Californians Kiss Their Gun Rights Goodby!

By John Farnam

Democrats War on Guns
Democrats War on Guns
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Our pathetic “Two-Party System:”

1) Democrats: Amoral and unprincipled, but shrewd, frighteningly ambitious, and disciplined, and who, when given a chance to seize power to which they are not entitled, will do so instantly, boldly, and without restraint

2) Republicans: They run for election proclaiming good and laudable intentions, but once in office invariably become paralyzed by their intrinsic inability to unify and work together, cowardice, and general ineptitude, and thereby repeatedly demonstrate inability to govern.” ~ Taussig

Socialist State of CA:

In June 26 2017, a CA state office found that Attorney General Xavier Becerra improperly withheld a new package of “assault weapon” regulations from public review and comment.

In less flattering terms Becerra contemptuously violated the law in an attempt to hide his new anti-gun legislation from CA citizens. He is a liberal Democrat, and his dishonorable conduct should thus not surprise anyone!

Passage of each new anti-gun law in CA ever ends with leftists/liberals gnashing their teeth and demanding even more severe restrictions.

CA Democrats are very close to ordering all gun owners to wear yellow arm-bands!

Their end-goal of banning all privately-owned guns is clear to anyone with two brain-cells to rub together.

Anywhere Democrats rule, our rights as American Citizens are never safe! They’ve demonstrated their intentions too many times for anyone to doubt it!

Professing” Republicans are only slightly better!


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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The Babykiller party will never leave guns alone, because it is one of few things they can agree upon, well that and ever greater funding of Planned Parenthood–Don’t think we conservatives have failed to notice that Planned Parenthood is giving some of their ‘donation’ money back to democrats, that skimming off the top should be made illegal


The direction your comment appears to be going in is a direction this discussion should not go in. Don’t mix apples and oranges.

A Tary


Samuel Stephens

All DemocRATs are amoral, pro Homosexual perverts and control freaks.


California is lost. The Democrats have taken over and they have ruined the State. California is now a police State.

Margo Ann Collick

Hello to you poor Amerikans still liiving in the the socialist republic of Kalifornia. I left there 15 years ago after being there for less 4 years. I was there for only a few months when I looked at my room mates and told them, I know you have all lived here for some time and have no idea of what the outside world is like but I can tell you all right now….. YOU ARE LIVING IN A POLICE STATE! This may be a Slight exaggeration BUT i feel as tho I have to file an environmental impact statement… Read more »


Since you weren’t born and raised in California I’ll try and be kind. You act like a refugee, you flee instead standing up and fighting for what’s right, the State is better off without you. California is full of criminal politicians who are intent on turning the state into a third world country. Until we get someone to start prosecuting these criminals we’ll continue on the path of self destruction. The State of Jefferson looks to be the only hope for true Californians.

Samuel Stephens

Brian Baker, I was born in Kalifornia in a state of confusion and have been here ever since, forever. The political climate of this state is not going to change until the people change that is the DemocRATs, liberal mentality changes and the third world residents go out and get a job to get them away from looking for handouts, from being parasites.

Don Bailey

As a whole, California’s state legislator’s are some of the biggest crooks in the nation. If you think California’s gun laws are terrible, you should look at what they did to the Northern part of the state’s water rights. Now, Southern California can take the Northern portion of the state’s water and Northern Californians can do nothing about it. It was along the lines of Pelosi’s famous quote, “We’ll need to vote on it and pass it before we can ever know what all is in it.” Reverend Father Governor Jerry Brown needs to go.

Ken Johnston

This is a state that continues to elect Maxine Waters. Need more be said????


Nailed IT Ken…!!!




And Jerry “Moombeam” Brown.

Frank McCarthy

Again! Like we didn’t learn our lesson the first time around.


im getting ready to move my family out of commie kalifornia for this and a few other reasons

M. Forsman

We left, about 5 years ago, no regrets at all.

Wild Bill

, quietly sell everything then move. When we left California, we had not yet sold our house. Paying a mortgage in CA and another mortgage in Tx made money short, for many months of difficulty.

David Telliho

Our Founders risked their lives and families for the cause of Freedom. We all know it. Isn`t it time for a little push back ? These people who ultimately want total disarmament of the public, are Communist`s. Call It like it is. That`s what they are. Are we a Communist Nation? Almost. We soon will be if we don`t resist. Otherwise, get prepared to stand in line to turn in what ever the communists want next. Didn`t that recently happen back east ? What gives a politician a ‘right’ to demand us to relinquish ammo magazines that he says are… Read more »

Wild Bill

Electing Trump was the first big win in the revolution. Now, we need to put uncorrupted people in the Senate and House. That battle will be won or lost in the primary elections. If the same old corrupt republicans win the primaries, then the same old corrupt people will be the candidates in the general elections.
If the incumbents lose in the primaries, then the party string pullers will be stunned and crippled. We are on the edge of great victory.


