Pseudo-Piety of Pretentiously Intolerant Liberals & Your Right to Self Defense

By John Farnam

Whenever I hear, “Don’t worry. You’re safe here,” I surreptitiously confirm my pistols are in place!
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Pacifism is merely cowardice, masquerading as ‘piety’” ~ Anon

Paranoid grass-eaters really don’t trust anyone!

These comments from a friend who is a federal special agent:

“Just returned from DC.

Nearly every government facility in DC, and many private facilities as well, have ‘walk-through’ magnetometers at entrances. ‘Security,’ more correctly ‘security theater,’is big business in our nation’s capital!

I’m a senior, active-duty federal agent (of many years). I am cleared ‘ top-secret,’ and I routinely fly armed on commercial airlines. And yet, I am required to disarm at half the places I go in DC!

Federal special agents are required to disarm upon entering federal buildings. It is beyond infuriating!

As you can imagine, in DC there is no dearth of protesters, vagrants, derelicts, aggressive panhandlers. It is certainly no place I, nor any intelligent person, would choose to go unarmed!

I was tasked with putting-together a security detail on behalf of a visiting dignitary. The federal building across the street from mine, which is on our list of places to visit, does not allow anyone, other than certain deputy US Marshals, to carry weapons inside the building.

So, I called them to advise that this dignitary’s personal security detail would not be relinquishing our weapons. The operator casually replied, ‘ What are you guys worried about? This building is safe!’

The nonchalant attitude embedded within that reply made it even more important for us all to remain armed, all the time we were there!

Employing my best diplomatic acumen, I was able to negotiate a one-time ‘ special privilege,’ but our entourage must still be ‘escorted’ by a deputy US Marshal while we’re there. What his purpose will be has never been explained!

In most of the rest of the Country, federal agents, and all LEOs, routinely go armed, everywhere. Even before President Bush signed LEOSA in 2004, going armed at all times on the part of LEOs was assumed to be an obligation. Went with the profession. ‘Professional Courtesy ’ was always extended, from one LEO to another, no matter where we were from, even prior to 2004.

Today, guns, LEOs, and our Second Amendment are so hated by leftist politicians and left-leaning bureaucrats, even within my agency, that they have pointlessly made routinely going armed ever more difficult and inconvenient, particularly in DC, as noted above.”


As I’ve often said, “Sheep don’t trust sheepdogs any more than they trust wolves!”

Our system of government was once characterized by a special trust and confidence, proudly bestowed upon all who serve, LEOs as well as military officers and staff NCOs. It was a privilege, and burden, we all willingly assumed. Then, pretentiously intolerant liberals started denigrating all acts of legitimate self-defense, particularly those involving gunfire, in an attempt to sanctimoniously claim for themselves “moral superiority.

Today, paranoia is king. No one trusts anyone. As a result, all manner of stupid, illogical “rules” are in place, as noted above. Along with so many other half-witted rules and regulations, DJT needs to rip these out!

Whenever I hear, “Don’t worry. You’re safe here,” I surreptitiously confirm my pistols are in place!

“To you who call yourselves ‘men of peace,’ I say, you are not safe without men of action by your side” ~ Thucydides


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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“As I’ve often said, “Sheep don’t trust sheepdogs any more than they trust wolves!”” The above statement is more true today than ever before. More friends in the neighborhood went into law enforcement than any other one field. All my adult life I have been a legal gun owner. I know MANY legal gun owners. Legal gun owners have ALWAYS been the biggest supporters of law enforcement personnel. Legal gun owners have always been friends of law enforcement personnel. We shoot with them at the range, we have friends in the field. Every legal gun owner I know, years ago,… Read more »

Andrew J Entin

I’m a city dwelling liberal often misunderstood (and caricatured) by articles such as this. I don’t hate guns. I’ve handled weapons before, been to shooting ranges, and I know how to clean and disassemble them. I think shooting guns is fun and I have no problem with it. Having said that my reason for leaving this comment is about something other than the simple “for/against” dichotomy that popular media loves casting us all into. I’m not leaving this comment to express my views on gun control vs. gun rights so please bear with me. The sheer divisiveness of every disagreement… Read more »

Cal Lamoreaux

I am a liberal and a second amendment supporter. I claim that anyone who supports the 30 some civil liberties given in our Constitution, and not the second Amendment, is a fake liberal. A true liberal supports them all.
Actually, some have suggested, and I agree, that the pro-gun and anti-gun forces are more of a country man vs. city man thing, and not a liberal-conservative thing.

