Erik Paulsen Betrays Minnesota’s Gun Owners With New Gun Control Bill

Rep. Erik Paulsen
Rep. Erik Paulsen

Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

USA -( Congressman Erik Paulsen (MN-03, Republican) has signed on to a gun control bill being supported by the likes of F-rated California Senator Diane Feinstein.

When the bill text came out yesterday with the list of co-sponsors, I had to read it twice to believe it myself. But there is was. Congressman Erik Paulsen, an allegedly pro-gun Republican, signing on to Diane Feinstein's gun control bill.

While the bill hasn't been introduced yet, you can read the bill text online by clicking here.

As we said in our statement earlier this week: there is no gun control that would have stopped the tragedy in Las Vegas, and attempting to ban “bump stocks” is just the first step down a slippery slope to additional bans and regulation – all of which fall on Minnesota's law-abiding gun owners.

It doesn't matter who backs this legislation or if the NRA is in favor of it or not. Gun Control is not the answer!

Congressman Paulsen needs to hear a loud and clear message TODAY that his betrayal of Minnesota's law-abiding gun owners is not acceptable.


Contact Congressman Paulsen's DC Office at (202) 225-2871. Let them know you're disappointed in his co-sponsorship of gun control legislation and that you'll remember this in 2018 when the Congressman is up for re-election.

Contact Congressman Paulsen's Minnesota Office at (952) 405-8510. Share your message with his local district staff as well.

Send Congressman Paulsen a brief e-mail using his online form to reiterate your message.
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We need you as a part of our team, because we can't do this alone.

Join the more than one thousand members of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus TODAY.

Yours in Liberty,

Bryan Strawser

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About Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus:

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is a non-partisan, single-issue Minnesota nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to the full restoration of firearms freedoms in Minnesota. The Caucus is a IRS recognized 501(c)(4) organization. Learn more on their website.

  • 10 thoughts on “Erik Paulsen Betrays Minnesota’s Gun Owners With New Gun Control Bill

    1. He is getting a lot of heat in his rather conservative district for his support of Trump and until recently, his voting record against any gun control legislation.

    2. Just called wished him a happy retirement.. His Washington office like most MN reps and Senators staffed by snot nosed brats who think my gun rights are funny..

    3. The following is another reason to oppose all gun control: Holographic police response. Yep, the police higher-up bureaucrats are planning to send a hologram in response to requests for police assistance.
      Posted by Law Officer | Oct 6, 2017 | Exclusive, Technology

      Considering the impacts and challenges of reduced funding, rising personnel pension and medical costs, and the increased demand for service; holograms could be used in the foreseeable future by police agencies.  These holograms could provide the beginnings of a new, more efficient and cost effective way to supplement staff and deliver police services…”

    4. another EU sell out… this state is lost, cloning the California infection. they are all following the EU agenda. not the American constitution

    5. Put Eric on the pinko, votem out, rino list, and get rid of him. Obviously, since he’s forsaking his oath of office, he’s on some democ rat dirtballs payroll!

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