Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Air Pistol Review

by Joe Evans
Joe reviews the Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol a single-shot, bolt action match grade competition target pistol.

Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol
Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol

Ammoland Shooting SportsUSA -( A few months ago, I had zero interest or experience with air guns. I personally didn’t see the value or fun in playing with what I saw as a toy gun.

After getting my hands on the Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol, I realized how wrong I was.

Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol

The folks at Crosman were kind enough to provide me one of their high-quality air pistols, a Benjamin high pressure hand pump, some ammunition, a scope and one of Crosman’s varmint airgun target blocks.

It felt like Christmas morning when I got that package in the mail, let me tell you.

My first impressions with the Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol was how big it is. It seemed massive. I was anticipating something smaller, something more like the size of your average handgun.

Weighing in at nearly three pounds, it’s not crazy heavy and bulky, but it’s much heavier than I had thought it would be.

That size comes with some serious firepower, however.

When I pulled the two-stage trigger, I was pleasantly surprised by the power this bolt action air gun has, featuring a lead pellet velocity up to 750 fps. That’s some pretty impressive power.

Honestly, some of the specs on this air gun are pretty great.

Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol Technical Specs
Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol Technical Specs

The design of the Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol is pretty user friendly as well.

Being a complete novice with air guns, I was able to jump right into taking aim and firing away. Nothing here is too crazy complicated or too hard to understand. I could see this air rifle being a fantastic gift to young, novice shooters who are looking to improve their marksmanship with a product they won’t soon outgrow.

It worked perfectly, straight out of the box, no problems or issues. The most difficult part of putting everything together I had was, funny enough, the scope. Not because of any issue with the product, that was just a bit of user error.

Other than that, zero problems.

I had a blast shooting with this air pistol. It’s by NO MEANS the toy I originally thought they were. These things pack a powerful punch, at 750FPS, getting to the target quick and leaving a substantial mark when they make contact.

Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol
Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol

After getting my hands on one, I’ll likely be adding more airguns to my growing arsenal in the future. I currently have my eyes on the Crosman Benjamin Discovery bolt action air rifle.

I would highly recommend the Crosman 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol to anyone, whether they’re new to air guns or seasoned, experienced shooters. I think there is something about this air gun that has universal appeal, something everyone can enjoy.


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