Ruger Adds 9mm to Ruger SR1911 Pistol Line

Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style Pistol in 9mm
Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style Pistol in 9mm
Ruger Firearms
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

USA – -(, Ruger & Co., Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is excited to announce the addition of the Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style pistol chambered in 9mm Luger.

Like the SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style pistol in .45 Auto, this 9mm version features a commander-length slide and an aluminum frame that weigh almost a half-pound less than the all-stainless steel Commander-Style configuration. This model also comes with a new look, including black rubberized grip panels and a gray anodized frame.

The lightweight aluminum frame, shorter barrel and commander-length slide combine with the 9mm chambering to create a winning combination for concealed carry. The 9mm SR1911 is thin, small and light enough to be comfortably carried every day, yet still employs the outstanding ergonomics and shootability of the classic 1911.

The effective 9mm Luger cartridge also provides higher magazine capacity and less recoil than the larger .45 Auto.

Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style Pistol in 9mm
Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style Pistol in 9mm

Ruger’s American-made, CNC machined SR1911 comes fully equipped with upgraded features like Ruger’s classic series 70-type lockwork, genuine Novak® LoMount Carry three-dot sights, a lowered and flared ejection port, titanium firing pin and a precision machined barrel with matched bushing. These pistols also come standard with an integral plunger tube, beaver-tail grip safety, extended magazine release, oversize thumb safety, skeletonized hammer and skeletonized aluminum trigger for fast, accurate shooting; all this without the price tag of a full custom gun.

Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style Pistol in 9mm Specs:

  • Classic, original 1911 Series 70 design.
  • Precision CNC-controlled machining process results in a superior slide-to-frame fit and smooth slide travel.
  • The stainless steel barrel and bushing are produced from the same bar stock, on the same machine, for improved accuracy.
  • Positive barrel lock-up allows for superior accuracy out of the box.
  • Oversized ejection port and extended magazine release enhance competition performance.
  • Traditional design with black rubberized grip panels and checkered backstrap.
  • Lightweight, aluminum, skeletonized trigger features an adjustable over-travel stop and provides a very crisp, no creep, light trigger pull with a quick, positive reset.
  • Skeletonized hammer is lightweight and provides faster cycling.
  • Dovetailed, high-visibility 3-dot sight system features a Novak® LoMount Carry, drift adjustable rear and standard front sights that combine optimal target acquisition and an ideal carry configuration.
  • Oversized beavertail grip safety provides positive function and reliability.
  • Extended thumb safety and slide stop lever for improved, positive manipulation.
  • Integral plunger tube for slide stop and thumb safety is not staked and will never come loose.
  • Features a standard recoil guide system and flat mainspring housing.
  • Visual inspection port allows for visual confirmation of a loaded or empty chamber.
  • Rear slide serrations allow for positive grip.
  • Accepts standard, aftermarket 1911 parts and accessories.
  • Also includes: swaged link pin; titanium firing pin; two 9-round stainless steel magazines; bushing wrench.
  • Suggested Retail $979.00

The new Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style 9mm Luger model features a 4.25″ barrel, improved cocking serrations on the slide, a ramped barrel for reliable feeding and weighs 29.3 ounces with an empty magazine. This pistol ships with two 9-round magazines, a bushing wrench and a cable locking device.

For more information on the Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander in 9mm Luger, or to learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit or To find accessories for your Ruger firearms, visit or your local independent retailer of Ruger firearms.

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steve I just got my new lightweight commander on Sunday i’m so looking forward to taking it to the range I have a full size colt 1911 that I really like but it’s too heavy for ever day carry that’s why I picked this one I get it in 9mm


Just picked this up this weekend for a conceal carry/everyday carry. Beautiful gun. My 2nd 1911. First is a Kimber tle II. Looking forward to taking it out this weekend.


I never leave comments, but this new Ruger 1911 in 9mm deserves some remarks. I have been very fortunate to own and shoot many different hand guns for 40 plus years. I am a revolver guy converted to 1911s then converted to Glocks, but Rugers 1911s have made it possible to own a fine American made gun for under $1000. All of the Ruger 1911s, full size, commanders. and light weights shoot great and are dependable. But this SR 1911 Light Weight Commander is the sweetest of the line. It shoots like a dream. Perfect size and feels like a… Read more »


RE:Wags….Well said friend

Hank F

That’s odd. My 1911 CMD is outstanding and highly accurate. Found the new 9mm version at a gun show today, I was attracted to the gray frame and the Chevrons on the stainless slide. Just a few minutes to change out the grips.

