Armed Neighbor Shoots, Kills Domestic Violence Attacker

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Armed Neighbor Shoots, Kills Domestic Violence Attacker
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( TV8 News Now and the Review Journal report 07-21-2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Clark County District Attorney will decide if a man will face charges in a late-night shooting death at an apartment complex near the Meadows Mall. Police said it appears the man was trying to protect a woman who was being beaten by her boyfriend.

Police were called to the apartment on Mission Laguna Lane around 10 p.m. Thursday night by a witness security guard who reported the shooting.

Investigators believe the dead man had been abusing his girlfriend for hours before the shooting. They said the female victim had obvious signs of abuse and was bleeding from her face. They also believe the man had kicked down a door inside the couple’s apartment earlier Thursday.

Before the shooting, police believe the woman ran from her apartment and found a helpful neighbor she knew in the parking lot. The woman’s long-time boyfriend apparently chased her and got into an argument with that neighbor.

“There was a verbal argument and there was some yelling,” said Metro Homicide Lieutenant Dan McGrath. “What I was told by the security guard was (the helpful neighbor) told him to back up. He told him to get back or he would get shot.”

Police said that during that confrontation, the helpful neighbor fired one shot, hitting and killing the boyfriend. Investigators did not immediately release the names of anyone involved. The deceased was a man in his 50’s who had a history of domestic violence involving his girlfriend.

Metro Police detectives said the helpful neighbor/shooter was not arrested and was cooperating with investigators.

Detectives said this could have been prevented.

“If you hear your neighbors yelling and screaming and fighting, please call the police,” said McGrath. “That’s our job. We’ll come out… You may end up saving somebody from getting seriously injured or killed.”


I have to agree with the Lieutenant. It is always best to let the cops handle things if possible. They have the training, body armor, lots of backup and don’t have to pay for their own lawyers.

That being said, here we have a case of reasonable and necessary defense of others! Even if responding officers were a block away, they could not possibly arrive in time to prevent the female victim being severely beaten or even killed.

“When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

It appears the courageous neighbor needed to intervene before Officers could get there. His warning to the perp caused that perp to redirect his attack from the female victim to himself. So the perp attacks a citizen that’s pointing a pistol at him.

So be it, he’s now out of the gene pool.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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Bob is retired after 30 years of ownership of The Gun Store & Indoor Range in Las Vegas. He continues his 2A issues show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” on YouTube and on KSHP 1400 AM radio (Sunday mornings at 9 a.m.) As a firearm instructor of Concealed Firearm Applicants, Armed Security Officer and Law Enforcement Academies over his career, Bob appears frequently as an expert witness for firearm & use of force cases in Federal, State and local courts.

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2 weeks ago in my home town the police where called to respond to a domestic violence incidence. They came out and shot and killed the bad guy. Same end result, only difference is when the neighbor shot and killed the bad guy the victim got a few less beatings than had she waited for the police.

Jim Macklin

And what was the “security guard” doing besides calling the police? He certainly was not providing any security.


Typical LEO comment. Who would be prevented from getting hurt? The perp or the victim? The victim as has happened many times in other cases before could have been killed while waiting for assistance. The LEO is correct that it is best to say “call us” but wrong to say the latter. As a matter of fact, also proven many times over, the police can only intervene after a crime has been committed. That is guaranteed by our constitution just as our right to self-defense and preservation. The police officer will tell you that they cannot be everywhere at once.

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

More proof that there is no cure for stupid. Any man who beats a woman is a loser in the first place, and then he tries to play Barney Badass with a man who has a gun on him … he must’ve been some special kind of stupid.