Real Avid Gun Cleaning Mat Product Review ~ VIDEO

By Mike Fernald
Mike provides us a video demonstration of a great gunsmith tool, the Real Avid Gun Cleaning Mat.

Turkey Hill Outdoors
Turkey Hill Outdoors

New York – -( When a good day at the range or in the field comes to an end, there is an essential task that needs to be addressed to properly keep your firearm maintained, and that’s cleaning.

And when it comes to cleaning, you want the best solvents, oils and tools to get the job done right. What is so often overlooked is the actual surface that you’re doing the cleaning on. We’ve all been there… You spread out an old towel, rag, or some old-school piece of felt that absorb anything you throw at them.

Real Avid Gun Cleaning Mat

Real Avid Gun Cleaning Mat
Real Avid Gun Cleaning Mat

Luckily for us, the innovators over at Real Avid have been busting their backs designing products that both meet our needs, and spark fire into new worlds of overall functionality and value.

Welcome to the new Real Avid Universal Smart Mat- 43 x 16-inch Gun Cleaning Mat with Magnetic Storage – “Your old-school felt mat just met its match.”

This padded gun cleaning mat measures 16” X 43” and is loaded with great additional and functional features. There is more than enough room to hold an entire disassembled long gun, along with all the tools and extra parts that come along with cleaning one. The work surface of the Smart Mat is made of a durable oil-resistant material that is both soft and protective. The oil resistance makes clean-up a snap. Just wipe with a rag and you’re good to go. This durability matched with the rubberized grip on the bottom make it safe to clean your firearm on relatively any surface. Including your brand-new kitchen table.

Real Avid Gun Cleaning Smart Mat Attached Parts Tray
Real Avid Gun Cleaning Mat Attached Parts Tray

On one end of the Real Avid Gun Care & Cleaning Smart Mat is an attached Parts Keeper tray. This tray offers six various sized slots to hold all your smaller and important parts. You know, all the ones that tend to roll away on their own. There is even a storage slot with a built-in magnet to further ensure you keep your firing pin where you want it.

Real Avid Gun Cleaning Smart Mat Includes a Magnetic Tray
Real Avid Gun Cleaning Mat Includes a Magnetic Tray

This is a product that has met every expectation, and beyond. It can handle anything you throw at it, and will be around for many years to come.

The best part is… this Real Avid Gun Care & Cleaning Smart Mat isn’t going to break the bank. With a retail price of just $19.99, you’ll be able to pick-up an extra box of rounds without batting an eye.

Real Avid Gun Care & Cleaning Smart Mat
Real Avid Gun Care & Cleaning Smart Mat

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