Fragility of Freedom – We Have Your Six, President Trump

By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen : Opinion

Fragility of Freedom – We Have Your Six, President Trump
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USA –  -( Freedom can be easily lost in many ways. You lose some freedom when you borrow something that you can’t return. You lose some freedom when someone else pays for your lunch or your medical bills and you become dependent upon their charity.

You can refuse to defend freedom, like the Brits did. You can give freedom away – perhaps to the European Union, like the French did.

Or you can just fritter your freedom away while squabbling with your neighbors, like the ancient Greeks did. Pericles concluded that every man in Athens “was able to show himself the rightful lord and owner of his own person.” But the Greeks did not know how to keep their freedom.

Christian Meier postulated that the culture of freedom led to Greek success in war, science, the arts and business — that the Greeks had “worked out special ways of living together as equals” and that this culture led to their greatness.

[Author’s Note: We recommend reading Mr. Meier’s book, “Athens: A Portrait of the City in Its Golden Age,” to understand more about the Greek’s view of Freedom.]

But Meier also described the slow decline of the Greek city states and the loss of Greek freedom.

The lessons for us are many. We are a great nation because we are a nation of free people. We dare more, we succeed more and we accomplish more. We are taught to ‘go for it‘ from childhood, and no unelected tyrant is present to stop us. The wealth for which we are world famous draws masses of refugees and would-be citizens as does no other country.

But as the foreign born and raised emigrants become citizens, with little understanding of our Constitution and the meaning of freedom, they can vote out the fragile components of our Constitution, and that can lead to political instability which can corrupt the future of our flourishing freedom.

Too many of our own citizens confuse free lunch and free behavior with our definition of a free people, as they vote for continuous government handouts. They are afraid of our First Amendment and hateful of our Second Amendment.

As of this writing, the Debt Clock shows the US Debt at $19.9 Trillion. How and where did our nation spend that money? Where is the approximate $10 Trillion spent by Obama? Where did that money go?

We cherish our freedom while others cherish the word, but they do not understand the concept. If the dimwitted, lying Democrat politicians had retained power, we believe that our Constitution would have been intentionally overwhelmed by ignorant voters and our country destroyed by debt we owe to enemies.

And then, as we were approaching the precipice of losing our nation and maybe even our freedoms, Donald J. Trump won the election.

We believe that the Democrats knew that the time had come for them to achieve their lofty goals. And we additionally believe that the violence, the dirty language, the lies, the visceral anger that is visible to all who watch the Main Stream Media (MSM) outlets, are explained by the understanding that cultural takeover, that was happening, might now never occur. [at least postponed the next election]

Donald Trump & Freedom

Trump is on his way to improving the morale and strength of our armed forces, which aids our freedom. He is on his way to ramp up the economy and so improve the burden of our debt load, which additionally aids our freedom. Of course, for this, we need to force our elected officials to keep to a rational budget.

  • Trump is on his way to keeping the Supreme Court true to the Constitution for decades, which still aids our freedom.
  • Trump is on his way to making us energy independent and energy exporting, so we no longer rely on enemies for power, and so we can provide for our friends, which continues to aids our freedom.
  • Trump is on his way to control the floodgate of illegal immigration, which beefs up and aids our freedom.
  • Trump is attempting to shame the MSM into finding a narrative that has some semblance of truth. And his minions are trying to improve our country’s really deplorable education system, which has been infiltrated by the left for 40+ years.

And we can see that he is trying to form a relationship with Russia that will not lead to war but will re-create stability for global civilians and keep our soldiers a visible threat without battle scars.

Are the left [and establishment Republicans] really so insane as to try to incite a grand war with Putin? Once such a war would start, no one could predict the outcome. It would be rushing onto the road of decline taken by the Athenian Greeks, the ancient fathers of freedom.

So, President Trump, we applaud you for doing the right and honorable thing. We think that historians will laud you and name you one of our greatest patriots. Thank you for taking the ‘blows’ meant to knock you out of the White House, and for continuing to stand tall.

President Trump, the American Patriots, and Gun Owners, Have Got Your Six.

About the authors:

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life, and is the Managing Coach (Ret.) of the Freeport Junior (Marksmanship) Club, Division of the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association, Freeport, NY. He has escaped from New York State to South Carolina, and is a SC FFL (Everything 22 and More). Alan J Chwick – [email protected] | @iNCNF

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years. She has also escaped from New York State, but to Virginia. Joanne D Eisen – [email protected]

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VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

“Where is the approximate $10 Trillion spent by Obama? Where did that money go?”

The conservative answer is – spent on B.S. social programs and buying lots of ammo for the Feds, on his golf and vacations, Michelle’s, Malia’s and Sasha’s clothes, and lining his own damn pockets. Socialists are REALLY good at spending other people’s money.

Thanks to the Donald for trying to reign in the fiscal insanity fed by the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, McCain, Graham, other Rinos and Comey, Loretta Lynch et al. Traitors to the Constitution and the American people.

Mike S

“…pressabis”? Really? Did you mean “precipice”?

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

God catch thanks Mike.