An Attack on Our Nation

By Jeff Knox : Opinion
I warned you this was getting ugly.

Shannon Watts
Shannon Watts : The primary purpose of her “sympathy card” is to collect names and email addresses to build her list and inflate her “supporter” numbers.
Firearms Coalition
Firearms Coalition

Buckeye, AZ –-(  The temperature’s rising, and I’m not talking about “global warming.”

I’m talking about the political rhetoric and hype, and the ever-growing anger and hatred of the political “left,” as their ongoing calls for people to “resist,” “by any means,” were answered yesterday by a 66-year old, “happy-go-lucky,” Bernie Sanders supporter, who actually believed the hype and hate being spewed non-stop from virtually every “mainstream” media outlet in the “free world,” and with even greater vitriol and malice in internet forums, blogs, and propaganda outlets.

Had the assassin been a Tea Partier, or his target a Democrat, the media and politicians’ heavy fingers of blame would be pointing at “right-wing” talk show hosts, for “encouraging” violence – and they might go there anyway – but you can bet that since the attacker was a “progressive,” and his targets were Republicans, there will be no “mainstream” media, or prominent politicians criticizing the “progressive” fomenters of hate that fueled the assailant’s psychosis.

Perhaps they’ll make the stretch and describe this extremist’s actions as an “over-reaction” to the “rising hatred and bigotry” from the “right,” but that would be stretching the veil a bit thin. More likely they will stick primarily to their other favorite targets and lay most of the blame on “lax gun laws,” the NRA, and Republicans, for kowtowing to the NRA and failing to do anything about the “lax gun laws.”

In the less regulated, and more anonymous bubble of the internet, the discussions are already going so far as to suggest that “it served them right,” and “that Republicans are reaping what they’ve sown.”

Yesterday evening I received a fundraising email from Shannon Watts, head of Bloomberg’s front group, Mothers Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. In it she talked about the attack on Representative Scalise, and the suicidal UPS driver in San Francisco, who killed three of his co-workers before taking his own life. Ms. Watts wanted to invite people to join her in sending condolences to the families and survivors, while taking the opportunity to share some bogus statistics, and express her frustration at the scourge of “gun violence.”

The primary purpose of her “sympathy card” is to collect names and email addresses to build her list and inflate her “supporter” numbers.

Gabby Giffords
Gabby Giffords

Meanwhile, Former Representative Gabby Giffords – another victim of a violently deranged “progressive” – sought out reporters to tell them that this was really bad, and that we must do something about the “epidemic of gun violence” in our country.

I guess reducing murder by 50%, and other violent crime by almost 30% over the past couple of decades is now considered an “epidemic.” That’s even more astounding when you consider that as violent crime has been going down, gun ownership has been going up – dramatically. More people own more guns today than at any time in our history, yet crime – including “gun crime” – keeps going down.

Of course the Mayor of San Francisco had to decry the rampant “gun violence” in our society as he was expressing his sincere condolences to the victims and families of the UPS attack in his, most gun-restricted city, in the most gun-restricted state in the union. His police department did their part too, bragging that the killer committed suicide as they closed in, so they never had to fire a shot, and describing one of the two handguns the murderer had, as an “assault-type pistol,” whatever that is.

But the Mindless Anti-Rights Ranting award of the day goes to Virginia Governor, and Clinton pal, Terry McAuliffe.

McAuliffe who took the opportunity of an assassination attempt on a member of Congress, to declare it as proof that there are “too many guns on the street,” and followed that up with repeated declarations that “gun violence” takes the lives of “93 million Americans each day.” Even though reporters questioned him on that statistic several times, it wasn’t until one pointed out that this would reduce the population of the United States down to zero in less than 4 days, that Governor McAuliffe backed away from the statistic and simply declared the death toll too high.

And of course, the attacks on our rights have only just begun. Some anti-rights politicians at least have the decency to wait a day or two before politicizing a tragedy. Or perhaps it’s just that the reporters were too busy to get around to them yesterday, so they had to hold their comments ’til today or tomorrow. But you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be coming in all of their righteous indignation, demanding that, since a radical, probably anti-gun “progressive” used a probably illegally obtained, probably ugly, military-looking gun, in his quest to promote his “progressive,” anti-gun agenda, and silence his opponents, America should give in to his demands, and make gun buying and possession, more complicated and expensive, if not outright impossible. We should let the terrorist win, and punish the hundred million or so gun owners who never have, and probably never will, abuse their right to arms, while we let more violent criminals out of prison, and give them another chance to rape, pillage, and murder, but in a much more “peaceful,” and vulnerable America.

Virginia Governor Mcauliffe
The Mindless Anti-Rights Ranting award of the day goes to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Something about that whole idea just seems a little un-American to me.

And unfortunately, it will serve only to widen the chasm between the “left” and the “right,” feeding the anarcho-communists and internet warriors, encouraging them to add NRA-types to their long list of people they should feel free to call names, dehumanize, and if possible, physically assault. Which would probably lead to some of them getting shot. But that’s okay with the “progressives,” because no serious blame ever falls on them when those “well-intentioned rowdies” cross the line, and besides, odds are good they could spin a defensive shooting into a heinous act of cold-blooded murder, and really get this bonfire rockin’.

Neal Knox - The Gun Rights War
Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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New poster.



If these two morons are worried about gun violence they should force the democrats to deny their members gun ownership. The crazy shooters in this country have all been DEMOCRATS AND MUSLIMS. The solution DO NOT ALLOW EITHER OF THOSE TWO WACKO GROUPS TO TOUCH A GUN.


