How NRA Keeps You in the Dark

By Jeff Knox : Opinion

NRA Disrespect Respect
How NRA Keeps You in the Dark
Firearms Coalition
Firearms Coalition

Buckeye, AZ –-(   Since my report on NRA Leadership’s lack of respect for the members, many people have asked for a copy of the actual Resolution that I introduced on the floor of the Annual Meeting of Members in Atlanta.

Here is that resolution exactly as it was submitted, including typos.

Resolution on Conduct of 2017 Bylaw Election

April 29, 2017

Submitted by Jeffrey A. Knox,
Endowment Member,
Buckeye, Arizona
Member Number: 03XXXXXXXXX

Whereas the National Rifle Association of America is a membership organization, created by and for the benefit of the members, and incorporated under the laws of New York State, making the members, in effect, the shareholders of the corporation; and

Whereas the staff, officers, and board of directors of the NRA have a legal and ethical duty to keep the members fully informed on matters upon which they will be asked to vote; and

Whereas it is a violation of law for officers, staff, or the board of directors to take actions which serve to perpetuate themselves in office and/or withhold pertinent information from membership; and

Whereas in the 2017 elections, the officers and board of directors did promulgate a significant number of bylaw amendments for members to vote on as a single package, and

Whereas several of those bylaw amendments have direct impact on matters such as competition for seats on the board of directors, the ability of the members to initiate a recall of officers and directors, thus serving to perpetuate the current directors in office; and

Whereas those bylaw amendments also seriously restricted the membership’s ability to initiate amendments to the bylaws of the association, and completely removed the right of members gathered for a Members’ Meeting to vote on bylaw amendments, thus repealing some of the last vestiges of the transformative bylaw changes known as the Cincinnati reforms; and

Whereas the officers and board of directors did promulgate these bylaw amendments on the 2017 mail-in ballot, and in the accompanying voting materials, with no prior notice to the membership, no opportunity for debate or discussion, and no consideration for, or presentation of, any ideas or opinions that were not supportive of the proposed bylaw amendments; and

Whereas the one-sided, heavy-handed, and undemocratic presentation of these bylaw proposals to the membership in such a way as to limit the time, opportunity, and avenues for members who might oppose some part or all of the bylaw amendments, to inform fellow members of the problems and consequences of these bylaw amendments; and

Whereas the actions of the board and staff in this matter were autocratic and disrespectful to the membership, and give the appearance of self-dealing for the purpose of perpetuating themselves in office;

Therefore be it Resolved that the members here gathered at the 2017 Annual Meeting of Members in Atlanta, Georgia, recognizing that our authority to force the officers, staff, and board of directors to take a particular action was taken away from us by similar, management-driven votes of the entire membership in previous bylaw elections, do hereby express our extreme displeasure with the actions of the staff and board of directors in their conduct of the 2017 bylaws election, and call upon them to set aside the results of the 2017 bylaws election until such time as the membership can have a full discussion and debate, with presentation of arguments from all sides; and

Be it further Resolved that the members here gathered, exercising the power which we do retain, wish to share our concerns and displeasure regarding this matter with our fellow NRA members, and hereby instruct NRA staff to publish this resolution, in its entirety, in the Official Journal of the association, and that any editorial content included in NRA publications which address this issue, must provide equivalent editorial space on the same page(s) to the author of this resolution.

# # #

Note that the resolution acknowledges that members can’t order the Board to take any action, and merely expresses displeasure, and calls upon the Board to set the election aside. This was not an “order,” it was an expression of anger and frustration on the part of the members – if they voted to adopt it – but the Chair claimed it was an unlawful order.

The other “flaw they claimed made the resolution “out of order” was a proscription in Robert’s Rules, which says you aren’t to criticize an action that can’t be reversed. This resolution clearly doesn’t fit that category. The resolution criticized the Board’s methods, not the election results. The fact that it was written and introduced prior to those results being known is testament to that fact, as is the plain language of the resolution.