Mark Are

Maybe someone needs to take a close look at the 2nd amendment, INCLUDING that special Federal agent. Because he is no more special then the guy who picks up my garbage when it comes down to it. My garbage guy has a more important job in my mind. Well, let us examine the second amendment! A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed Well regulated , meaning to run smooth, be disciplined , well supplied. Militia meaning the body of people… Read more »

Wild Bill

@MarkA, I like what you said about the Second Amendment, but the Federal Special Agent being no more special than the guy that picks up your garbage is not true. The “Special” part in Special Agent is the authorization to take away someone’s liberty via the authority to arrest. I don’t think that your garbage man has that. And if you will allow me to make a small correction: treason is only during time of declared war. But I do like your analysis of the Second Amendment.


The definition of treason is ” the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to overthrow the government”. There is not any reference in the definition to a time of war although that is when one is most likely to be charged with treason.

Wild Bill

@Saddletramp, Actually, treason is the only crime defined by the Constitution of the United States. At Article III, Section 3, clause1 treason is defined thusly: “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”


Nice interesting comment – HOWEVER – Wanna know what the second amendment is interpreted to mean according to my democrat state legislator??? He supports and introduces bills to be signed into law according to HIS interpretation:

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, IF YOU ARE IN THE MILITIA!”
The militia being:
National Guard
Law Enforcement Agency

I kid you not.

Jim S

I thank the writer for his article, but why should an officer of the law get special treatment to carry over us citizens? Ill bet I put many more rounds down range than the author does, Ill bet I served in the military, Ill bet Im no different so why do you get a pass on the whole carry rules? These are the same LEO’s that write special laws for themselves, cutting out citizens. I thought we were on the same side in this. I am happy to take care of my own safety (and I do thank you). How… Read more »

Wild Bill

S, Why should a retired LEO get special treatment? Your answer lies in the nature of generalities versus special cases. First, it is only former federal law enforcement officers which is very specialized, which makes it a small number, as opposed to citizens generally. And second, because that retired fed might incur an encounter with someone that they arrested in the past. That is a situation that will not effect you or citizens, generally. Thus a special rule to address a specialized situation.

Stephen C. Gregory

Any special rules for those who have come face to face in the courtroom, identified the criminal, provided testimony in the sentencing portion, in front of said criminal and his unshackled friends amd relatives, and materially contributed to his incarceration for 25 years, unless paroled early? He will get out. He will come lookiing. His friends, relatives, and early release cellmates, too. But, because I am not a retired or former LEO, I am not fit or deserving to defend myself the same as they? Where will be my law for self preservation? I did my duty, and hopefully, he… Read more »


WORSE – A law enforcement officer testifying in court exposes his name and badge and unit numbers – a citizen testifying in court exposes his name AND HOME ADDRESS!


I agree with much of the previous said views. Id like to ask the “agent” would he be one of those who, upon direction of his superiors, who would disarm us? Ill bet he is, as probably 90% are. If so, do not come crying to me with your inconveniences. These people are not better than those they are supposed to serve.

Chris Mallory

I am not an animal of any kind. I am a man. Sheep and dogs both live to serve me. If a sheepdog bares it’s fangs at me, it gets put down.

We should disarm most Federal agents and most law enforcement. Citizens should be armed, not government employees.

Law enforcement and Federal agents have earned the distrust and contempt that honest men now hold them in.

Mark Are

You mean the contempt they earned while shooting a kid in the back and a mother in the head at Ruby Ridge? Or burning 17 little children to death at Waco Texas? Or all of the people killed while they enforce laws on what you can smoke? Or, or or or or…yea, I get the picture. WE DON’T NEED THEM.


Is article a response to the other one where people are expected to be disarmed at a NRA meeting?

Heed the Call-up

Gil, I will help you out, succinctly. No.


One might want to ponder the NRA’s support of the 2A and concealed carry most everywhere while prohibiting it at their gun ranges.

