 out of 100 rounds. I switched to Tula. Not one issue in over 2500 rounds. Not any dirtier than the brass I’ve fired. Clean your rifle after every use. Slickguns.com is another site to check for ammo prices, I will… Read more »


Your site says you will not ship to some states (due to BS laws). While the ridiculous inSAFE Act in NY says you can’t ship to individuals (there is no means of monitoring or enforcing BTW) shipping to FFLs is allowed. Will you ship to FFL in NY? Thanks.


In general aluminum is slightly harder than brass. However, aluminum alloys can be softer that some brasses. The general Brinell hardness (BHN) range from 50 to 110 for both alloys.

Dr Dave

Thanks so much for the info so then why not use aluminum over brass as the cost is next to dirt cheap. This month’s NRA magazine even has a whole page on a new Al ammo from I think Federal so with more and more shifting to Al why not use it?
Dr D


Tula is garbage at any price. Why gun owners use this dirty crud is beyond me. You can buy CCI Blazer Brass for the same cost per round as steel-cased Tula. Blazer is infinitely better than Tula as well. Steel casings cause more wear than brass casings do. But, it is better than aluminum.

Dr Dave

Pete tell me about the “but it is better than aluminum” part I have a range Glock 19 that EASILY has 10K rounds thru it all Al and never had a failure of any type I have been in LE for 30+ years and since Al came out I have used it in my range guns Tell me your thoughts on why you think it is so bad. SURELY softer then steal and not sure but thought softer then brass. Regardless handles fine in the Glocks and wife’s S&W M&P as well as the Walther and that is known as… Read more »

Dr Dave

But I buy 9mm aluminum cased Remington’s ALL day long at Wally World about 2 miles from home and NO shipping for $10 a box PLUS Tula ammo is not allowed in 99% of the indoor ranges due to potential fire issues with the steal cored ammo so they don’t allow any steal at all even though we all know the casing isn’t going flying they have no way to know if the ammo is steal or not so they run a wand over everything and this will fail. PLUS steal ammo will corrode over time so if you intend… Read more »


“Author: Wild Bill
Well, John Galt, taking chunks of Ukrainian land by Russian soldiers in civilian clothing, and using undisguised Russian equipment isn’t quite an invasion, I suppose. But it is some kind of armed aggression. Now Crimea… that was an invasion!
I think that your statement that “The US and Isreal are the only real terrorist states on the planet.” requires your further explanation, or we will be forced to conclude that you are really and truly whacked out.”

They are only Russia’s version of the BLM.

Wild Bill

Whisky Victory five, that was the high point of my day, so far! Sierra seven bravo zero one. out.


Whisky Tango Foxtrot!


“Author: Vanns40 Comment: Cheaper Than Dirt? They gouged gun owners TWICE. Never again.” I agree Vanns40 yes they did. during 911 a $190 box of 7.62×39 went to over $1000 for 100 rounds. They most definitely did price gouge. Cheaper Than Dirt Price Gouging Again Not one to shy away from trying to make a profit from a bad situation, Cheaper Than Dirt is once again putting money before their customers. With the potential ban of the popular and common M855 ball ammunition that many shooters use in their AR-15s looming, Cheaper Than Dirt has decided to capitalize on this… Read more »


Damned typos.


I tried ordering yesterday and they said they were out of stock and put me on a emailing list…

dennis campbell

if you go to wiki.com it has all the current on line pricing for all the on line sites for puchasing ammo………any caliber you want……it gives the price per round, and box

Ford Prefect

“if you go to wiki.com”

Could you be a little more specific ???



Ford Prefect



Military grade . . .. I do not know if that is all that it is cracked up to be. I am sure we all have heard of “good enough for the government”? That is NOT a good thing.
“Military grade” means “within military specifications”. But it does not mean “full auto.” There are plenty of weapons out there that are much better made than “military grade.” I remember the CRAP M16s when they came out.


I order from freedommunitions and ammoman on the web.


How do you like Freedom Munitions? I just ordered my first 1000 rounds from them earlier this week.


I use Freedom’s stuff and never had any issues. They will buy back brass if you don’t reload. Look for sales as well. They had free shipping this past weekend regardless of the size of the order.

