ARES Defense to Become FightLite Industries

FightLite MCR
FightLite MCR

Melbourne, FL -( ARES Defense Systems, the country’s leading manufacturer of innovative, mission-configurable firearms, parts and accessories announces a company name transition to FightLite Industries.

Originally founded in 1997 as “ARES Defense Systems” by company CEO and avid shooting enthusiast Geoffrey A. Herring; the company is changing its name to FightLite Industries to be more reflective of both its current and upcoming product offerings and to honor its R&D division that conceives and develops the company’s ideas and inventions.

“Since launching our company almost two decades ago, we’ve introduced and delivered many game-changing products to both civilian and military shooters alike,” said Geoffrey Herring, President-CEO. “We’ve set new standards along the way with high-performance products such as our patented MCR belt-feed system for the M4, our patented drop-in GXR gas piston kit and our universal and patented ARES SCR rifle to name a few. We have some new groundbreaking product announcements coming up and we’re really excited about what we’re getting ready to bring to market in both the civilian and military marketspaces.”

The company’s currently produced product lines will transition to the FightLite brand by the close of 2016 and FightLite Industries will be providing spare parts, service and manufacturer support of products that have been produced under the ARES Defense brand. ARES, ARES Defense and related logos and product names will remain part of the company’s intellectual property portfolio.

FightLite Industries supports 2-step Distribution and as with the ARES Defense brands, their products will continue to be made available through established channels of sporting goods wholesalers, box stores, FFL dealers, online retailers and factory direct.

FightLite Industries has partnered with Blue August, LLC to assist with promotion of the FightLite brand and products line through public and editorial relations. For press inquiries, contact Monica Arnold at [email protected] FightLite Industries is also partnered with Defense Marketing Group who assists with promotion of the FightLite brand through various channels of social media. For social media inquiries, please contact Ben Wentzel at [email protected]

Notice: FightLite is a registered trademark of ARES Defense Systems, Inc.

About FightLite Industries:

FightLite Industries is a privately held company that designs and manufactures lightweight and technologically advanced firearms and firearm accessories for Military, Law Enforcement, US civilian shooters and Foreign Governments. Headquartered on the USA’s Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida, FightLite Industries is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, 3-D solid-modeling and manufacturing CAD/CAM systems, a dedicated quality control department and an experienced manufacturing team that is committed to developing and manufacturing superior products for its customers. Engineered and manufactured with the highest quality American-made materials, FightLite products are produced on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers in an ultra modern facility by a highly skilled workforce.

To learn more about FightLite Industries visit Follow FightLite Industries on Facebook at, on Twitter @FightLite and on Instagram @FightLite_com.

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George Calcaterra

Will Flightlite continue to produce the ARES 5.56 SCR, or well it be discontinued?
Not listed on their web site.


Ares scr not even listed on the manufacturers website any longer.


Does this mean my order from March 2016 which was paid for via credit card and processed back then will FINALLY get shipped? And will someone actually return my phone calls and emails???