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Dr. Burkenstock's Itch Stuff
Dr. Burkenstock’s Itch Stuff
Dr. Burkenstock's
Dr. Burkenstock’s

USA -( For a vast numbers of Americans, Summer marks the beginning of camping season.

Warmer weather means that tents, mess kits, sleeping bags and other camping gear are liberated from storage to go and explore the great outdoors once again.

Tens of thousands of people go camping each weekend. Unfortunately, they don’t just experience the natural beauty of the great outdoors – they are greeted by millions of biting, annoying bugs, hot sun, and that innocent looking but evil plant – poison ivy. Few things will put a damper on time in the great outdoors like an itchy poison ivy rash or the irritating whelps and sores from biting bugs.

Get smart and be prepared, campers! Bring along a supply of Dr. Burkenstock’s That Itch Stuff. It’s a soothing skin cream that works to eliminate all that itching and scratching. It works on everything from fire ants to poison ivy.

That Itch Stuff was developed decades ago by a Louisiana pharmacist – Dr. Burkenstock – to relieve the skin irritations that he suffered from his fishing and camping trips in the swamps of Louisiana. Three generations of Dr. Burkenstock pharmacists have refined That Itch Stuff and made it available to one and all.

It’s effective, inexpensive, easy to use and doesn’t take up much space in your camping gear. There’s essentially no downside to bringing some on your next outdoor adventure.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Burkenstock’s makes another great product that deserves a place with your outdoor gear – That Lip Stuff!

Dr. Burkenstock's Lip Stuff
Dr. Burkenstock’s Lip Stuff

The outdoor elements in the summer can be as brutal to your lips as the winter weather. Sun, humidity, heat, and wind can dry out, crack and burn your lips. That Lip Stuff has SPF added to protect your lips from UV rays and is loaded with moisturizers to keep your lips hydrated and smooth. It has a hint of vanilla mint so that, as Dr. Burkenstock says, “it doesn’t taste like goo.”

Just like That Itch Stuff, That Lip Stuff takes up almost no room in your gear and is worth its weight in gold when you really need it. Get some of both for the car, the boat, the camper, your golf bag, your backpack, your pocket, your purse – wherever you might need it!

To find out more about all of Dr. Burkenstock’s products and how you can stay more comfortable in the outdoors, check out his website at

About Dr. Burkenstock’s:

Dr. Burkenstock’s products are born of necessity. Insect bites, poison ivy rashes and other skin irritants can rob the outdoor enthusiast of enjoyment during his or her time in the Great Outdoors, and that’s just not okay. In fact, it’s our goal to take the pain, itch and irritation out of the outdoor experience, and Dr. Burkenstock’s products do just that. With time-tested performance dating back to 1912, Dr. Burkenstock’s flagship product, That Itch Stuff, is as relevant and effective now as it was 100 years ago.

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