RM Molon Labe

I’ve been using Freedom munitions for 3-4 years. Great ammo for great prices. They have free shipping for any order size. Just be patient and it comes around. I think they just had it on Mother’s Day. They also have 5% and 10% deals daily. Usually a flat rate $7.50 for shipping. Last year I ordered 1200 rds of 7.62×51 with the flat rate. 90lbs of ammo delivered to my door for $7.50. No FTF, FTE with 1000’s of rds down range…HIGHLY recommend!!!


I have ordered from AIM, Cheaper than Dirt, and through Ammoseek https://ammoseek.com/ Always shopping around.
Oh and check out every “Grand Opening” for even better deals.


Cheaper Than Dirt? They gouged gun owners TWICE. Never again.


Only twice? How about all the time? Cheaper than dirt, if the dirt is made out of gold…


I just signed for their ads. Always looking for better deals.


Just wondering. What happened to the “HAZ-MAT” fee when shipping such products?
Last time I had something like this shipped the Haz-Mat fee was close to $27.00.
This fee is in addition to all other fees shown. Just so ya don’t get hit in the a$$ with the “incoming”.


BamaBubble, I never had that charge ever.? Who were you using?

Wild Bill

BBH, I have paid a hazmat fee on gun powder, but not already made ammunition. i like to shop around, too. I just ordered 100 rounds of 6.5×47 Laua 123 grain @ $2.20 per round. No hazmat, free shipping, and no sales tax. And I get to reuse the brass.
Has anyone out there direct compared 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmore, 6.5 Lapua, and 6.5 Swede for accuracy?


Hazmat is only for components, like powder or primers, not loaded ammo.

Francis Karas

No hazmat fee for loaded ammo…just powder and primers.


This is a good price but mostly they have Tula which is steel case. That is fine for outdoor plinking, but many indoor ranges will not allow it.


Never heard of that, that’s just silly. Now steel core bullets, yes, most indoor ranges ban it, because it could spark and ignite any residue gun power. Steel case are not a risk, I shoot steel case indoors.

Clark Kent

They are a risk to the chamber of your firearm. FUGGITTTABOUTDIT!


Almost all Com-Bloc ammo is steel cased. Never hurt their guns, so it won’t hurt American guns, unless you believe they make better guns…. LOL


Well I somewhat agree. My AK has zero problems with steel cased but my Bersa Thunder 380 stove pipes every third round it seems. No problem with brass cases and polishing the feed ramps as well as lubricating every round for Durka Defense made no difference with the steel cased. The Bersa just hates the steel cases. Even my M&P 40 stove pipes with the steel but not as often.


Indoor ranges don’t like steel-cased ammo because they can’t reload it like they can brass casings (so they would have to sift out the steel casings). Anybody wanting to claim that is BS because it would be unsafe to reload randomly mixed lots of brass cases, have at it but know that I’m just echoing what an indoor range owner told me when I was about to expend some steel-cased .380. As long as the ammo and gun are both clean, steel cases are not going to damage the chamber. What they will do is change the dynamics of how… Read more »

Samuel freeman


Samuel freeman

Checked it out on their web site

They are steel cases

Tom McDaniel

I certainly would be ready to purchase now but don’t feel like being a test subject.

Pantera Vazquez

As any new business, bugs develop. What is important, can they resolve the issues to the satisfaction of the clients. Time will tell.


Reload, reload, reload, reload …

rbd jr

just went to the site tried to order says sold out for this period, I just received email today to check it out,


So it’s $9.99 for shipping whether it’s one box of 100 or ten boxes of 100 or twenty five boxes. I might look into picking up a cheap 1000 rounds for $109.99 ($.10 each round + $.01 each round for shipping). Sucks that you have to wait till their one shipping day per month but I have enough in storage to tide me over and the price is enticing.


Just so you know – Tula amo is made in russia that is currently under the sanctions for invading Ukraine and annexing Krymia.
By buying russian made amo you are aiding the terrorist state.


But by buying anything in America you are helping our government funding terrorism around the world so they can raise taxes and infringe on our freedoms “for our own good”

Clark Kent

Then don’t let the door hit you in the azz on your way OUT of the USA. Good riddance!

