Mossberg Adds 20-Gauge 500 FLEX Combo to Shotgun Line-Up

Mossberg 20-Gauge 500 FLEX Combo Shotgun
Mossberg 20-Gauge 500 FLEX Combo Shotgun

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. -( O.F. Mossberg and Sons, Inc. introduced their patented system of FLEX modular pump-action shotguns and interchangeable TLS (Tool-less Locking System) stocks, forends and recoil pads in 2012.

Based on the venerable 500 pump-action platform, this series of 12 and 20-gauge shotguns provide unprecedented versatility and the ease of converting your FLEX shotgun in seconds without the need for tools.

Numerous base models (12 and 20-gauge) in all-purpose, hunting and tactical versions and three 12-gauge hunting/security combo models are available.

Now Mossberg is pleased to add a 20-gauge 500 FLEX Field/Security Combo to its line-up; two barrels, two FLEX stocks and two FLEX forends, conveniently packaged in a multi-compartment, soft-sided case.

The FLEX shotgun series is based on Mossberg’s field-proven 500 pump-action design which includes non-binding twin action bars; positive steel-to-steel lock-up; an anti-jam elevator; dual extractors; and Mossberg’s universally-recognized, ambidextrous top-mounted safety.

Other standard features on this 20 gauge include matte blue finishes on exposed metalwork; 2 ¾ and 3-inch shell capability with 6-round total capacity; and front and rear sling swivel studs. And like all Mossberg 500 shotguns, the 20-gauge 500 FLEX Combo comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

At the core of this 500 FLEX are the patented TLS connectors which allow FLEX stocks, forends and recoil pads to be switched for a variety of hunting/shooting applications or to easily re-configure your Mossberg FLEX shotgun to fit individual lengths of pull.

FLEX stocks can be interchanged with the simple lift and turn of the TLS latch on the receiver; remove the stock and slide the replacement stock onto the connector.

Once aligned, simply turn the TLS latch 90 degrees clockwise and close the latch, locking the stock firmly in place. FLEX forends and recoil pads are designed with TLS release buttons; when pushed, allow for the replacement of those components.

The 20-gauge FLEX Field-Security Combo comes with a 26-inch vent rib barrel, featuring Mossberg’s interchangeable ACCU-SET choke tube system (Full, Modified and Improved Cylinder) with fiber optic front sight; an 18.5-inch cylinder bore barrel with bead sight; FLEX standard, full-length stock (14.25” LOP) equipped with medium FLEX recoil pad; FLEX pistol grip; FLEX standard forend; and FLEX Tactical forend, railed for ease of adding lights or accessories.

With the included components, your 500 FLEX shotgun can easily be converted from a hunting gun to a home defense model in minutes without tools. And with additional FLEX TLS accessories to choose from and Mossberg’s versatile line of 500 20-gauge accessory barrels, the possibilities of reconfiguring your shotgun are nearly endless.

FLEX Combo shotguns come with a FLEX soft-side case featuring multiple Velcro and zippered-compartments for ease of storing the gun, barrels and accessories.

For unprecedented customization, look no further than the Mossberg series of 500/590 FLEX pump-action shotguns, including the newest member of the family, the 20-gauge 500 FLEX Field/Security Combo.

To see the complete line of FLEX guns and TLS accessories, please visit their website.


About O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.:

Founded in 1919, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. is the oldest family-owned firearms manufacturer in America, and is the largest pump-action shotgun manufacturer in the world. Leading the way with over 100 design and utility patents to its credit, and standing as the first ISO 9001 Certified long-gun manufacturer, Mossberg is considered to be one of the most innovative firearms manufacturers in U.S. History.

For more information on commercial, special purpose, law enforcement and military shotguns, rifles and accessories, please visit their website.

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