Knife Rights’ Illinois Switchblade Ban Repeal Signed, Effective Immediately

Gov. Bruce Rauner
Gov. Bruce Rauner

USA -( Knife Rights’ bill to mostly repeal Illinois’ switchblade ban, SB 607, was signed late on Friday by Governor Bruce Rauner. It was effectively immediately upon signing.

SB 607 allows possession of automatic knives by those who have a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) Card, which allows the individual to purchase firearms and ammunition.

This is not a possession with CCW law, as some have suggested. The new law also allows for manufacture and sale of automatic knives by those not holding a FOID card.

It must be noted that this bill that was finally passed and signed into law started out last year as a full switchblade ban repeal. Then the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee insisted it be amended so a switchblade would only be legal with a Firearm Concealed Carry License (FCCL).

Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs, Todd Rathner, went to Illinois and was able to negotiate a compromise that allowed for possession and carry by holders of a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card.

To put this into perspective, in Illinois there are approximately 2.1 million FOID card holders vs. only 223,637 FCCL holders (Illinois was the last state to legalize concealed carry).

Illinois State Flag

WARNING: Without state knife law preemption, cities such as Chicago can still ban switchblades. No doubt others do as well and this patchwork of local bans is potentially waiting to trap unwary knife carriers.

Congratulations to our sponsors, Sen. Tim Bivins and Rep. Brian Stewart. Together we are forging a Sharper Future™ for everyone in Illinois.

Illinois brings to 15 the number of states where bans on switchblades have been repealed since Knife Rights started its efforts in 2010!

In total, Knife Rights has now passed 27 pro-knife bills repealing knife bans or restrictions in 20 states.

About Knife Right:

Knife Rights is rewriting knife law in America. Knife Rights passed the nation’s first repeal of a switchblade (automatic) knife ban in 2010 in New Hampshire and has since passed repeal of switchblade bans (and repealed other knife restrictions) in Alaska, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

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Chris Garrett

I’ve been buying automatic knives on the internet for years.


It’s about time Illinois is comming around


I have heard that double edged ‘dagger’ style automatic knives are still restricted to only law enforcement for carry (not posession). Is this true?

Keith Voss

I’ve had switchblade knives for years. I don’t have much use of my left hand so opening a regular folding knife was a problem. This is great for people like me that have a disability / hand problems.


It’s impossible to buy an automatic knife in Illinois. No one will ship them across state lines.

John Garee

It is possible to buy an automatic knife in Illinois from any legitimate dealer who has them shipped into the state from a wholesaler. This is legal interstate commerce. It is only illegal for a customer to purchase from out of state and have it shipped across state lines, except in specific exceptional circumstances. I am a dealer in central IL. I have several automatic knives in stock now, with several more on the way. Purchase from me is legal for any IL state resident with a valid FOID. As the article states, local laws can still pre-empt this, and… Read more »


What is the name of your shop? How can I contact you


the new law says you can sell them to non-FOID holders too. you only need a FOID to carry automatic knives.

Keith Voss

I have a gun shop a half a mile from where I live in Illinois and they posted up not too long ago about having a new selection of switchblade knives because of the law. Just own an FOID card.


As usual, none of these laws will keep the criminals from carrying anything they want. Only law abiding citizens will be limited bare hands defense.

John Garee

Criminals will always carry what they want, but residents of Illinois with valid Firearm Owner’s ID card (FOID) can now carry automatic knives (“switchblades”) in Illinois. Law abiding citizens are not defenseless if they know their rights and equip themselves within legal limits, which go far above and beyond bare hands.