Bill in Lexington,NC

So .. you think it’s okay if your taxes are used to fund terrorism? Interesting. By the way, do you plan to vote for Hillary this year? She likes to fund terrorists all over the Middle East. When the US embargoed Russian ammo, they just shipped their operations over to the Far East. Some of it is good … some not so good. But I get most of my factory 9mm from Brazil. The FMJRN 115 gn stuff definitely comes from there. It cleans up and reloads just fine. BTW … I won’t be leaving the US anytime soon, so… Read more »


Taxes are used to fund all sorts of things which I don’t approve of, like burning food as a gasoline additive , or deceiving teenagers into taking on unjustifiable debt to pay for an education which won’t help them make more money. So why just I get bent out of shape over Yet Another Stupid Or Morrally Offensive Line Item?

John Galt

Eugene, you really need to stop watching television and educate yourself. Russia did not “invade” Ukraine or “annex” Crimea. The terrorist state comment highlights your ignorance (The US and Israel are the only real terrorist states on the planet), or just points out that you are an internet troll.


Are you a bubble or just wacked out?

Wild Bill

Well, John Galt, taking chunks of Ukrainian land by Russian soldiers in civilian clothing, and using undisguised Russian equipment isn’t quite an invasion, I suppose. But it is some kind of armed aggression. Now Crimea… that was an invasion!
I think that your statement that “The US and Isreal are the only real terrorist states on the planet.” requires your further explanation, or we will be forced to conclude that you are really and truly wacked out.

Clark Kent

Congrats! Yours was the most ignorant post of 2016 thus far! Why don’t you celebrate by not posting for forever?


I see a couple of comments regarding shipping. I just went through a pseudo-checkout and had $9.99 flat rate shipping per order, not per box. I went up to 20 boxes and still had only $9.99 shipping (so $209.99 total order for 20 boxes).


I checked that out too. If you are willing to wait and buy in bulk it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.


Some of Tula ammo is made in italy.

kb bannister

I tried to add my email for company notifications and it would not enter. Something squirrelly about this outfit….


Doesn’t seem like a deal at all but $hit plain and simple.

Nick t

Guys you need to check but I ordered some too try it and it’s 100 rounds fur $10 that’s $5 for 50 rounds and the shipping was about average. So 1000 rds cost $109,00 let’s see how it shoots but if it’s Tula ammo it should work great for out door practice.

When I get it I will give you a update !!


Is this steel cased or brass ?

Pistol Pete

Steel case ammo is bad for the guns feed Ramp
and most of the steel case ammo is dirty so
I don’t shoot steel case ammo no matter how cheap


That’s actually not correct. Steel cases are typically softer than brass cases and do no more harm to your firearm than any brass or aluminum cased ammo out there.


I just ordered five 100 round boxes and shipping was $9.99 for a total of $59.99. That comes out to a penny per round shipping or just under .12 cents per round total. I’m not seeing this outrageous shipping charges being talked about here or am I missing something?


I just checked out with 5 boxes to try out. You guys need to double check shipping costs. They charged me $9.00 for shipping all 5 boxes!!!


The shipping bug has now been fixed. Shipping is flat rate $9.99. Sorry for the confusion.


So does this mean $10 shipping no matter how many boxes or is that per box? I buy in bulk all the time. Per box is NO DEAL.


Yes I just ordered 1000 rounds and shipping is a flat rate of $ 9.99



Please post an update once you test fired the ammo.

Neil Tarasoff

How good is the ammo? Has anyone tested it? IMHO, If they are charging for advertising on the boxes, then shipping to us should be close to “ZERO” or “ZERO”, just sayin!


We were just notified of the shipping bug and are working it out. This should be fixed shortly. 9mmAmmoBox.com

Big Lou

Ammoland, you should have took a better look at this company before writing about them. I would never buy from this company. Look at the shipping cost per round. I hope to see a follow-up about this company. They are telling the truth about cost per round what they/you are not saying is the total cost. Shipping + cost per round.

Big Lou

Thanks for getting that fixed. Im glad you check your comments and worked to fix the problem. Great customer service.

Big Lou

I call bs on this company. They charge .10 cents per round and .10 cents per round shipping. So the two 50 round boxes of Tula Ammo “100 rounds” they are selling you is $20 dollars total. I can get that at any Walmart without waiting a month for delivery. That is no deal. By the way if you are thinking I’ll buy more to save on shipping, wrong, NO discount for buying more. 10 cents per round, 10 cents per round shipping. Not a deal at all.


I think a lot of people called b/s on this, their web page is down.


Check out ANY Cabella’s. They sell all legal ammo and have the lowest prices, hands down. Most times it’s readily available on their shelves.


Hands down Cabela’s has the highest prices on ammo, but agree their shelves are well stocked.