Bloomberg Reemerges to Shower Cash on Antigun Causes

NYC Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg
NYC Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg

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USA -( In 2014, Billionaire Michael Bloomberg pledged $50 million to “take on the NRA.”

Three years later, America’s embrace of Second Amendment rights is as strong as ever, and pro-gun sentiments dominate both chambers of Congress, the White House, and the bulk of state legislatures and governor’s mansions.

A Politico article published [recently], however, reports the former New York City mayor is poised to throw bad money after good with another $25 million infusion of cash to help elect anti-gun politicians in the 2018 election cycle and fight passage of a federal concealed carry reciprocity bill.

Politico’s inaccurate description of what such a bill would do aptly illustrates how media mogul Bloomberg hopes to use the antigun press to promote his phony gun control message. “That measure,” the article claims, “would effectively loosen gun laws significantly by holding gun owners to the laws of their own state when carrying their weapons in other states, no matter how different the laws are in, for example, Texas versus New York.”

In fact, the pending concealed carry reciprocity bills would not change any state law. They would simply mean that if a Texan (to use Politico’s example) who was lawfully licensed in the Lone Star State were to travel to New York, his Texas license would have to be recognized as valid.

But the real issue for Bloomberg is not federalism or even public safety. Rather, as his Everytown’s John Feinblatt told Politico, it’s the fear that a national reciprocity law would “normalize carrying guns in public.”

News flash, Mr. Feinblatt. That ship has sailed.

America has already embraced the idea of carrying concealed handguns in public for self-defense as a matter of right. It’s the law in 42 U.S. states, and the trend since 1987 has been for states to increase the freedom to carry within their own borders and broaden recognition of nonresident permits.

You might even say the bearing of arms for self-defense was officially “normalized” with the ratification of the Second Amendment on Dec. 15, 1791.

Places like New York City are the true outliers. A more accurate description of what Bloomberg hopes to accomplish is to “normalize” New York City values across the rest of America.

But whatever can be said of the Big Apple, it does not represent the country at large. And Bloomberg’s unfamiliarity with – and contempt for – the rest of the country beyond his island habitat is precisely why he continues to fail in his bid to influence public opinion.
Yet however cartoonishly and maniacally controlling Bloomberg comes across to ordinary Americans, he is still a very, very wealthy man.

And money talks loudly in politics.

So we shouldn’t dismiss the threat of his ego or his riches when it comes to our rights.

Michael Bloomberg is one man with many billions. And we, the people of the NRA, are many millions with one goal: the protection of the right to keep and bear arms.

One vote at a time, one membership at a time, we must continue to secure our liberties and make sure Mr. Big City Bloomberg has nothing more to show for his efforts than tax write-offs and fawning editorials from the New York Times.

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  • 13 thoughts on “Bloomberg Reemerges to Shower Cash on Antigun Causes

    1. Bloomberg is spending his money on other politician’s campaigns because he knows if he runs for an office his chance of winning is like a snowball in Hell.

    2. Blumberg has always been a man to promote Constitutional and Civil Rights Violations. He ran for Mayor on the premise of instituting “term limits”. He was elected and put a referendum on the voting ballot for 2-year term limits on all city politicians. The people of New York City passed the referendum in the voting booth; so New York City politicians were then limited to 2 terms in office. The people spoke. Then when New York City Mayor Bloombag wanted a third term in office as city mayor (to save us all from being fat as he wanted to pass various laws including no more “big gulp” soda’s) as soda under law was to be limited to 12oz. only, etc.), he bought off and finagled the New York City Council to overturn the law that got him in office to which the people voted for in the voting booth. At the same time he promised that “welfare island society” more social welfare benefits/freebees/rent control/etc. The vote was close, but welfare prevailed and Bloomberg was re-elected for a third term.

    3. King Bloomberg, may he riegn his own house till the day he died. He’s a joke. Little pathetic joke. Shame on the armed body guards that work for him. Little man syndrome at its worse

    4. Anyone want to bet on whether he has armed guards or not? And I doubt they carry slingshots.

    5. tell a**hole to do good with his money . use on meds or feed the hungry . give it to SS . use to defeat isis . your nothing but a money waster on crap you know nothing about . Drop your gun carry body guards and have balls to go out in public by yourself .

    6. What he is doing is tyrannical. When is somebody going to stand up and freeze his assets? He can’t subvert without his wallet.

    7. When the hell is this country going to tell ahole bloomberg to go to hell and leave us to hell alone. I am tired of this jerk trying to turn this country into his own damn dicktatorship. He is nothing more than an power hungry money grabbing hide behind his hired men with guns idiot. We the people need to tell him how we feel by finding out all of the companies he owns and boycott hell out of them. Yes I know good people work for him and it would impact them to but the more money this asshole gets the more he is going to try to take over this country. He and other like him who do not give a damn about this country and the people in it need to be gone until they start being Americans again.

      1. @JMO, Bloomberg can not be forced to leave, as he is a citizen. Bloomers is making money hand over fist, so he isn’t leaving voluntarily. One of the federal leo agencies could seize everything he owned under the Comprehensive Forfeiture Act of 1984, if we found so much as an ounce of marijuana on any property that he owns. That would shut him up. Hmmmm!

        1. @Wild Bill Would that work on soros aswell? He has dual citizenship U S and Hungary. Some were suggesting deporting him, but his money could be just as harmful from Hungary. The suggestion I liked the best was putting him in guantonamo .

          1. If you had a nice hole to fill? wouldn’t it be nice to stuff “TRAITOR McCAIN” in the bottom , suff “OLE BLOOMERS” in on top of him and then cover the whole pile of shit with “SENSELESS SOROS”

            1. @CR make t a bigger hole there’s more filling needs to be done, and don’t forget DDT we wouldn’t want anything to sprout.

          2. The bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement would have to find one lie, no matter how small, in Soro’s naturalization application, then recind his U.S. citizenship prior to commencing a deportation proceeding against Soros. I like application of the Comprehensive Forfeiture Act because we get all, and I do mean all, of his wealth. And it is not too hard to find a small amount of something illegal on one of his properties, on one of his cars, clothing pocket of one of his suits in one of his closets.

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