Pro Gun Groups Call On NRA to Stop Support for Secret List & Gun Free Zones

Open Letter to NRA-ILA leadership.
Secret No Gun Lists & Gun Free Zones Will Kill Innocent Americans

Gun Free Death Zone
Grass Roots Gun Groups Call On NRA to Stop Supporting Secret List & Gun Free Zones
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USA – -( In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando,Florida, NRA-ILA leadership has offered support for legislation in Congress supporting secret government “no-guns” lists, with no provisions for due process, no removal from the secret list, and no criminal penalties for abuse of the list.

Secret list abuse, as the recent IRS scandals have shown, is all too common in the U.S. government.

NRA-ILA leadership also endorsed, on national television, the unsafe notion that bars and “night clubs” should be gun free.

Grass roots gun owners reject secret no guns lists, and reject support of so-called “gun free zones”, and we call on NRA-ILA to abandon support for these proposals and return to supporting the 2nd Amendment, gun owners, and the right to self defense.

We urge the NRA-ILA to work towards enhancing concealed carry reciprocity, among the states, and eliminating so-called “gun free zones”.

  • These so-called “gun free zones” kill people. They are exactly what terrorists want; a target-rich environment with no one who can mount an effective defense.
  • In 34 states it is legal to carry firearms into establishments that serve alcohol, and this has not proven to be a problem.
  • An overwhelming majority of mass killings in America occur in so-called gun free zones.
  • Secret government lists have been the hallmark of tyrannical, murderous governments throughout history.

All American gun owners want a safe America, but we won’t be safer with another secret government list, nor by making it more difficult for responsible gun owners to protect themselves and their families.

We, the grass roots American gun owners reaffirm:

  • There is NO acceptable gun free zone in America.
  • There is NO acceptable secret government list for government use to approve or deny the sale of firearms.
  • There is NO acceptable magazine or feeding device capacity limit.
  • There is NO acceptable prohibition on owning or legally using any semiautomatic rifle.
  • There is NO acceptable prohibition on responsible gun owners who wish to carry their firearms in any of the States, Territories or federal district of the United States of America.
  • There is NO acceptable restriction on private sale of firearms between law-abiding Americans.

In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, grass roots gun owners will work to end the scourge of gun free zones, increase reciprocity and recognition of citizen’s’ right to carry across America, and oppose any new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. We will be prepared, we will train, we will be ready, and we will vigilantly defend our freedom. We call upon gun bloggers, activists, trainers, members of the firearms industry, gun owners, and anyone who enjoys freedom, to support rolling back restrictions on responsible gun owners and opposing attempts to pass ineffective, “feel good“, gun restrictions.


Readers if you agree with our stance leave a comment below, saying “I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones”.

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Paul Slaughter

I agree, stop support of secret lists and gun free zone. NRA Life Member.

Donna Grebas

I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones!!!!!

John Flynn

I agree with all the above. Let’s concentrate on criminals and terrorists. Don’t take away the ability of honest gun owners to defend ourselves against them, wherever they may turn up.

Frank Gray

The NRA has been losing touch with its membership for years. There is no sensible gun control. Giving in to tyrants, will not stop criminals from committing heinous crimes. I was a long time member of the NRA and will not renew my membership with them until they get in step with their constituency again.

Kenneth Talbott

I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones



I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones.
Jim, An NRA Benefactor Member


I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones.


Today , July 7 , House Democrats calling for vote on H.R. -1217 and H.R. 1076 – ALL current anti-gun bills DESTROY Due Process !! Watch Live @ or on C – Span . Why are NO Republicans standing up on the floor to PUSH BACK against democrat Lies ? Call your Reps. and ask – 202-225-3121

Jeff Knox

Folks, this was a hastily assembled letter. Some grass roots groups weren’t completely satisfied with some of the details of the language, while others simply couldnlt be reached in time to participate. Don’t assume a group’s absence means they don’t support the intent of the letter – ask them. I wanted some minor revisions to address NRA’s claims that the Cornyn amendment provides due process – it does not. What it offers is an opportunity for a person denied their Second Amendment rights to argue that they should get them back. If they win the argument, the government MIGHT pay… Read more »


Is there a response from N.R.A. to this Open Letter ? If not , why not ? There can be NO Compromise on Due Process!


