Pro Gun Groups Call On NRA to Stop Support for Secret List & Gun Free Zones

Open Letter to NRA-ILA leadership.
Secret No Gun Lists & Gun Free Zones Will Kill Innocent Americans

Gun Free Death Zone
Grass Roots Gun Groups Call On NRA to Stop Supporting Secret List & Gun Free Zones
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USA – -( In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando,Florida, NRA-ILA leadership has offered support for legislation in Congress supporting secret government “no-guns” lists, with no provisions for due process, no removal from the secret list, and no criminal penalties for abuse of the list.

Secret list abuse, as the recent IRS scandals have shown, is all too common in the U.S. government.

NRA-ILA leadership also endorsed, on national television, the unsafe notion that bars and “night clubs” should be gun free.

Grass roots gun owners reject secret no guns lists, and reject support of so-called “gun free zones”, and we call on NRA-ILA to abandon support for these proposals and return to supporting the 2nd Amendment, gun owners, and the right to self defense.

We urge the NRA-ILA to work towards enhancing concealed carry reciprocity, among the states, and eliminating so-called “gun free zones”.

  • These so-called “gun free zones” kill people. They are exactly what terrorists want; a target-rich environment with no one who can mount an effective defense.
  • In 34 states it is legal to carry firearms into establishments that serve alcohol, and this has not proven to be a problem.
  • An overwhelming majority of mass killings in America occur in so-called gun free zones.
  • Secret government lists have been the hallmark of tyrannical, murderous governments throughout history.

All American gun owners want a safe America, but we won’t be safer with another secret government list, nor by making it more difficult for responsible gun owners to protect themselves and their families.

We, the grass roots American gun owners reaffirm:

  • There is NO acceptable gun free zone in America.
  • There is NO acceptable secret government list for government use to approve or deny the sale of firearms.
  • There is NO acceptable magazine or feeding device capacity limit.
  • There is NO acceptable prohibition on owning or legally using any semiautomatic rifle.
  • There is NO acceptable prohibition on responsible gun owners who wish to carry their firearms in any of the States, Territories or federal district of the United States of America.
  • There is NO acceptable restriction on private sale of firearms between law-abiding Americans.

In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, grass roots gun owners will work to end the scourge of gun free zones, increase reciprocity and recognition of citizen’s’ right to carry across America, and oppose any new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. We will be prepared, we will train, we will be ready, and we will vigilantly defend our freedom. We call upon gun bloggers, activists, trainers, members of the firearms industry, gun owners, and anyone who enjoys freedom, to support rolling back restrictions on responsible gun owners and opposing attempts to pass ineffective, “feel good“, gun restrictions.


Readers if you agree with our stance leave a comment below, saying “I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones”.

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Paul Slaughter

I agree, stop support of secret lists and gun free zone. NRA Life Member.

Donna Grebas

I agree, stop support of secret lists & gun free zones!!!!!

John Flynn

I agree with all the above. Let’s concentrate on criminals and terrorists. Don’t take away the ability of honest gun owners to defend ourselves against them, wherever they may turn up.

Frank Gray

The NRA has been losing touch with its membership for years. There is no sensible gun control. Giving in to tyrants, will not stop criminals from committing heinous crimes. I was a long time member of the NRA and will not renew my membership with them until they get in step with their constituency again.