Aim Sports Inc. Announces Three New Keymod Handguards for the AR/M4 Weapons Platforms

MTKMC01 - 10' AR/M4 KeyMod Handguard
MTKMC01 – 10′ AR/M4 KeyMod Handguard
Aim Sports Inc.
Aim Sports Inc.

Ontario, CA -( Aim Sports Inc. is proud to announce the addition of three new free floated, ergonomically designed KeyMod handguards for the AR/M4 weapons platforms.

These sleek new handguards feature a U.S. made steel barrel nut assembly with anti-rotation tabs for maximum stability and rock solid performance. State-of-the-art CNC machined, aircraft grade aluminum that has been engineered for maximum weight reduction, while still retaining superior strength and operational integrity. A built-in Picatinny top rail mounting system and plenty of attachment points supply amply room for full customization.

Simply put these full featured handguards are designed and built to let you gear-up your weapon of choice any way you want!

Available in the following configurations:

Model# Description:

  • MTKMC01 – 10′ AR/M4 KeyMod Handguard (MSRP $95.00)
  • MTKMM02 – 13.5′ AR/M4 KeyMod Handguard (MSRP $115.00)
  • MTKMR03 – 15′ AR/M4 KeyMod Handguard (MSRP $135.00)
MTKMM02 - 13.5' AR/M4 KeyMod Handguard
MTKMM02 – 13.5′ AR/M4 KeyMod Handguard

Aim Sports handguards are designed to be interchangeable with all standard AR/M4 firearms platforms, however, should you have any problems installing your Aim Sports handguards please contact our customer service department for assistance.

MTKMR03 - 15' AR/M4 KeyMod Handguard
MTKMR03 – 15′ AR/M4 KeyMod Handguard

For all product related questions, more information, or to order yours today, please contact us at (909)923-2228 or visit us online at

About Aim Sports Inc.:

Aim Sports Inc. was established in 2007 and has quickly become a premier manufacturer of firearms accessories worldwide. We strive to produce affordable quality products designed to meet the needs of both the beginning and advanced shooter. We manufacture both standard and unique products designed to improve the functionality and performance for some of the most popular firearms platforms.

For more information, visit:

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Walter Seace

Dave, thank you for your candid comments. Aim Sports Inc. is a U.S. based company that manufactures in both the U.S. and China with worldwide sales. Our main goal at Aim Sports Inc. is to provide our customers with the best value for their dollar possible, however, as in the case of the Airsoft marketed products were a lower price point is required, products must be produced at a lower cost. Needless to say the old saying holds true here “you get what you pay for”. I don’t think it is realistic to expect a less than $100 product to… Read more »


The fact remains, $100 or more for a handguard is absurd, AR platform parts manufacturers are robbing the public with these parts that cost little to nothing to make (of course there’s always the old R&D claims), turn out to be junk, and then make it near impossible to return. Several years ago I quit buying any if the “latest/greatest” and so did most of my “AR” shooting buddies.


So have you tried one?


Does this thing hold up as well as their scopes hold zero?

Seriously, Firefield and now this? What’s with you guys hawking all this Chicom junk at us all of a sudden? These companies make crap even Airsoft players complain about.