ISRA Thursday Bulletin for November 3, 2016

Election Voting
Election Voting


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USA -( It is five days until the election and we are all hanging on like we are on the Cyclone roller coaster, and the ride isn’t over yet.

The news changes rapidly, in fact, if you haven’t heard the news in the last 30 minutes you are out of date.
One thing that has happened is that I was pretty well resigned to the fact that Donald Trump didn’t have a chance.  Now I think he does.

The problem is that 20 percent of the vote, in some states, was already in before this latest level of the Clinton corruption was revealed.

The Clinton corruption scandal is similar to an archeological dig, the deeper you go, the more stuff you find.
This investigation will take a long, long time and we will never know it all.
The part of this scandal that no one seems to be talking about is how far reaching and how many people are involved.
Even more astounding is how many people are willing to sell out the best interests of the United States.
This could be classified as the greatest cabal of all time.
FBI Director James Comey may emerge as a tragic hero in all of this.  During his testimony, last summer, one could see the squeeze he was in.
In my opinion, it was evident he knew he could not trust the “Justice Department” and he was getting leaned on hard by the Administration.

Under duress, he retreated and prepared to fight another day.  That day came last week.  I’m sure he made the decision last Thursday, October 27, and he moved the next day.  He knew he was walking into a meat grinder but he did it anyway.

The Clinton supporters are wailing and whining and asking “why would he do this?”  I think the answer is simple, he values his Country more than money or any political agenda and he is willing to sacrifice himself to save it – the mark of a hero.
A recent Gallop Poll taken in early October shows a radical drop in support for bans on so called “assault weapons”.
Only 36 percent of Americans now support such bans, which is 8 percent below 2012 and 165 percent below 2008.
Since 2008, nearly 100,000,000 firearms have been sold in the United States.  Women are becoming firearm owners at an ever-increasing rate.
On Sunday, CNN talked about a new study funded by the anti-gun Joyce Foundation, attacking gun ownership.
Before you get euphoric about the latest Gallop Poll, remember the anti-gunners like the Joyce Foundation, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg will be relentless in attacking gun owners, no matter who is elected President.
The October 2016 National Instant Check System reports there are 350,000 more checks than were performed in October 2015.

This is the 18th month in a row that a new record has been set over the same month in the previous year.  This year, so far, a total of 22,206,233 background checks have been performed, over 4.5 million more than at this time in 2015.

If Hillary is elected, I predict the shelves will be empty and ammo will be hard to find.
I have been getting calls from confused voters because we have candidates with similar names.
There are two Michael Madigan’s.  Michael J. Madigan is Speaker of the House.

Speaker Madigan is a Democrat representing the 22nd House District in Chicago.  Michael P. Madigan, a Republican and very pro-gun, is running for Senator in the 52nd Legislative District, which is near Champaign-Urbana.

Are they related?  Probably a few generations ago.
We have a similar situation with Senate President John J. Cullerton of Chicago and his cousin Tom Cullerton, of Villa Park, who is pro-gun.
In the restaurant in Chatsworth, there is a small sign with big advice.  It says, “Don’t judge folks by their relatives”.

Gun owners, if there was ever a time for all hands-on deck, it is now.  I know there is some hesitation about voting for a less than perfect candidate.

This time we don’t have that luxury.  If they are pro-gun, vote for them and don’t look back.   We can work out the other details later.
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