A ruling by the Chair that something is “out of order,” cannot be debated, therefore the resolution died without any discussion or debate. If indeed the language of the resolution was flawed, the proper way to deal with it would have been to either bring it to me in advance so I could correct it – as they did with another resolution I offered – or allow it onto the floor for debate and corrective amendments.

This sort of parliamentary chicanery is a perfect example of why I say the leadership doesn’t respect the membership, and I challenge Former President Alan Cors, who chaired that meeting, or Former President David Keene, who called the resolution an insult, or any other NRA officer or director to explain how the conduct of the bylaw election, and their quashing of this resolution in the Members’ Meeting, was anything other than disrespectful to the membership.

I invite you to ask them to publicly respond. You can write to them at:

(Board Member Name)
NRA Office of the Secretary
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

* Note: Only correspondence from NRA members will be forwarded, so you must include your current NRA membership number along with your contact information.

Neal Knox - The Gun Rights War
Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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We need to live by our belief in the 2A, we do not die by it. You can take a 100% hard line on your rights and in the end lose them all.

Silence Dogood

DBM, the NRA does subscribe to your philosophy…the result has been nearly 100 new gun-hating laws, all passed by DemoRats in Kalifornia Legislature in just the last 28 years, triple that number if you count all the County and Municipal gun-hating laws, again passed by DemoRats. With no hope in sight for any improvement. I think you need a new philosophy!!


I remain an annual member of the NRA, but question its policies and approach to issues. I get tons of solicitations from the NRA and associated “action” groups for money, but never have seen much progress, just more demands for money (which I never gave them anyway). Life Member of the Texas State Rifle Association which does a great job of informing its members and working with the Legislature. TSRA doesn’t win on every issue, but it’s in there swinging. The NRA should be doing the same, not cherry picking its issues.

Silence Dogood

The NRA is like most “not for profit” corporations. Their primary mission is to maintain the corporation. Then, cover the cost of payroll and bonuses. Then, cover the cost of payroll benefits. Then, cover the cost of retirement benefits. Then, only after all the foregoing are “covered” do they work to some degree or another on the stated “goals” of the corporation. Far too many just blindly believe that the NRA is the “end all” of all things Second Amendment. Truth is, and for far too long, not until the late 1970’s, did the NRA become the visible, but only… Read more »


I gave up my Life Membership in the 80’s. I was running for a political office under the Constitution Party and mailed the NRA all my information, platform and my love for gun freedom. I also sent them the Democrat and Republican candidates information along with their voting record on guns. The NRA had given both a “D” on prior elections. I never heard back from them and weeks later they endorsed the Republican. I have refused to give them another penny for 40 years and I repeat this tale whenever possible. They are only there to take your money… Read more »

Jim in Conroe

Exactly why I no longer support the Political Victory Fund (PVF) part of the NRA.

See my other comments elsewhere about general support and the NRA-ILA.


In Tennessee the NRA supports Republican lawmakers who oppose constitutional carry and will not support challengers who do support constitutional carry. Tennessee could be a much more gun friendly state if the NRA would get out of Tennessee. In my opinion NRA ratings are for sale. NRA refuses to listen to the recommendations of the Tennessee Firearms Association.

Edward Weber

From all that I read on this issue, It seems to me that the NRA is falling pray to the same things that senators and representatives fall for. Too much power, too much elitism? I know that the NRA is a powerful lobby in D.C., but I’m more interested in ‘We the people’ rather than the elites whether it be in government or the NRA. I trust ‘we the people’ more than I trust the elites.


