PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System Introduced by VDC Armory

By JJ Sutton, C.P.S., C.M.A.S.
JJ gives us the backstory and development reasoning behind the PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System.

Introducing the PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System from VDC Armory
Introducing the PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System from VDC Armory
VDCA Armory
VDCA Armory

USA – -(  In the past to get a muzzle device on a rifle you had to find a reputable Gun Smith and get your rifle to him (harder than you think and you may even have to mail off the rifle) and then he would remove the barrel and get it in a lathe and cut the threads, then reassemble the rifle and return it.

Now if they are a reputable Gun Smith they already have a back log of projects to work on and that means you have a wait time (I know some good Gun Smiths have up to a YEAR backlog of projects depending on their specialty).

So how about a Muzzle Device that requires NO Gunsmithing and does its job incredibly well?

PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System – Here it is!

The PHNX-MBS (Muzzle Brake System) is breaking ground and changing how muzzle devices are used. The best part of the PHNX-MBS is that it requires NO gun smithing or barrel threading to install.

The clamp on PHNX-MBS allows for other common market place muzzle devices to be installed – but you probably won’t want any other muzzle device than the one included in the system. The PHNX-MBS is a two part system that is sold exclusively as a system and no individual parts.

The best part of the PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System is that it requires NO gun smithing or barrel threading to install.
The best part of the PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System is that it requires NO gun smithing or barrel threading to install.

The first part of the PHNX-MBS (the Clamp on) requires two measurements from the purchaser and using those measurements a custom product is made to fit one specific gun. The second piece of the system is a threaded muzzle device (industry standard 5/8s 24 threading) that is also custom caliber bored to order. You now have a totally custom muzzle device for your rifle and no gun smithing will be required to install.

The PHNX-MBS is expected to change how hunters and shooters regard big bore and magnum calibers for an incredible price. You won’t want to go out into the woods, to the range, or shoot many rounds without one of the PHNX-MBSs installed ever again!

Side Bonus – Depending on the State… the PHNX-MBS may allow users to add a muzzle device when otherwise threading a barrel is NOT allowed (you are responsible for knowing your own State laws in regards to this for the same reasons the PHNX-MBS is sold as a two piece system!)

MADE in the U.S.A. – it is important, it does matter when you buy USA products.

PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System
PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System

The PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System is designed, machined, and assembled in Colorado; making it a genuine – MADE in the U.S.A. – product. The Clamp and the Muzzle Brake are machined from *Stainless Steel, 10x socket head cap screws are used to secure the clamp in place for the most securely mounted clamp on style product in the industry, and the system includes a crush washer to time the muzzle brake to the clamp on, and detailed installation instructions.

*Machining the PHNX-MBS from Stainless Steel is a special point. Stainless Steel is of similar hardness to most rifle barrels and therefore heat transfer and other properties are similar as well. Softer or completely dissimilar metal clamp on devices from barrel steel don’t form the bond that the PHNX-MBS does.

For more information please visit the website listing for the PHNX-MBS and learn about the required measurements. All orders can be placed right from the website.

The PHNX-MBS is sold ONLY as a System and neither the muzzle device nor the clamp on are sold separately. After the user receives the system and if they desire they can use any 5/8 24 threaded muzzle device of the correct caliber with their clamp on device that they choose. This feature is also a first in the market for clamp on devices and should allow shooters a very wide choice of industry products from ALL manufacturers.

A PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System for Hunting, Why?

Is this an answer to a non-problem? Maybe not and here is why. The number of North American Hunters might be slipping and even though we are seeing females join the ranks of the hunting & shooting communities in larger than ever before numbers we still need a larger and more involved community. People laugh at videos of novice shooters being given large caliber weapons for the first time to shoot. We don’t – that person may never view firearms favorably again and therefore we have lost another potential understanding person within a community. So the education factor of what firearms are really about is important. Encouraging novice and beginners to wade in and find out the reality of what being an gun owner, hunter, shooter, recreational sportsman is our responsibility. By embarrassing or worse – hurting someone for a laugh isn’t any kind of advocacy for our industry or the firearms community.

One of the reasons this design is destined for success is because this will offer an opportunity to reduce the felt recoil and encourage shooters to practice more. More practice means better results and better success at whatever path of firearms participation they are pursuing. Specifically from a hunting & bolt action perspective. If a novice or even youth shooter is being subjected to a heavy recoiling rifle in order to prepare for a season they are going to reach a fatigue or soreness quickly. By easily installing this PHNX-MBS for a novice, youth, elderly, or disabled shooter the shooter gets more time in behind the rifle and the confidence and skill level increases as a result. Youth and Novice Hunters can challenge themselves with confidence in the rifle they bring to the field on any big game hunt and in almost any sporting caliber. That’s the great thing about this PHNX-MBS. It does its job very well.

The PHNX-MBS does NOT modify the weapon! It can easily be re-stored to its original state.

So the Why, is easily answered for us. We feel it is a useful and needed product that we hope the market embraces. Now – who wants one?

VDC Armory LLC finds its self in a new location and under new management as of this month. Stay tuned for other announcements such as a Patent Pending NEW Titanium Suppressor design, other muzzle devices, new custom builds and a few other things in the works. Follow VDC Armory on Facebook for timely updates or keep checking the website for new releases and new product postings – some will be one of a kind custom builds that may get spoken for quickly.

On Site Gun Smithing will be offered very soon as well.


  • Two Piece Muzzle Brake System
  • Made from 416 Stainless Steel
  • Uses 10x Socket Head Cap Screws
  • Threads for muzzle device 5/8 24
  • Includes one very affective Muzzle Brake and crush washer
  • Custom cut for fit – using customer provided measurements and Caliber (See measuring instructions)
  • Finish and Color Options – Polished Stainless Steel, Natural (Matte), Cerakote Finish in either Black or Flat Dark Earth

For more info on the PHNX-MBS Muzzle Brake System visit :


About JJ Sutton, C.P.S., C.M.A.S. :

A Native Colorado resident & life time Hunter. JJ served 7yrs in the US Army during the 90s and logged 12 months down range during hostilities in the Balkins. Mostly work and some play he as traveled/visited 20+ countries. He has served in the Private Security Field for more than 15yrs., as a Certified Protection Specialist and Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist, including the 2002 Winter Olympics, Presidential Security Detail Member with the President & First Family of Haiti, Int’l Celebrities and personalities related to his business in Aspen, CO. Later Security Services throughout Colorado & Caribbean, Firearms Training, Consulting and now overseeing Custom AR15 design & builds of the AR15s & AR10s put out by VDC Armory, LLC. His current pet project includes a new website promoting the Modern Sporting Rifle like it truly is intended to be with & social media by the same name.

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Johnny Moore

Do you have one with 1/2 x 28 for 556 cal


A crush washer comes with the package.


This looks like a simple way to use a suppressor on a rifle that has not been threaded. You would not use the crush washer . You would have to make sure there is proper clearance since threads won’t be perfect with the bore . What does the manufacturer say ?


Mounting a Suppressor voids the warranty… The MBS – Muzzle Brake System is designed specifically for muzzle devices (Brake, Compensators, Flash Suppressors, ie.) NOT suppressors. The pressures are different between Muzzle Devices and Suppressors and the warranty covers muzzle devices only.