Please Vote For John L. Cushman on the 2017 NRA Board Of Directors Ballot

John L. Cushman
Please Vote for John L. Cushman in this Year’s 2017 NRA Board Of Directors Ballot
NRA Board Memmber John L Cushman
John L. Cushman of Patchogue, New York, has announced his candidacy for another term on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association…

USA – -( Hello AmmoLand readers, my name is John L. Cushman and I am running for re-election to the 2017 NRA Board of Directors.

I am seeking your vote.

I have been on the Board for just over 20 years and for many years on the Executive Committee.

As a resident of New York state I am intimately familiar with the frustrations of the New York SAFE act and I believe I have what it takes to continue to be of value to the gun owing sportsmen of Long Island, New York State, and to the USA.

I believe I am not only well known by most of the legislators and public officials but that I am respected as being a strong and knowledgeable Advocate for our firearms rights.

This year will be an especially tough fight for NRA board seats because there are 37 candidates for 25 positions and only the top 25 vote getter’s will be elected. I would very much appreciate your vote as well as help in circulating my name. Thank You!

Vote John L. Cushman for NRA Board of Directors by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News on Scribd

Here is some background on myself.

  • Nominated by NRA Nominating Committee and Petition. John Cushman is an
    active unyielding fighter for the Second Amendment. Current Board
  • NRA Benefactor member.
  • Life member New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, New York State Conservation Council.
  • Former US Marine. Active with NRA/ILA.
  • Created Legal Defense Fund to fight handgun licensing abuses.
  • Organizes and runs largest yearly Second Amendment Firearms Civil Rights Conference in the Northeast defending individual firearms civil rights and refuting anti-gunners such as Schumer and Clinton.
  • Defends individual firearms rights on radio, television and newspapers. Inducted into NY State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame and Honored by NYSRPA as Man of the Year 2016.
  • Wrote authoritative policy statement used by outdoor writers and politicians nationwide defending semi-automatic firearms.
  • Member; Military & Veterans Affairs, Grassroots Development and Outreach Committees and NRA Whittington Center.

John L. Cushman
Semper Fidelis (always faithful)
Semper Vigilante (always vigilant)

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Chris Duane

Hello readers, I was at the 2017 NRA convention in Atlanta Ga this weekend, As a southern New Yorker ( Staten Island) I voted for John to help NYC and help the NRA in NYC. I hope he does us well and can help everyone at the Colonial Rifle and Pistol Club in Staten Sland.
Thanks again
Chris Duane

david kerr

Is Mr Cushman in favour of the fed gov ceding NAT forest and BLM land owned by all citizens back to the states?

Wes Middaugh

My oldest son has been angry at the NRA for sometime and we finally got to his concerns the other day. His problem has been with its total support of the National Firearm Act. I, as a life member, thought he was wrong about his information. I did some research and found that yes the NRA has not only supported the Act it has supported its strengthening over the years. My concern now as I look to the future is how to get people into the board who want the act removed or greatly reduced. The idea that the NRA… Read more »

Wild Bill

It is our NRA, and we need to push them. Politically, this would be a good time.

A J Chwick

As a LI NYer, I have known John for 25+ years.

I can say, that there are only a few on LI like John, who have a strong willed desire to see NYS correct their awful gun laws. He is a fighter who never quits.

A vote for John Cushman is a very positive action for NY.

Alan Chwick

P.S. John, Thank you for your service.