Surefire! Customer Service ~ Unexpected Outcome

By John Farnam

Surefire Sponsors and Hosts 2016 World Multi-Gun Championships
Surefire! Customer Service ~ Unexpected Outcome
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Surefire!

I think a company’s customer service is often more important than the product itself. This is from a friend and student with regard to his Surefire suppressor:

“As you remember, during one segment of our recent Urban Rifle Class, my Surefire suppressor launched itself downrange from the barrel of my M4, due to a fractured locking ring.

I returned it to Surefire, and this is the Surefire! Customer Service response. As you might imagine, I’m pleased with their customer service!”

From Surefire:

“I want to give you an update on your RMA suppressor, returned to us earlier this week:

We found your suppressor in need of a new locking-ring and latch. We will be replacing all broken/damaged parts, repainting the suppressor, and test-firing it verify accuracy.

This work is, of course, free of charge, along with shipping charges, and the process will take a week. When you have, questions please let me know.”


Surefire is a fine company! I only wish all gun and flashlight manufacturers treated their customers with such topnotch service and courtesy.

Good show!


Surefire! SOCOM 2 Series Silencer
Surefire! SOCOM 2 Series Silencer

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With my first Surefire flashlight (years ago) I managed to leave it standing, on, face down. The lens had started to warp by the time I caught it. I called surefire, explained that it was my fault and asked if I could purchase a replacement. They shipped, overnight, three complete replacement heads AT NO CHARGE! Since then I’ve purchased two additional surefire tactical lights and won’t own any other. Expensive yes and worth every penny and then some. A really great company.