Tex,taking your advice and send card back8 pieces tomorrow.thanks Nuff is Nuff no more


JOIN GOA (Gun owners of America) ! Send your NRA membership card back to them in eight pieces. When they call or email you begging for money tell them to go to hell !


Is the NRA perfect? No, but they’re the best chance we have of keeping our gun rights. If you don’t agree with something they’ve done or said the correct reaction is to join the NRA and work to change the mistakes. I belong to both the NRA and Gun Owners of America and intend to keep my memberships in both because the struggle is too o important to let petty ,personal jealousy get in the way. It’s very easy to sit behind a keyboard and criticize the NRA, but my question is what have you done lately to restore the… Read more »


The NRA totally sucks and I told them that ! This BS coming up next week, the John Cornyn proposal,is giving the gungrabbers what they want. The NRA backs this bull*shit and that’s why Ryan is giving it a House vote. I was a life member of the NRA until they started compromising our 2A freedoms ! The NRA are the ones that need to read the god*damn constitution,and the 2A. I sent my membership card back to those useless son of a bit*ches in eight pieces with a note telling them to fu*ck off ! If you think the… Read more »


Yeah, that’s totally it. I mean gun grabbers must be lining up to support Cornyn’s bill right.

Of course they aren’t doing that because Cornyn’s bill actually provides for due process.


Restore the 2A ? Why the hell do when need to restore a god*damn constitutional right ? The NRA are useless trash compromising with that scum ! I hope at least a million members send their membership cards in eight pieces just like I did ! The NRA will understand that crystal clear !


You clearly have no idea what’s going on in Congress or the state legislatures. You apparently believe you can just shout “shall not be infringed” and somehow that wins the argument.


Why don’t you in your infinite wisdom enlighten me about what’s going on ? If you had any sense at all you would realize if you give the gungrabbers anything it’s a victory to them. They will use that to want more and more. The Senate just voted on those four bills including that moron Cornyns Bill. I’ve forgot more about what’s going on then you will ever know. If your a NRA member thats you problem not mine !


..petty,personal jealousy ? Who the fu*ck are you ?

Wade Jensen

I agree. Stop the lists!


Typical BS from Robert Farago. This is not NRA’s position. On the terror watch list issue, NRA has been clear that there should be no denial of a fundamental, constitutional right without due process. That means a hearing before a judge where you have the right to appear and challenge the govt’s evidence before any denial. As for carry in establishments that serve alcohol, NRA-ILA Exec Director Chris Cox said in his appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulis, that “you shouldn’t be drinking and carrying”. That’s a far cry from NRA says no guns in establishments that serve alcohol.… Read more »


Not true. Wayne said “I don’t think we should have guns where people are drinking”. 34 states allow this with no problem. He’s wrong.


The SOB is always wrong ! We need to fight the gungrabbers with all we got,not compromise with the scum ! It really pisses me off to think about all the money I have given the NRA over 30 years just to get stabbed in the back !


He misspoke. Lighten up. He clarified that in a tweet the very same day. NRA has a long history of lobbying for carry in restaurants/bars that serve alcohol. Cox’s comments were very clear that he meant carrying and drinking.

Their position on watchlist legislation is that there must be due process before a sale could be denied.

This is a made up BS controversy.


No, they don’t. They have, behind closed doors, added useless amendments to water down legislation, as they just did in TN, all under the guise of making it safer and then, when the bill is passed, doing nothing to protect our rights as they stand up, cheer and claim they’ve saved the day. Want another example? Let’s turn the clock back to the National Parks Bill where we finally gained the right to carry there. I know the person who worked night and day for three years to see that passed. After it was passed who steps in and tries… Read more »


Misspoke my ass ! You’re going to try and defend the NRA with your lies and BS too. Good luck with that ! Them lying SOB’s have lied to its members for the last time. (Or misspoke to you)

Joe Nieters

I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones. We won’t be renewing our NRA memberships unless they reverse their position.


