Silent Legion Hires Odle Sales

Silent Legion offers several innovative options, and goes the extra mile by including all of the accessories and tools that you need as part of your suppressor purchase
Silent Legion Suppressor

USA -( It’s a simple rule that products don’t sell if they aren’t in stores where consumers can find them. So after designing and producing the best suppressors on the market, Silent Legion decided to partner with Odle Sales, a professional sales team with a long-term record of sales in the hunting and shooting industry.

“Odle is well respected in the industry,” said Ed Schoppman, the Guy In Charge at Silent Legion Suppressors. “I’ve known them for years and they know how to develop trust with customers and execute strategic sales plans.”

Headquartered in Columbia, Mo., Odle Sales has representatives across the country focusing on major big box retailers, particularly the leaders in the outdoor industry, to place a wide variety of hunting, shooting and outdoor products.

The company is especially strong in the Midwest and Great Plains regions, providing complete account management services for those 13 states including an extensive field staff that is focused on retail sales training, support, and merchandising.

In the company’s more than 30-year history, Odle has set numerous sales records and received copious awards from some of the biggest players in the shooting sports industry by analyzing and embracing the strategies of the future.

“Silent Legion suppressors perfectly compliment the product lines that we represent,” said Bruce Odle, President of Odle Sales. “They have a deep understanding of what works best in the shooting and hunting industry, and their commitment to what customers want matches our own values. They are the type of company we strive to work with, as they make a great product and their word is their bond.”

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About Silent Legion:

Embrace the Silence. Silent Legion is a veteran-owned business with a no-compromise attitude in both product and personal integrity. When we give you our word, it’s a guarantee. We are long-time firearms industry professionals, and understand the needs of the military and law enforcement, as well as the needs of shooters and hunters. We’ve been delivering cutting edge gun and accessory designs for decades and take a lot of pride in staying ahead of the pack. Our name underlines our core philosophy and stands for strength, honor and a belief in helping others. That’s what we bring to discriminating users everywhere.

Our commitment to you: This stuff will perform. You’ll get great value for your dollar. We warranty your purchase for life.

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