Heed the Call-up

I know of no range that allows loaded weapons anywhere, but at the firing line. That is a safety issue, not a 2A issue.


Handguns carried by shooters on a rifle range are NOT a good idea…. particularly amongst those firing long guns. Every range, public, membership, or backyard, I’ve been to disallows them. The ONLY loaded weapons are those at the firing line. Safety is the reason…. not security. Its not a 2A issue, rather a smarts issue.


I have been to plenty of ranges that allow concealed carry, but those firearms are not to be drawn.

Matix and Platt acquired the long guns they used to rob banks and kill FBI agents by murdering shooters at rifle ranges…

Wild Bill

@MLeake, Those were not organized ranges. They were kind of traditional plinking places in the Fla. swamp. They, also, got the car that they used from a plinker that they killed out there.

Heed the Call-up

MLeake, so you are implying that the rifles the men were carrying were ineffective for self-defense and that a CC handgun would have saved them? I have trouble believing that. I was unable to find enough detail to explain the circumstances of the incidents, but suspect that a CC handgun would also have not been effective, since the rifle in the men’s hands didn’t help. I would suspect they either snuck upon the men or were initially just “friendly” observers and attacked when the opportunity arose. In neither scenario would a CC gun have been any more effective than the… Read more »


Replying to those who replied to me here, because I could not find “Reply” links under their posts: Matix and Platt hit isolated spots, true. And your preferred ranges may have armed staff. But what about the parking lots? Are their armed staff where you, disarmed, carry thousands of dollars worth of rifles? And where robbers know you are carrying cased firearms? And are handguns more effective than rifles for self defense? Yes, in cases where the rifle is unloaded with action open, or encased, but the handgun is ready to go in a concealed holster. In such cases, the… Read more »

Wild Bill

@MLeake, I am not sure that you are asking when you write “But what about parking lots?” Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you are advocating for concealed carry loaded while shooting some other weapon on somebody else’s commercial range. I think that operators of commercial shooting ranges may have a conceptual objection to that. As for me, I set up my own ranges.


WildBill, I have shot at ranges that had a “concealed means concelaed” policy.

I have shot at others that had loading/unloading areas inside secure property but prior to the range. Either of those solutions address my concerns.

And I normally use my own private range at my place, myself.

Heed the Call_up

MLeake, where I shoot, I can load as soon as I leave the building. When leaving, I am allowed to have a full mag in the gun, as long as the chamber is empty. I unload and leave the chamber open when I come in the building. Your comment about CC is better is not true at the range while you are shooting your rifle. The rifle is in your hands, and the CC gun is somewhere concealed. That would mean dropping your rifle and getting your CC weapon. I don’t see that playing-out well. I do understand your point… Read more »


You say that as though having a CCW and using situational awareness are mutually exclusive. A CCW can’t replace SA, but it can certainly complement it.

Heed the Call-up

MLeake, no, in no way did I imply nor state that SA and CC are mutually exclusive, nor did my example of walking to my car imply nor state that, either. All I stated was that using SA gives one the opportunity to decide the best way to handle a situation – that doesn’t imply that one is OC, just that one is aware. In my example at my range, yes I would have to have the handgun in my hand as I left, in order to load it. I CC it as soon as practicable – that is just… Read more »


Disarmed by the Secret Service, limited to the specific venue where the President will be?

You VPC clowns are masters at omission of fact and removal from context, aren’t you?


Strange, I thought the 2A didn’t make exceptions for the government.

Heed the Call-up

Gil, it isn’t a 2A issue. It’s a safety issue. The Secret Service doesn’t want *anyone*, but them to be armed near the president. That was their goal. The real issue is that there was no safe storage for the attendees’ weapons and other things the Secret Service did not want in the venue. I personally didn’t want to see the president speak, so I wasn’t affected by that. And if I was interested in attending, but knew I had to disarm, I wouldn’t have attended anyway.

Wild Bill

The SSA source says, “As you can imagine, in DC there is no dearth of protesters, vagrants, derelicts, aggressive panhandlers.” And that is just Congress!

Larry Brickey


John G

Glad to hear some of the Feds are going without weapons. Why should they get better protection than the rest of us are allowed?

Heed the Call-up

Agreed. We are supposed to be an egalitarian society.