Slaughter of the Disarmed , This Time Egypt


Rawda, Egypt Terror Attack 2017
Rawda, Egypt Terror Attack 2017

Ft Collins, CO –-( “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you!” ~ Leon Trotsky

On Saturday, Islamic jihadis attacked a Mosque in the village of Rawda, Egypt massacring over 300 disarmed Sufi worshipers.

“Sufi” Islam is despised by ISIS, because it advocates at least a little tolerance of other religions.
Knowing that they had been targeted by ISIS, local Sufis (disarmed by governmental edict) erected sandbag barriers around their mosque, and nearby roads, in a vain effort to protect themselves.

Their efforts were pitifully futile!

A witness heard heavily-armed ISIS attackers (who apparently don’t worry about local gun laws) yelling: “Kill them all, young and old. Spare no one!”

They spared no one!


1) Sandbag barriers are no more likely to stop, nor even hinder, hideous/monstrous evil than are unarmed, so-called “security” guards, or signs that read, “Gun-Free Zone”

2) During a terrorist attack, anywhere in the world, VBEs (Victims, by Edict) are no less dead than are VBCs (Victims, by Choice). In most of the world, we have the former. In America, we have the latter.

In America, most citizens don’t have to be “voluntary victims,” [sorry NJ your lives are expendable] but many are, by choice, as noted above.

No matter the “category,” they’re all equally dead!

3) In a “gun-free utopia,” like Egypt, evil ever thrives! The innocent are routinely slaughtered. Protecting oneself with real guns is prohibited. “Not wanting to be a victim” is a crime!

The UK and most of Western Europe is scarcely any different, nor is NYC, NJ, CA, CT, anywhere liberals are in control.

4) There is no “good way” to be a victim! Victims are victims. Details are as insignificant as they are irrelevant.

Only non-victims, by choice, the armed and trained, have any control over their own fate!

5) Governments, and people in them, will predictably spare no expense in protecting themselves.

The rest of us are on our own, and always have been.

You’re going to have to learn to live with that!

“They’re not getting me without a fight!” ~ Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford) in the 1977 feature film “Star Wars, Episode 4, A New Hope”


Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

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4 years ago

Disarm citizens and allow terrorists to roam free. UK and the rest of the union are going to get what they deserve. Our liberals are just as stupid as those across the pond. None of them care how many lives are lost because of their stupidity. It would be a shame if terrorists took them out. Liberal thinking might change but then again I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Jim Marine #4 (@357mag22)
Jim Marine #4 (@357mag22)
4 years ago
Reply to  tomcat


Wild Bill
Wild Bill
4 years ago

@JM#4, Hmmm, let the moslems take over and kill the liberals or get rid of the moslems and put up with the annoyingly stupid liberals. That is a tough choice.