So far, Trump’s agenda including the rollback of oppressive unconstitutional firearms has been sabotaged or delayed by the churn created by the Democrats and the traitorous behavior of the Republican congress themselves. I would not be hopeful that the pro-gun agenda will move significantly forward for the next 3 1/2 years or at all.

Wild Bill

@ras, Yes, we need to send more clean people to the Congress to support Trump, and hope that the socialist/progressive/elites run Pelosi or Shummer for president. Hillary is to busy working for Goldman Sachs to run for president again. What is it that Hillary does for Goldman Sachs, again? Well, what ever it is, I am sure that it involves taking care of poor and unfortunate people.


Thats the problem ! There is not anyone else that is worth a shit to vote for in alot of states . It usually 1 dem and 1 rep. We need to get these rep traders out and get some good people in . But that is easier said then done


In a case where despite plainly and prominently displayed safety warnings, not to mention the dictates of common sense, people suffer injury, messing about with machinery, I personally have little sympathy for them. Re the loss of gun rights, soon to be followed by the loss of other rights, or rights in general, the people of California have little to no call for sympathy, as the clowns they repeatedly elect to law making office have usually and long advertised their goals, the rubbish they had in mind, the poor excuse of We Didn’t Know That They Would Do That in… Read more »

Robert Craymore

Yeah that goes double for the Republican conservative Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
What a gun grabbing communist he was. Republican conservative Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, son of a Nazi party member, literally.
Republican conservative Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed some of the most heinous anti-gun laws in California history into law what a patriot he was.


I do not defend the previous governor however please note the following. Before the governor can sign or veto proposed legislation, the state legislature passes a legislative proposal. It works that way even in California.

Silence Dogood

Robert Craymore,
“…Republican conservative Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger….”
Robert, you clearly don’t live in Kalifornia and did not endure 8 years of this prototypical RINO. As everyone knows, anyone married to a relative of Teddy Kennedy is, by definition, not a Conservative. You need to stop reading “Pravda Today” or the DemoRat Party “talking points.” Sadly, you are evidently confused. Schwarzenegger is many things, but one thing he never was, or is, a Conservative.


I vote pro gun every election and my vote is drowned out by the liberal city voters


Sad to note, but one might conclude that California is a lost cause regarding gun rights, at least for the law abiding. Criminals, it seems, aren’t particularly bothered by or with whatever the law might have to say. One might then conclude that the remaining practical approaches are amongst the following.

1. The possibly vain hope that the judiciary will come to the rescue.
2. The other possibility amounts to, as is sometimes described as, voting with your feet, action that is difficult for some.

Silence Dogood

Nothing will change in Kalifornia until Teddy Kennedy’s Immigration Act of 1965 is repealed and every illegal alien is deported and every “anchor baby” (unless one parent is an American Citizen they are non-citizens per the U.S. Constitution) is sent back to “their” mother-country, Kalifornia will continue in a downward spiral towards an evermore Fascistic State


I am a liberal city voter and I vote pro-Second Amendment each and every time I have my entire life.
On the other hand I am unfortunately intimately acquainted with a number of rule Republican conservatives who vote anti-second amendment each and every time because they’re a bunch of pussies soccer moms who are afraid to have guns around their children.
So much for your notion of liberal/Democrat equals bad for guns and conservative/Republican equals good for guns
It’s not that simple and only the simpleminded think it is .


Duh, which way did he go, which way did he go?


the reason the 2nc Circus decision is necessary is that our FEDERAL lawmakers, who have been given the express responsibility to make ALL laws that govern the District of Columbia have failed to do so. For decades they’ve sat on their thick ends as the local inside good ol buddy corruptocrat power mongers in DC trample on rights guaranteed their subjects. Time COngress get up off their duffs and pass some laws that BIND in the DC. That would moot the 2nd’s recent decision. But, then, maybe its better this way, as now SCOTUS have a strong compelling issue to… Read more »

Eric T.

The SCOTUS will not pass on this decision because it meets the #1 reason for granting cert, that being a conflict in lower court decisions.


Commie state, wouldn’t live there on a bet.. I pity the peolple who reside there with all the political bs that they have to put up with. May you all RIP

Dan Schwager

WE need to get rid of Calf for good and let them live in their MESS, pull all Military Bases out and Federal Agencies. And treat them like any other country without the AID.

dava golin

spot on. On that note lets put the Democrats officially on the terrorist watch list. California is their base of operations thereby, they need to be invaded for weapons of mass division.


Possibly an interesting idea however it is something that is not going to happen.


