If There Was Ever A Weekend To Buy A Gun – This Is It!

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

USA-(Ammoland.com)- If you’re sitting on any extra cash this Father’s Day Weekend, you may want to gather it up and head down to your local gun shop. The traditional summer sales slowdown means bigger inventories, wider product selections, and great bargains for the savvy gun shopper.

If you’re thinking that you’re not in the market for a new gun, you should think again. Take the time to survey the readiness stance of your home and personal safety programs. If you find gaps in your inventory, this weekend would be a great time to fill them with a new handgun, defensive shotgun or tactical rifle.

If you’re getting low on ammunition, you’d better stock up before Obama’s renewed efforts to confiscate your guns causes a run on the ammo department. Obama has been touted as being the world’s greatest gun salesman. Sometimes his efforts are too great – especially when you’re looking for a particular caliber but the shelves are bare.

While we’re talking about fun with guns, keep in mind that the Illinois State Rifle Association will be holding its annual NRA Day at the ISRA Range event on Saturday June 18th, from 10:00am – 4:00pm. There will be a lot of great guns to test out and a lot of great opportunities to network with other gun folks. For more details about the open house, visit the ISRA web site at http://www.isra.org

Remember your gun rights only remain strong so long as you exercise them!

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Bad boy bad boy –whatcha ya gonna do——-Whatcha ya gonna do when they come for youuuuuuuuu?


I sure hope this does not become a repeat of what we went through when Sandy Hook happened…

But next week will be the tell-all, many representatives will be introducing gun control legislation.

Just to be on the safe side, I bought a case of mags to sell to the poor saps that didn’t get the clue last time and were willing to pay $50 each…. And a couple kegs of powder, primers and bullets that I was getting low on… I don’t want to wait 2 years for ithem to become available again. That last shortage was horrible.


I’m great on firearms/ammo ! Always looking for a good deal though !


Gun shop this weekend? And interrupt amateur hour? Sorry, but I’ll wait a bit.

Wild Bill

Amateur hour? Amateur what?


I agree with Matt. Had several friends contact me this week saying they finally were ready to buy a little black rifle. I told them good luck. There is an inventory but it won’t last long. In a few weeks, guns will once again be scarce and ammo will all but be gone. It’s unfortunate that we go through these cycles and at some point, I’m afraid the cycle won’t recover. Also had a 300% increase in people scheduling their concealed carry training this month through August. Waiting lists. These people are the last hold-outs. The ones that finally feel… Read more »

Matt in Oklahoma

If your just now getting around to this your way behind. This has been preached for a few years. It was inevitable with elections. This shooting was just the catalyst.


@Matt – And .22 rimfire ammo has been rare as ‘hen’s teeth’ since the ‘Community Dis-Organizer in Chief’ was elected.


If your Federal tax refund hasn’t arrived yet, maybe you can buy some ‘shooting supplies’ when it does?