Jeff odom

I bought the commander in .45 . From 30 feet myself nor any of buds could hit a 16 inch target . Good looking waste of money. I had a hard time trading it in on another pistol the dealer only allowed me $300 (paid him $659 when new) he said he had heard ” people couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with it. I have stopped buying modern Ruger guns due to this. I’m still a Ruger man, I just buy older ones. I waited years on a Ruger 1911.

John Smith

I bought my Commander and it’s a shooter out of the box. Shoots so good, my fiancée confiscated it as her 1st gun and went and bought another–another shooter. Sorry you got a bad one, but my “2” are awesome!


I’ve had no problems hitting 6 inch circle at 25 yards with my Ruger SR1911 Commander 4.25 barrel.
I too am a Ruger man.I love my old 1977 Ruger 357 cal Stainless Security Six and my 38 sol 1985 Police Service Six in stainless.I can really shoot those too.


I’m more of a rifle guy than pistol and have been very disappointed with the .45 SR1911CMD accuracy as well. It consistently shoots 2 inches low at 10 feet. I can shoot my SW model 19-4 .357 mag very accurate. Accurate to me is being able to hit a pop can from 30 feet. I have a less than 10% chance of doing that with the SR1911 CMD because I have to aim above the target which of course covers what I’m trying to shoot. I really wish my SR1911 was like all the ones reviewed people being able to… Read more »


Chris, I would call Ruger CS and tell them how your 1911CMD is shooting. Ruger has the best CS in the industry and they will want it back, on their dime, and have it back to you in 2 weeks maximum. They will make it right!

Anthony Oliver

Really I can nail tacks with mine all day long at that range and I am 62 so my mark 1 eyeballs are as sharp as they use to be.


My birthday is next Thursday and I just bought mine last Tuesday (7/19) waiting for it to arrive at my FFL, hopefully Monday (7/ 25). I already have one of the first SR1911 Government models to hit the market. Its a great run and great shooter. Its never given me any trouble. But its a bit heavy for an every day CC piece. As for the grips that are on this model… relax fellas, you can always swap ’em out! As for the black vs gray grip frame… I prefer black as well, but I can live with gray. i… Read more »


I bought this pistol yesterday. Just need to finish my application process and it’s all mine. I like the Commander size because it will be used as my concealed carry.


Im so glad Ruger made it in the shorter aluminum frame.I was about to buy one in 45 cal. But just didnt want the kick.I will be buying in 9mm..Thanks Ruger

Bob Sanders

I have a full size SR1911 and the kick isn’t bad in fact it’s a pleasant gun to shot. Maybe not so great for concealment.

Dan Martin

I’ve got the model 6700 1911 in .45scp. First 45 I’ve owned, second fired. I first fired a Kimber 1911 Custom II and when I went to buy one, I found they aren’t sold in MA. I’m now glad, because I went with the Ruger and absolutely love it. It really does have a hefty kick if you aren’t thinking about holding it properly. I’ve been focusing on “being surprised by firing” with my trigger pull and sometimes that leaves me surprised by the kick, too. I actually just don’t like my S&W M&P Shield 9mm even with the Apex… Read more »


I am glad the Commander size came first. I would prefer it over the 5″. However I do agree with the comment regarding the black frame and wood grips.


I agree…Why did Ruger bypass the full size, in favor of the Commander first? It should be made available in the other finish combo as well – Black anodized frame and wood grips, a classic look for this gun.


Possibly because there is more demand in the CCW market for more compact pistols?
I guessing, but it does seem to be the popular trend. Smaller and thinner is better. Not everyone feels that way, but it does seem to be the popular choice.

Dale Hazard

I would be more interested in this gun if it was made in the standard 5″ barrel length. For this price a Springfield Range Officer with a 5 ” barrel in 9mm looks like a better value for the money.

Dan Martin

I asked Ruger customer service if they had or would have a full size 1911 in 9mm and just got vague answers.