Century Arms Announces Product Safety Warning & Severe Duty Upgrade Notice

Canik TP9 Series Pistols
This notice applies to Canik’s 9x19mm pistols: TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SFx, TP9SF Elite, TP9SF Elite-S. Canik’s other products are not subject to this notice.
Century International Arms
Century International Arms

Delray Beach, Fla. – -(Ammoland.com)- Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, announced today a Canik Product Safety Warning and Severe Duty Upgrade Notice.

This notice applies to Canik’s 9x19mm pistols: TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SFx, TP9SF Elite, TP9SF Elite-S. Canik’s other products are not subject to this notice.

All Canik pistols comply with and exceed current industry and military abusive handling standards. There are no safety concerns with the pistols when used under ordinary conditions.

Canik is committed to continuously improving its product’s performance. Evaluations and tests have shown that repeated abusive dropping of pistols may result in damage to safety features and unintentional discharge.


The product must be inspected by a qualified gunsmith or returned for inspection after any significant impact.

  • WARNING: REPEATED IMPACTS TO YOUR PISTOL TO TEST ITS SAFETY FUNCTIONS WILL DAMAGE INTERNAL PARTS, AND VOID ITS WARRANTY. Firearm abusive handling tests can be dangerous and should only be conducted by qualified individuals in controlled environments with proper safety precautions in place. Canik does not recommend that any customer conduct drop tests or other endurance tests before or after this Severe Duty Upgrade.

Canik is committed to manufacturing safe, reliable, innovative and affordable firearms. We are offering a voluntary upgrade to the trigger safety spring and firing pin block spring on the Canik models noted above. This is to further increase the safety of Canik pistols for enhanced drop discharge prevention in heavy/severe duty conditions that are beyond industry standards. The Severe Duty Upgrade does not alter any feature or design of the pistols. Canik will provide all parts and workmanship at no charge, but customers will be responsible for shipping costs.

Steps for upgrading your pistol? Our goal is to have the Severe Duty Upgrade process in place by Friday, September 8, 2017. After this date, please visit www.CanikUSA.com for complete instructions on how to receive your Severe Duty Upgrade.

About Century Arms

Born over 50 years ago with its roots in the surplus business, Century Arms has an extensive history of providing unique and affordable products to the American Collector, Hunter, and Target Shooter. That tradition is carried on today, with a state of the art manufacturing facility located in the U.S.A, as the company continues to offer unique, innovative, and quality products to the U.S. Consumer and U.S. Government.

For additional information on the Severe Duty Upgrade, visit www.canikusa.com.

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Jay in Florida

I sent mine in for the neck of it. Their fix has taken a great trigger and to WRECKED it. It’s gone from a nice 4ish pound pull to over 7 pounds!!!! In my opinion don’t send it in.
I’m hoping I can get an original spring back from Century somehow.


I dropped a loaded S&W 686 once. it took two minutes to fall from waist high, rotating very slowly.

Jerry Hofrock

Love my Canik, but also my SW (s), Taurus(s), Tanfoglio, SA (s), Beretta (s), Ruger (s), TriStar, ISSC (s), etc etc. 50 + years and I have fortunate enough to never drop or abuse any firearm. I plan on keeping it that way, would advise others to do the same. Canik does a great job of providing great value in a very good weapon. I appreciate that they are somewhat indemnifying themselves due to our overly litigious society, but I’ll bet their pistols hold up just as well as any other manufacturer could if someone was careless or uncaring enough… Read more »


How clumsy or dumb might one person be, that they drop the same pistol MULTIPLE times, without learning to be more careful. By the way, I was once disqualified in an IPSC match for a safety violation. Moving on damp grass, my feet went out from under me, I went up in the air, coming down on my behind. despite all this, I maintained possession of my pistol, which was loaded and cocked. Problem was the RO explained sort of apologetically, was that when I came to rest, more or less flat on my back, my pistol ended up pointed… Read more »


I own five tp-9 series pistols, and have put them all through the wringer without any problems. Some of the best pistols I’ve ever owned. I used to own Glocks, but am no longer a fanboy.


I own a Canik TP9SA it shoots more accurately and faster than any of my Glocks. With that being said I don’t carry the Canik daily for protection yet but with close to 2500 round through it to date no issues. As a gun shop owner I have sold and will continue to sell all models of the Canik with the confidence I have in their product and warranty. luckily I have never dropped my rifle or pistol ever, but if it were to happen inspection is always warranted, let alone doing it on purpose.


I have owned a Canik for several years and never had a problem with it. It has been a reliable and extremely accurate weapon. I would have no problems recommending it someone or buying another. Century Arms has done a great job with putting this out there and being proactive. It’s no different than the recent Sig scare.


In other words, someone probably threw the damn thing at a wall multiple times before having one round fire. I’ve seen countless abuse videos of the Canik pistol TP9 SA to be exact where it’s thrown around and even in mounds of hard dirt without an issue. This is basically Century Arms being proactive to further ensure the safety of their weapon system.


This sounds like the same issue with the voluntary recall of the Sig P320


@ Vans read the story as written, Says “repeated drop test” NOT normal duty.


Okay, fair point. What is repeated? Two, three? I’ll bet I can take a Glock, Beretta, H&K, CZ or just about any other make and repeatedly drop it and the internals won’t break. Your point may be valid but I won’t be buying one.


Yes. Glock had it’s own issues that was addressed in the second generation. Prior to that, you could fire the gun by striking it in the rear of the slide. The important factor is that they are moving quickly to fix the issue.

George Horne

I have a TP9SF that I have put at least 700 rounds through since I bought it about two months ago. Feels good, shoots good, accurate, and if you take care of you weapon, it will take care of you. I would buy Canik again and probably will.


This is a problem for anyone who does anything with this gun except take it to the range for target practice. Internal parts may “break” if dropped? For any gun owner I’ve ever encountered in my life this would be an immediate deal breaker. I’d be interested to hear the response to this simple question; being made aware of the statement issued by Century Arms, why would anyone purchase this firearm?


You don’t even have to drop a 1911 to have the extractor break. I’ve always relied on something they hammered into us in boot camp, “Don’t drop your weapon!” Any firearm is subject to damage if mishandled or abused. All guns should be treated with respect and handled with care.

Now call me names for stating the obvious.


Not the point. Guns get dropped, they get hard use. If they can’t stand it they’re not safe to put your life on the line with.


If you drop your weapon once or repeatedly then decide to go ahead and use it without inspecting it your an idiot and shouldn’t own a firearm until you actually know how to operate it


So they admit “All Canik pistols comply with and exceed current industry and military abusive handling standards. There are no safety concerns with the pistols when used under ordinary conditions.” But you need to do an upgrade to make it compatible for “severe duty.” Good thing I don’t anticipate having to do anything remotely MORE severe than what “MILITARY ABUSIVE HANDLING STANDARDS” would cover. On my second Canik now (a TP9SF) without any complaints whatsoever except for the utter absence of any ability to obtain replacement parts, barrel upgrades, better sights, etc. I might just do this to have newer… Read more »


Preppersgunshop website has threaded barrels for sell.


At least they are proactive about it and not claiming they instantly found a fix 2 days after it was determined there was a real issue. But added to my list of “never purchase used” pistols…just to be sure,


No matter what firearm I have, I would be concern about shooting it if I had dropped it!