I am a life member along with half my family and friends being members and the NRA let us & california down with their poor performance against passing prop 63. I was told recently by an older gentleman that said he had questioned Mr. La Pierre at a meeting years back as to why the NRA hasn’t helped more with these ridiculous california gun laws. He stated that Mr. La Pierre replied stating that the focus of the NRA was to only fight the fights they could win. Now i was not there for this and i believe this gentleman… Read more »


I stand with Jeff Knox’s statement within the confines of the NRA. But, I wish he could have gone further. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the powers to be in the NRA is waging a power struggle, a battle, with the very people, and their Rights, that the NRA was designed to support and defend. Taking the power, stealing the power, from the people and giving it unto the elitists in office. As it is with all humans, it is human nature to take power, to steal power from others and build up power within oneself. However… Read more »

Jim in Conroe

I support the NRA in general, and especially the NRA / ILA, which deals with legislative issues. If I did not support the NRA in general, I would not renew my membership and move on to another gun rights group. I think the NRA gets it right on most legislative issues, and most complaints seem to be of the form that they are not addressing this or that specific issue or case. In that respect, I trust the NRA to have the ability to direct their resources, where they are put to the best use. I no longer contribute to… Read more »


How is this related?

Bradley Pick

Its a shame that the NRA excluded all other Gun Owners Insurance companies so they would have no competition at their show. Afraid of a little competition? Why not show a list of services side by side in your magazine and let us choose for ourselves. Apples to apples comparison will allow US to make our own decision on who has the options we want and prices we are willing to pay. Grow up NRA officers. Don’t take your ball and go home. Stay and play fair.


NRA set me off of them when they abandoned us here in Washington State.. twice. I watched the Committee debate on an “assault weapons ban” come years back, their performance was a joke, but it still died in that first committee. But what REALLY made me mad at them was when tjhey sat idly by and watched as Bloomburg’s corrupt money bought us a new and stupid “common sense gun law” by way of an illegally constructed CItizens Initiative…… NRA had the clout and means to prevent its ever ending up on the state ballot, but did not. That law… Read more »

Slience Dogood

Trionico, try living in Kalifornia. The NRA created a statewide “Members Council” decades ago. Essentially out of the remnants of the grassroots effort organized to remove (which succeeded) both authors of “The Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989,” from public office. Which by the way, the NRA stepped in only at the 11th hour. For nearly 30-years the “Members Council” was totally under-utilized, to the point irrelevance. To paraphrase Moshe Dyan when he spoke about Yasser Aarafat, the NRA “never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” For over thirty-years the NRA has consistently failed to stop the Gun-Hating… Read more »


If not for the NRA you would not have the right to own a gun.

Some would tear down the NRA hoping to replace it with their own group.

Do not make an enemy of the good because it lacks perfection.


It’s not about making an enemy of them it IS about not letting them become autonomous with no oversight by the very members that they are responsible to and who fund their very existence.


DBM, I would have to concur with your thinking. The NRA is not perfect. But I’m pushing 60, and I remember the 60s and 70s. The NRA was all we had. There have been too many occasions. Where they alone have held the door closed on registration and confiscation. We all seem to enjoy our ARs these days. We can thank the NRA for that. 30 years ago, you had to be a blood relative of the judge or sheriff to legally Carry. CCW was only a dream legal gun owners had. Again, we can thank the NRA. Just my… Read more »

James Barger

But, do not allow the cancer to go untreated lest the host rot from the inside out. Pressing leaders to be accountable is absolutely necessary in a free society.


I agree. If not for the NRA, the USA would be a lot like France and the UK by now, concerning our right to keep and bear arms, or rather the lack of it.

Infighting within the NRA is exactly what the socialist dems want…think about that for a few minutes……..


Michael: Blindly following is not the answer either. Nor is falling prey to the philosophy of “they’ve done so much good, they can do no wrong and should never be questioned”.


Harlan Carter is turning in his grave along with US Grant. Both these men were past presidents of the NRA. Grant being the first.

