Sightmark Solitude Spotting Scope Kits: Examine with Ease

Sellmark Scope
Sellmark Scope

MANSFIELD, TEXAS -( When you’re shooting, scouting or surveillance calls for a long-range set of eyes, Sightmark’s Solitude Spotting Scope Kits provide unmatched downfield viewing.

Built in a variety of magnification ranges, Sightmark Solitude’s feature Porro prism optical systems and advanced 100 percent reflective aluminum prism coatings, providing for a wide field of view, easy tracking and optimal light transmission.

Three different spotting scopes kits are available:

Sightmark Solitude 11-33x50SE (SM11030K), Sightmark Solitude 20-60x60SE (SM11031K) and Sightmark Solitude 20-60x80SE (SM11032K).

Sightmark Scope

While other spotting scopes on the market may be complicated or uncomfortable to use, Sightmark Solitude Spotting Scope Kits are designed with a straight eyepiece, allowing users to comfortably spot for long periods of time, even in less than favorable conditions.

Sightmark Spotting Scope Kits are equipped with a durable tripod and carrying case that protects the optics in the field and during transportation.

Constructed with a lightweight, rubber-armored body, Solitude Spotting Scopes are waterproof and fogproof, so you can focus more on spotting and less on the weather forecast.

Sightmark scope
Sightmark scope

Adjustable eyecups provide an easy fit for those wearing glasses.

Featuring a dustproof design and rugged construction, Sightmark Solitude Spotting Scope Kits yield extensive reliability for a lifetime of long-range adventure.

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