Shannon watts sends her daughter off the a college that allows concealed carry for students 21 & over. But she doesn’t want YOUR daughters nor sons to be able to do the same.

Mark Gregory,, Koernke

they are like ORCS. They don’t like each other BUT THEY HATE YOU HUMANS EVEN MORE.

Mark Gregory,, Koernke

The reason they will not say anything about the latest assassination attempt is because they know they are at war with you and want you dead. PERIOD. You are in denial, it’s not that river over in Egypt, but rather the reality that is NOT being faced here. There is no “coming together with any of these turds. This was planned and not a “random attack”. The # one target on site was the whip of the Republirat Party, the guards were there because he is in the continuity of government pecking order list. This is part of the on… Read more »


Why didn’t they secure the area ? Is that a bear in the bushies ? No it’s someone we know from the protests but he’s only here to kill the other side . They dropped the ball . Secure the field and area around . Look they knew the guy , he asked who was on the field . knowing he protested at other meetings should tell them something . Just stupid what happened because no one was watching out for the other guy .

Gregory Romeu

The representatives were there to practice for an upcoming baseball game not to do a nationwide manhunt search for a deranged piece of crap.

I am sure every time you go out to play you don’t get all Rambo’d up and grab your latest felony Escape reports when you spread out your picnic blanket.


I wonder if the 93 million McAufully talks about being killed by guns each day is evenly spread across all 59 states?


Just imagine: the USA has about 330 million inhabitants, not including illegal aliens, so all of us will be killed by spontaneously animated guns in fewer than 3 1/2 days!

Wild Bill

@JDL, that was funny, I Just Died Laughing! Sorry about the play on words, I could not help it, but I truly had a really good laugh!


Shannon Watts has many last names and started her whole anti-gun group with lying about who she is. She was not just a concerned stay-at-home mom, she was an exec at a large firm. She lies over and over about statistics, and gullible people believe her. It is easy to find out about her paranoid antics with a little research. Kind of like the crazy governor in VA saying guns take the lives of 93,000,000 Americans every day. At that rate, it looks like that upcoming vacation I was thinking about isn’t going to happen. We will all be gone.… Read more »


It WAS NOT an attack on our ‘nation’; it was an ATTACK by the left who demands YOUR stuff for them. Don’t believe this MSM ‘spin’; the only folks attacked were decent, and law abiding….the ‘attacker(S)’ were no good….


Blame Guns, not the media or political lies of the left


Yep – it was them evil guns NOT – how about putting the blame squarely on the head of the shooter where it fully lies. Granted, some of the catalysts for his illegal behavior may have come from outside sources but HE made the choice to do what he did. Well, unless someone can prove he was brainwashed into doing it (not bloody likely).


Yeah, Well you know them guns are evil and given the opportunity with POP right up and start shooting people. They is self animated ((bed english on purpose) and total evil minded.
Seems to me I remember a couple of years ago, the SouthPark cartoon ran one were one of them evil firearms took over Oprah’s vagina and was threatening to shoot and kill people.
DO always notice how many ARMED security guards ALL these Anti-gun left wingers have around them and that includes the morons called actors.


Anyone find it strange Gabby Giffords would accept a warship in her name? Aren’t there guns on warships? Gabby Giffords is just another self serving leftist intent on taking away the rights of average Americans, but not of the privilege elitist ruling class.


Giffords plays Charlie McCarthy to her husband’s Edgar Bergen act. Sadly, she doesn’t feel Mark Kelly’s hand up her tailpipe, controlling her lips and eyes, or detect his ventriloquist’s voice speaking on her behalf. The retired navy captain is a disgraceful abuser of a disabled wife, while pursuing a political career. If he runs for office here in Arizona, I will join any campaign to defeat him.

“Durabo” in Chandler, 85225


, I certainly agree with what you said. Since her shooting, I think she is less than a whole mind, and her space cadet steers her around. Just like you said. He took an oath of office to defend this nation and was a career military but he is retired and maybe that oath is not valid anylonger. Anyway we would be better off if he had been lost in space and floating around like the rest of the debris up there.


As a former Naval Flight Officer (1960-67) I feel that my oath of allegiance is permanent, and I will fight to the death (of the enemy, if possible) for our blessed Constitution.


Yep he’s Bloomberg’s favorite astronaut and she’s Bloomberg’s favorite vegetable.


she is a rampant case of delusions of grandeur. SHE was not the target or reason for that killer to show up at that parking lot gathering. No, the perp was after a particular judge, against whom he had a serious grievance. He was killed.. Giffords was merely collateral damage, generally an acceptible “side effect” of a targetted attack. She’s since played this whole thing to her own advantage, and is most likely well compensated bu Bloomie and SOros for her help” to realise their sick goals.


What a wretched, self important, whore.

Old Man's Club - VE Veteran

She’s just like the rest of them on the left – hypocrisy at its finest.

Ken Johnston

Unfortunately, she would probably find your comment complimentary.


No MAN in his right mind would want any thing to do with that creature known as shannon watts, good grief my dogs look better than that thing does. The left think they know everything but the fact is they know nothing at all, the people have the right go own guns and use them, but you can bet the anti gun politicians are going to be going at it with everything they can go take our guns from us just because one of their own went on a rampage a shot people just because of their political affiliations. When… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Bandit, Shannon Watts has to make a living somehow. She is incompetent to work in either factory or whorehouse.


Amen!!! and Halleluia!! Preach it, brother!!