Silence Dogood

Why has the NRA been at the forefront in authoring and supporting the passage of State and Federal Gun Hating Laws? Including: National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) (replaced the Federal Firearms Act of 1938) Firearms Owners Protective Act of 1986 (FOPA) The National Revolver Association, an NRA offspring, helped draft most of the State Handgun restrictions, and waiting periods, in the 1920’s NRA President, Karl T. Frederick gave Congressional testimony in support of the passage of the NFA. NRA Executive Vice-President Frankin Orth gave Congressional testimony in support of the passage of the… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Silence, I don’t think that the NRA did. The NRA did not have a political arm until they created NRA-ILA in the 1970s. I can not speak to Frederick or Orth, but in 1968, all of Washington was terrified of Bobby Seals and the Black Panthers walking up and down the street with shotguns shouting, “By what ever means necessary”. In the 1930s Washington saw bank robbers using fully automatic weapons to out gun police and thought that a depression era revolt was not far behind. The Woodrow Wilson progressive elites used the times and the circumstances to institute the… Read more »


WB, I will agree you have your stated facts correct. The fact is, you would have to go back and analyze​ the historical actions of many people. Some were lawmen, some were outlaws. The actions created laws that became a conundrum. When the situation that created the particular laws no longer existed. But then the law itself, became a thorn in the side of American gun owners. Now we have a philosophical view, that we must regulate our 2cd amendment. For whatever situation that needs to be addressed. As for myself, I’m a NRA lifetime member from a family of… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Rokflyer, I belong to several groups: CRPA life member, TSRA life member, NRA Benefactor, CCRKBA, JPFO, and GOA. Had hiLIARy been elected, I would have had no toy money, gun money, or beer money.


Yessss. Same here. If Jezebel had won, folks of our ilk. Would be jailed, or living in caves. I would also be broke.

Silence Dogood

Wild Bill, you are wrong. You need to know the “facts” and not just “think” what the NRA did or didn’t actually do. The history of the NRA is not pretty, but is is what it is. Ignoring historical fact is self-defeating and short sighted. And, by the way, there’s is a whole lot more dirty NRA laundry out there. Here’s where you can go and educate yourself on just two of the nefarious laws the NRA pimped: NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT HEARINGS BEFORE THE COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SEVENTY-THIRD CONGRESS SECOND SESSION H.R. 9066 APRIL 16,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@silence, Ahh yes! You have inspired me and invigorated me to look up the history of the NRA and visit the sins of the past onto the current organization that, however imperfect, did keep hiLIARy out of the White House.

Wild Bill

Oh, and I hope that you are as vociferous with your enemies as with your allies.

Slience Dogood

As Sgt Joe Friday, of Dragnet, fame use to say, ‘The facts mam, just the facts.’

Pistol Pete

With our 2nd amendment right under attack everyday we do not need anyone trying to divide us. We do not need to lose members. AS Jeff Knox sold out to the anti-gun crowd???


No, neither Jeff nor anyone else has “sold out” to anyone. Quite the opposite, we want NRA to stop making it impossible for them to be held accountable to the members, which they have slowly and systematically been doing ever since the Cincinnati Revolt, ensuring that another could never take place. Questioning, holding accountable and free speech is a bedrock of our country. Blindly following anyone and blindly trusting without question is NEVER acceptable.

Larry Brickey

I did not renew last year until after the election. I did not want my money going to support any politician. I am also upset with their treatment of the USCCA. I probably will not renew again.


Regarding the USCCA; Ditto.


Jeff does now and has made excellent points regarding the “one sideedness” of NRA/ILA, especially when it comes to policy decisions and how members money is spent (questionable at best on numerous occasions). Unfortunately, NRA has, through parliamentary maneuvering, prevented the chance for another Cincinnati Revolt, ensuring their continued unfettered and unchallenged rein. The only recourse left to current members is to not renew their membership and to not contribute, financially to NRA/ILA until or unless they reverse their current position. Lest anyone come back and accuse Jeff, me or anyone else of proposing a position that is a softening… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Vanns, We would never even think that. There are many hard working and effective national level Second Amendment Civil Rights advocacy groups and state level Second Amendment Civil Rights advocacy groups available. Heck, join ’em all. For my own self, I am not giving up on the NRA because every politician in Washington, Dist. of Corruption fears them. No other lobbyist or lobby group is even a thimble to the NRA.


It’s not a matter of giving up, it is a matter of not letting them change the rules so there is no accountability and letting them make rules that ensure that their rule can never be challenged.