@ dan schwager…..funny you should mention that. The ignorant so called voters here in khalifornistan are still in the process of collecting 585,000 required to make the voters ballot November of ’18. These ignoramuses do not understand the ramifications of secession. I DO. But, on the flip side, you bet your sweet butt that if n when their wish is fulfilled, lawsuits will abound thru various lib/prog outfits demanding fed funds. I live just west of Edwards Air Force Base and the valley I reside in is conservative and famously known for building the SR-71, the Space Shutles and such.… Read more »

joe martin

If the representatives and elected officials in Kalifornia are corrupt, liberal, dishonest and immoral and they continue in office passing bills that erode citizens’ rights, it is because the citizens elected them and do nothing to remove them from office. Even in Kalifornia, the government is still chosen and elected by the voters, so it seems that this is the kind of government the citizens of Kalifornia want, and as such, deserve.

Dr. Jeff

I Live in California. I was born and raised here. Saying that the “citizens” of California keep choosing anti gun, Liberal Democrats is only partially true. My once great state has been politically Gerrymandered to the point that democratic elections don’t really exist. The last blow was a primary system where the top two vote getters, regardless of party, would be the only two choices in the general election. It only requires a small, cohesive voting block to control the entire election. The other problem is the concentration of votes in the San Francisco Bay area and Greater Los Angeles,… Read more »


By the way, who was it that undertook the Gerrymandering you mentioned, and where the hell were the voters who were or might have been opposed to this foolishness, while it was ongoing, that is to say, before the concrete had set.

Dr. Jeff

It began with Diane Feinstein and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors about 40 years ago. That was the first time “at large” voting was introduced. The idea behind at large voting sounds good. Everyone votes (in San Francisco’s case) for all 5 or 6 positions on the Board of Supervisors and the top vote getters win. Most people never realized until too late, or not at all, that with at large voting, a small voting block can control the outcome of the election. It’s gone back and forth, but recently went state wide. Wikipedia has a decent write up… Read more »

Silence Dogood

Joe Martin,
No, the politicians are elected here in Kalifornia on the basis of massive DemoRat controlled voter fraud and DemoRat controlled Gerrymandering. Any other opinion is mere speculation, or wishful thinking; both are delusional and ignore the reality of what’s actually happening in Kalifornia. It’s worst than you think!


I’m sure career criminals will love California even more.


Obviously they do. Look at the crime rates in Oakland, East L.A. and Stockton. CA is bankrupt and a failed state presided over by left wing lawyers, administrators and judges who have created exorbitant pensions for themselves on the back of what remains of the middle class.

Eric T.

The recent 2nd Circuit ruling will force the SCOTUS to take the CCW case and hopefully the Maryland case (AR & Mag limits) will be granted review.


Actually it won’t. SCOTUS will be loathe to revisit this unless someone like the Infamous RBG retires and Trump replaces her with another Gorsuch. Otherwise the votes won’t be there.

Eric T.

The SCOTUS will almost “have to” grant Cert since we now have two Circuit Courts (the 2nd and the 9th) ruling completely opposite on the same point of law. Granting Cert on these types of conflicting Circuit rulings is one of the primary purposes of the SCOTUS. While the SCOTUS may be loathe to “touch the 3rd rail” when it comes to the 2nd amendment, they always step in to settle arguments between the lower courts, that’s their primary job. This is a great article that shows that CCW laws in the states is swinging away from an almost nationwide… Read more »


The 2nd only applies to D.C. not other States, there’s the rub. At least so far 🙂

Eric t

While the 2nd applies to DC, there is now a contradiction with the 9th on the same point of law, not to mention a right laid out in the Constitution. This contradiction will virtually force the SCOTUS to address the contradiction. This was one of the reasons why the SCOTUS had to address Heller in the first place. Here is an excerpt from “Granting Certiorari: © 1999/2006/2011 Diana Hess and Louis Ganzler” “Criteria for judging a case “certworthy” It takes a combination of these criteria for the Court to grant certiorari. 1. Circuit Conflict This is the premier criterion used… Read more »

Dr. Jeff

There’s another case on magazine capacity from California in process. We (NRA. CRPA, etc.) won the first round. United States District Judge, The Honorable Roger T. Benitez (blessed be his name) slapped a hard injunction against enforcement of the latest atrocity. In his decision, he trashed the entire legal theory of the law, the evidence in support of the law and the language of the law itself. He also provided a bit of legal room for attacking ALL California gun laws. I’ve never before read a 66 page legal document in detail. This one I read every line with a… Read more »


What happens in the second or possibly the third round might be more important. That said, thank heavens for any favorable rulings. As to other aspects, I was born and raised in NYC. Those circumstances however did not bother my thinking, my ability to look at realities. I never quite understood the changes that seem to take place in people, who upon having crossed the California border, inbound that is, seem to loose such grasps of common sense and reality they might have had where they came from. It was a long while back, but when I lived for a… Read more »