Circuit Court Clerk Machelle J. Eppes Not Doing Her Job Well…

ACTION ITEM for Prince Edward County members and readers.

Machelle J. Eppes Circuit Court Clerk
Machelle J. Eppes Circuit Court Clerk
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( One of our members and his wife in Prince Edward County, VA have had a ridiculously hard time handing over their CHP applications to the Circuit Court Clerk, Machelle J. Eppes. The member and his wife had to make multiple trips to get it done!

The problem is that they only accept applications during certain hours, but don’t say so anywhere. The office hours also seem fluid, with the member’s wife showing up early afternoon to find the office closed with no sign indicating why, or even when they would be back!

I could find NO information on applying for concealed handgun permits on the Clerk’s website. No procedures or times when an application can be turned in. You wouldn’t even know they processed CHP applications if all you saw was the website.

So I called and talked to the Clerk. She seemed totally unconcerned about the situation (I have a recording of the call, BTW). I explained that she should have something about how to apply for a CHP on her website AND she needs to post the times when they accept applications for processing on the website as well. I told her the other clerks posted information about CHPs on their websites.

She simply blew me off, the tone in her voice making it clear she wasn’t going to change anything. Very unprofessional.

Perhaps a little encouragement from our Prince Edward County members and readers would motivate her, as she is an elected official?

Call her and politely tell her that her website should clearly list the procedure for applying for a CHP and it should also show the hours that CHP applications are accepted.

Here is her contact information:

Machelle J. Eppes
111 South Street, 2nd Floor
Farmville, VA 23901
Phone: 434-392-5145

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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Time for the 90+ million gun owners to step up their game…


Darn straight!

Ricky Cutie

Pictures say alot – just saying


First thing I see is – Leftist turd, entitled moron, low IQ government employee, “victim”, BEHEMAH!

Michael Murphy

Move to Indiana! Local police or sheriff’s office willingly processes applications. I guess we have a “the more, the merrier!” attitude towards gun possession!


It’s not all that hard in Michigan either.

Scott Sagman

I called and suggested what you suggested in the article. The person that answered the call was very polite and professional. She stated that the hours were 8:00 am to 4:30 pm but that in order to get the paperwork done in time to try and get thee by 3:30 pm.

Scott Sagman

I called and suggested making the hours available a well as the procedures needed on the website and was told that it would be done. I was also told that the hours were basically 8:30 am to 4:30 pm but she suggested I get there by 3:30 pm in order to get ereryhting accomplished. I don’t know if this will happen but the person that answered the phone was very polite and professional…lets hope.

Glenn Crawford

Public servants can be replaced and applicants and others within that district should seek out the means necessary to do so.

The other Jim

Sounds like Circuit Court Clerk Machelle J. Eppes is suppose to be on the job from 8AM to 5PM and is just stealing her salary by not being on the job. She is not putting up an hours sign or when she will be back as she clearly doesn’t want anyone to know she is on personal business for almost her whole 8 hour work shift. Someone should run by her house during business hours and take some camera dated pictures of her car in her driveway, or maybe doing yard work or painting her house. Yes, with the business… Read more »

joe martin

Typical of many local political offices or appointees. Once in office, they act like a worthless hunting dog who won’t hunt and just sits on his ass and barks.

Missouri Born

Here in Missouri the county Sheriff is the person responsible for handing out CCW permits and their applications, I don’t under stand why a circuit clerk would have anything to do with the license as she isn’t a law enforcement official just a clerk for the circuit court of the state in that county. By the way the Sheriff is the person who has final say on issuing a CCW license and does the investigation of the person who has applied, sounds like Virginia needs to change their point of contact to the person who is the chief law enforcement… Read more »

Wayne Clark

Could it be that Missouri is a May Issue state? Here in TN, we file our applications through the DMV, pay at the DMV & they are mailed from the DMV. TN, like Virginia, is a Shall Issue state & the Sheriff has nothing to do with it. She’s just not doing her job she was elected to do. Hell, you can get a Virginia permit online! No need to see a clerk anyway.


Missouri are shall issue. My state is as well, and the sheriff’s department handles the whole process. State law mandates they mail the permit within 30 days of receipt of the complete application. I typically get mine within five business days, and it comes by mail!! Nxst state south, same story.


What is her email address?
And we will all help out.

Kevin Cote

There are laws that compel a ” Clerk” to accept at any time and any place any affadavit( application is considered an affadavit) from anyone.. They must accept ,provide a reciept and it is considered ” filed” at the point at which it is presented… Go to ”” and search ” clerk,” or filing papers with a clerk”. The caselaw is quoted along with a letter to present..She is afterall a ” public servant” YOUR PUBLIC SERVANT” !!!!!