I agree – stop support of secret lists and gun free zones.

Chadwick porter

I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones !!

Steve Day

I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones.

Abolish the NFA act.

“Shall NOT be Infringed.”

Mom of 2

I agree. That’s why I’m a member of the O.F.F.
No compromise on 2a.

Fidei Defensor

I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones.

… shall not be infringed.



American Gun Owners Alliance

We at the American Gun Owners Alliance wholeheartedly agree and stand with those others that refuse to back down!

Ed Caro

I agree with most of it except night clubs and bars. In some states there is a requirement for CCP that no alcohol is allowed while carrying.


And that’s wrong and the NRA should be fighting for repeal rather than supporting it. 34 states have no prohibition and no problem.

Matthew Oakey

I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones.
“Shall NOT be infringed” means exactly that… every federal gun laws since 1938 is unconstitutional and needs to be repealed !!!


No Gun Free Zones NO Secret Goverment List i feel safer as a female to be able to carry, i do not like the idea of my rights being infringed on as a gun owner.An d i am also an NRA member ,And I vote.
Vote Freedom.

Larry the mechanic

Shall Not Be Infringed applies to secret Gov.lists & gun free zones.
Do Not Appease the enemies of Freedom.

Larry the mechanic

Larry the mechanic
I am a Life member of the N.R.A.
I Protest your support of Gun free zones.They place citizen safety at peril.
No support for secret lists,the liberal democrats already have gun enthusiats down as “Right wing extremists”
No Infringement Without Due Process Of Law.


Larry,why have any infringements at all ?


I spoke with my grassroots group and they told me that this was a no brainier for them to sign. This brings up the question of why every single grassroots group in the country didn’t sign. I asked that question. They said that NRA State affiliates weren’t included in those notified but all other groups were and he wouldn’t comment past that. So, we know that they knew about this now I think we need to ask why, when they’re asking for our money and our support they wouldn’t do the one thing that would show where they really stood?… Read more »




I agree, stop support of secret lists and gun free zones.


This is IT …. for the NRA ! — Become like G.O.A. – or cease to exist ……. Pansies…. lol.

Marcus Easterling

I agree, stops egret gun lists and gun free zones


I agree – I have gotten very disturbing letters from the NRA recently. I called them and got a young woman who said she’d “pass my opinion on” and admitted she didn’t know very much about firearms. I posted my opinion on their blog, and they pulled it. The letter is here: Problem: Got a letter from the NRA that I found VERY disturbing. “The inheritance of freedom that past generations fought and died to defend is AT RISK – and the results of this election will decide whether we can preserve that inheritance as our own legacy to our… Read more »


When the NRA supported and endorsed the Sen.John Cornyn R-TX. proposal concerning the no-fly list,that was it no more ! My cash money will go to the GOA from this point forward ! YOU DONT COMPROMISE WITH GUNGRABBING SCUM,PERIOD !


I agree,stop support of secret lists and gun free zones !


I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones.

Woody W Woodward

I agree. Do Not support secret lists or gun free zones. Dictators over the years have implemented secret lists and every time they’ve done so, citizens’ rights have gone south. Due process should be observed prior to placing a name on a list, not after the fact. “Gun free zones” are nothing more than target rich environments for terrorist thugs and other criminals. Rendering a person defenseless by depriving him a reliable means of self protection is not making him safer, quite the contrary.

Carlos Perdue

Due process = Fair trial by jury. Ultimately nothing else is due process worthy of being called American.


I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones!

Carlos Perdue

I agree – stop support of secret lists and gun free zones. While you’re at it, fire every last officer who has supported them, starting with Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox, and replace them with loyal Americans.

