We Have To Fight Back

by William Heipp
Editor: It has been reported that people only two or three feet from the Orlando terrorist did nothing and were then shot. Something similar happened at Virginia Tech.

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USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- My wife asked me “What would you have done?” I said that hopefully I would have charged the terrorist.

I have personally been faced with a life threatening situation in which I did respond. My wife retorted that I was the exception.

My response is that we have been trained to do nothing to resist. The exception was Flight 93 on 9/11 where the passengers said “Let’s roll”, and they succeeded in preventing the plane from crashing into the probable target, the Capitol or the White House.

We are all being trained to be passive. We are being trained to wait for the police. We are being trained to expect everything to be OK if we just trust the government. Folks, we all need the training of “flee, hide, or fight”.

We need to be pre conditioned to the action expected of us in an active shooter situation. In an active shooter situation time is not on our side; the police will not get there in time to make a difference.

The authorities are overwhelmed and cannot stop all the possible terrorists or mentally unstable individuals out there. We must learn to accept the responsibility to take care of ourselves. We have to stop emasculating the men in our lives. Men have to stop being sheep and start to think like sheep dogs and psychologically become accustomed to protect. We have to stop being scaredy cats who expect everything to be taken care of for us.

We have to learn to step up and take on the challenges of today’s environment.

The last thing we need is some idiot legislator to pass more anti-gun legislation.

William Heipp is a current member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League

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    1. hi guys not sure if you our aware of this or not..its no joke goggle it for yourselfs.its called the dick act of 1902-gun control forbidden. the dick act of 1902-can,t be repealed[gun control forbidden}its protection against a tyrannical government.the dick act of 1902 also known as the efficiency of militia bill h.r. 11654 of june 28,1902 it invalidates all so-called gun-control laws.the right of the people to keep and bear arms,SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

      1. You might also google the Constitution and the Second Amendment. It says :”A Well Regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, blah blah blah”. It doesn’t say an unarmed militia.

        No law or act of Congress can invalidate the Constitution. And people who advocate taking up arms against Government are traitors, not patriots. The Cons always find the kooks at Black Lives Matters protests who threaten police, but they ignore all the wingnuts who advocate the same thing.

        Please chill about your precious Barbie Dolls and all their accessories. Your phallic symbols are not going to be confiscated. Sleep well.

    2. Oh, Yes. The hero fantasy. We’ve all imagined a forearm shiver to the throat to disarm a punk with a gun. If you have a gun, do you think someone can take you out so easily? Even three strangers who are within a few feet of you and have never met each other but will somehow act in synchrony?

      Kudos to the three guys who took out that goofball on the train in France. But he wasn’t very good.

      Flight 93 passengers took down punks with box cutters.
      But let’s blame the victims, shall we? If you get killed by a nut with a gun he shouldn’t have, it’s your fault. Sissy students and homos.

      1. Actually there was a study done that showed the mass shooters that encountered the most resistance killed the fewest people. I have no interest in being a hero but I don’t want to go out a slave either. The Virgina Tech shooter encountered resistance from groups that barricaded doors. A few died, but he moved on to other rooms that were wide open and killed a lot more. Run, hide, or fight.

        1. As I recall, Virginia Tech; some of the students were in chemistry classes. They could have made an acid bomb. Even better, VT can relocate to Texas, TVT since there is already a Texas Tech. Texas, [ and Kansas soon] allow college students to carry. Several other states do too. You and your kids will be safer where they can be legally armed.

        2. There was a “study” done?. I’m sure that a study will also show you are more likely to die if you resist than if you flee (as your closing statement implies).

          I can’t think of any notable examples where victims and potential victims have been able to overwhelm a mass shooter.

          “Studies” show that you are 2/3rds more likely to die from gun violence if you have a gun in your household. Also that 2/3rds of gun victims pulled the trigger themselves. We’d all be better off if these facts were public knowledge instead of trying to hide them behind the second part of the second amendment.

          As to Mr. Macklin’s comment about chemistry students making a bomb: no, it doesn’t work that way. Labs are way more boring. Mine did have a bomb calorimeter, which is a little pressure can that you ignite samples in. Does that count?

          No guns in class please.


          1. If you check the shooting of Congresswoman Gifford’s, a grandmother was able to wrestle the gun and magazine from the shooter BECAUSE he had one of those high capacity magazines. It was so long that Granny could get a hold on it. That allowed other people to take action.
            There were armed citizens in nearby businesses, but it was all over by the time they covered the 100 yards or so.
            I was speaking of “bomb” in a generic sense. Acids and alkalies , oxidizers and other chemicals that might be in a chemical lab could be used. As a child, 60 years ago, Gilbert manufacture chemistry sets that included Potassium Permanganate and Glycerin. My brother and I mixed small amounts in the glass bottles, capped and threw them. It was a dangerous glass fragmentation grenade which is why Gilbert stopped including Potassium Permanganate in the chemistry sets.
            A college lab should have chemicals since they don’t have ten year old kids playing around with chemicals.

    3. The government orders the airlines to disarm the passengers for their safety. Then TSA is created with the powers of a dictator and too often the brains of a, well you decide that. TSA agents have left their guns, loaded on toilets in airports and other places.
      What is a passenger to do?
      Remember that FAA Safety mandated briefing the cabin crew gives you before take-off. I hope you listened to it carefully.
      One thing to keep in mind, the seat belt extenders the stewardess used to show you how to buckle and unbuckle your belt is also a useful substitute for a weapon.

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