First Ever ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge Comes to A Close

Eley Practical Rimfire Challenge
Eley Practical Rimfire Challenge

USA -( The first ever ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge took place Saturday, March 25 at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Gerrardstown, W.V.

The match consisted of nine stages with shots varying from 13 yards out to 289 yards all shot with a .22LR. The stages provided a great blend of movement, precision, distance, and positional shooting on both steel and paper targets.

Overall, 40 competitors came out to take part in the first ever ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge. Jeremy Kisner took home the honors of top shooter with an impressive 146 total points followed by Ben DeRoner with 141 points; third was Brix Brickner with 138 points.

Matches consisting of varying distances and weather conditions, require the shooter to have a solid relationship and knowledge of their equipment (gun and ammo combination) to successfully compete and perform on this competitive stage.

ELEY is the perfect ammunition for such a match where precision is key. To learn more about ELEY please visit their website or Facebook.

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The next ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge will take place Saturday, May 13 at the Peacemaker National Training Center. Don’t miss out on the excitement of this new style of rimfire shooting.


About ELEY Ammunition:

ELEY ammunition is a British management owned company that has been producing ammunition since 1828. ELEY has been the choice .22LR ammunition for more Olympic medalists than all other .22LR manufacturers combined, making ELEY recognized as the manufacturer of the most consistently accurate .22LR ammunition in the world. Innovation and continuous product development separate ELEY from its competitors. ELEY have always been at the forefront of the ammunition industry, pushing technological boundaries which have resulted in patented new methodologies and techniques.