Sellmark Stands with Texas Hog Hunters Association to Oppose Sid Miller

Texas Feral Hogs
Texas Feral Hogs

MANSFIELD, Texas -( Sellmark and its brands stand with the Texas Hog Hunters Association in helping to stop the introduction of a new Warfarin based pesticide, approved by Texas AG Sid Miller, to control the feral hog population.

Sellmark and Texas Hog Hunters Association believe in hunting, trapping and aerial management to protect landowners from the millions of dollars of damage hogs cause each year, but discourage the inhumane and unsafe use of poisons.

While Warfarin may kill hogs, it may also put other wildlife, humans and the entire ecosystem in harm’s way.

“For Texas to introduce a poison into the equation is a bad decision and could likely contaminate humans who unknowingly process and eat feral hogs,” said Texas Hog Hunters Association founder Scott Dover.

Sellmark President James Sellers added, “We want to take a stand against using poisons to control wildlife populations. Any animal that accidentally ingests the poison or feeds on a hog carcass may be exposed to the harmful toxin; humans relying on feral hogs for sustenance may also be at risk.”

Texas Hog Hunters Association logo
Texas Hog Hunters Association logo

To join the fight against Warfarin based pesticides, please visit the Texas Hog Hunters Association website and click ‘Sign the Petition’.

You can also contact your state representative or voice your concerns to the Texas Department of Agriculture. THHA is an organization for Texas hunters to share knowledge and tactics dedicated to the hunting and population control of Texas feral hogs.


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  • 6 thoughts on “Sellmark Stands with Texas Hog Hunters Association to Oppose Sid Miller

    1. Using warfarin as a weapon against ferrel hogs is the most ridiculess idea I have ever heard in my life! It will KILL every thing that eats it! Not to mention any animal that eats the dead hog. Also it will get into the water supply and any stream and river anywhere around. What is Sid Miller thinking? This is a stupid idea and I pray the powers that be realize this and nip it in the bud!

    2. Turkey buzzards, black vultures, Mexican eagles, bald eagles, and other carrion eaters are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Have Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, EPA and the US Fish and Wildlife Service commented on this plan?

    3. As much as I want to get rid of wild hogs, poisoning them is wrong on way too many levels of discussion. Why are the Texas wildlife biologists not raising a revolt over this? Any kind of wildlife that feeds off of the poisoned carcass of these hogs stand to be poisoned as well. Sid Miller, by the way, is the Commissioner for the Texas Department of Agriculture, not the Attorney Generals Office.

    4. Poisons are a hideous and inhumane way to do anything. Come up with something to sterilize them.
      And if the pigs are poisoned will this transfer to meat taken when the pig does not die? Or when they die do the scavengers also get poisoned?

    5. Just a bad idea from the get-go. Where are all the greenies on this one? And the EPA is silent because it bypasses using weapons.

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