Carlos Perdue

P.S. Shouldn’t Gun Owners of America be on this list of groups? They certainly support it. There are a number of state and national groups on it.

Carlos Perdue

PPS: Signed, life member of both NRA and GOA.


I would double down with GOA and blow off the NRA until they stop compromising with the gungrabbing scum and our 2A freedoms !

Carlos Perdue

You bet. Only reason I’ve been an NRA member these last 20 years is I’m already a life member. If NRA offered a refund for my membership, I’d take it and donate it to loyal America-First legislators like Louis Gohmert, Dave Brat, Walter Jones and Jeff Sessions. Or a newcomer challenging the RINOs, like Paul Nehlen or Donald Trump. Or a group like GRNC, OFF, or GOA.


Hmm, very good question. Wonder why they didn’t sign on? Wonder why more State groups didn’t?

Carlos Perdue

I suspect they weren’t asked, which would be a bit of an outrage. I think GOA should qualify as a “grassroots” group as much as any other state or national group on that list. Any difference would be quantitative.




The only problem with the GOA is that they can be seen as the petulant 3yo stomping their feet, demanding they get what they want. I’m not saying a no compromise approach is bad, but when push comes to shove all the anti’s have to do to win over the uninformed or apathetic is to attempt a compromise and then sit back and point fingers when the GOA says “NO!” It blows up in the anti’s face periodically when it happens, but the political and social climate is changing slowly…. who knows where things will be in 10 years or… Read more »


Compromise? Oh… you mean like NRA is doing?

Give the grabbing bastards an inch & they’ll be back next week for another inch, then another, & another… Get it?


I agree – stop support of secret lists and gun free zones.


Call the NRA, email the NRA, tell the NRA “no more money until you change your ways and stand tall for NO gun free zones, no secret lists and get National Reciprocity passed, don’t just talk about it!”

eric zurn

I agree ,stop support of secret lists and gun free zones . NRA STOP playing politics and do what is right and honest or you will lose another member!!


I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones

John Comeau

I agree, stop support of secret lists and gun free zones.

Jerry The Geek

(Sigh) It never fails. I join the NRA, then they go do some stupid sh&t like this. Only a couple of months after I rejoined the NRA (following a 3 year haitus from the LAST stupid thing they did that offended me, NRA published an opinion article suggesting that ‘old people’ were incompetent to handle firearms. So I wrote them online (on the website ‘comments’ page) and told them I quit, cancel my membership. But they keep sending me announcements, renewal forms, and please for donations … on a weekly basis. Now they’ve gone out of their way to say… Read more »


The NRA is about to lose millions of members because of their recent positions and statements ! The GOA is here to stay !


The best way to opt out of the NRA is to cut your membership card into pieces and send it to their membership dept. They will understand that crystal clear !


I agree.

If NRA spent the time & resources fighting for us rather than sending out fundraisng letters, early “renewal” notices, & prerecorded phone calls we would be in a better position. After 30 years I’m considering spending my annual dues in a better place like GOA.


They have to keep those fat salaries coming in !

Alden Huckvale

“I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones”. Get with the program NRA.
I encourage everyone to join GOA and NAGR as well as the NRA if you truly wish to protect your gun Rights.



I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones


This is why I’ve pretty much stopped giving money to the NRA.
NRA please stop supporting secret list and gun free zones.
Gun control only benefits those with criminal intent. It creates an imbalance of power that favors tyrants, terrorists, criminals and madmen.


A good point for the Negotiable Rights Association to take stock of what 5 million members want that ‘leadership’ doesn’t quite understand. Perhaps they need a copy of the Constitution that hasn’t had things like the right to due process, the right to confront your accuser and the right to a fair and speedy trial redacted.


Agree and glad to see this Wake Up Call for the N.R.A. *** Will they Listen ? *** Call Chris Cox 703-267-1141.
E – Mail NRA at their contact us page. I have done both , and I just don’t think they ‘ Get – It ‘ yet.