California Legislature to Return Next Week, Anti-Gun Bills Pending

Contact Your Assemblymember and State Senator and Urge “NO” Votes

California Legislature to Return Next Week, Anti-Gun Bills Pending

NSSFCalifornia-( The California Legislature is set to return next week from a month-long recess, but with their return comes the potential for the pending anti-gun bills to make progress. There are still numerous bills pending in the Legislature that will negatively affect firearms retailers.

SB 497 would extend the current prohibition on purchasing more than one handgun in a 30-day period to also include rifles and shotguns. SB 497 is in the Assembly Appropriations Committee Suspense File. It is tentatively scheduled to be heard on Sept. 1, 2017. Please contact your assemblymember now to urge a “NO” vote on SB 497!

SB 464 would create government mandated standards for how firearms retailers must secure and store their firearms when they are closed for business, while allowing different laws, ordinances or regulations governing retailers’ security measures to be adopted by any local jurisdiction. SB 464 is currently pending action on the Assembly Floor and could be taken up for a vote at any time. Please contact your assemblymember now to urge a “NO” vote on SB 464!

AB 1525 would, without any increase in public safety, add to the packaging and literature warnings that are already required, thus needlessly increasing the production and distribution costs of manufacturers and the operational costs of retailers. AB 1525 is currently pending action on the Senate Floor and could be taken up at any time. Please contact your state senator now to urge a “NO” vote on AB 1525!

Not sure who represents you in the California Senate or Assembly? Visit NSSF’s Legislative Action Center to find out your state senator and state assemblymember.

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Samuel Stephens

Any DemocRATic gun bill in Kalifornia is a bad bill, as far as that goes any DemocRATic bill is a Constitutional Rights robbing piece of garbage legislation. The only thing Kalifornia’s legislature is good at is garbage legislation and tax and spend junk legislation.


Can’t help but think that the crime rate will climb in California. The bad guys love it when citizens can’t get guns.

Steven Hebert

Buy all the guns you can, it’s only going to get worse.

Clark Kent

Only if we let it get worse. WE elect the government we deserve.

joe martin

California is a lost cause. All the money being spent by the NRA, NSSF, and other pro-gun organizations is wasted on California and would be better spent in other states (other than New York) and in Washington D.C., where there is a real chance to make a difference and protect gun rights.

Clark Kent

So who will fight for you when YOUR state becomes a ‘lost cause’? With friends like you, who needs enemies?


Leave the state it is really easy and very satisfying

Silence Dogood

It’s too late…a hundred plus years of Progressive/Anarchists/Socialists/Communists/Fascists have destroyed Kalifornia.
Let that be a lesson for all to learn…too many apartment renters will destroy any Republic.

Samuel Stephens

Too many DemocRATs will ruin anything.

Clark Kent

What do apartment renters have to do with anything? You could make the same claim about those who rent tools. Grow up.

Silence Dogood

Clark Kent, clearly not Superman…Renters vote for “rent control.” “Rent Control” is merely Fascist Economics in micro; where “Government” orders private property owners what, when, where and how much…or suffer other “Government Employees,” those with sidearms, to “enforce” Rent Control dictates. Now, who should grow up?

Andy G

It is more then unbelievable that the people
Of California don’t clean house and get rid
Of the anti American crap they put in office
And that there Hollywood “stars” that preach
Gun control,make there living with violence
And firearms. Go figure