NJ: Shaneen Allen’s Judge ONLY PERSON to get CCW Permit in County

ELITISM EXPOSED: Shaneen Allen’s Judge “ONLY PERSON” to get CCW Permit in Atlantic County
ELITISM EXPOSED: Shaneen Allen’s Judge “ONLY PERSON” to get CCW Permit in Atlantic County

New Jersey-(Ammoland.com)- For years we have stated that only politicians, judges and their friends can obtain conceal carry permits in New Jersey… and for years we have been told we are “paranoid” and only “specially trained” individuals like law enforcement officers are allowed that privilege.

Politicians like Loretta Weinberg have fought hard to keep permit holder information exempt from public records requests, probably to protect the identity of her friends, and maybe herself? Though we do not know who exactly the 1,274 that have received a conceal carry permit are, the admission of a prosecutor that Judge Michael Donio was the only non-police officer in Atlantic City to receive a conceal carry permit (ccw) is further evidence that we are, in fact, not paranoid nor wrong.

For over two years we have scoured through public records and went undercover to identify, document, and now expose those who are quick to deny us our constitutional right (while they simultaneously enjoy that same right). This elitist “good for thee, but not for me” mentality must end NOW!

To make matters worse, Judge Michael Donio didn’t find it “egregious” that prosecutors thought a single mother from crime-ridden Philadelphia, a victim of violence herself, would be a prime candidate to put in prison and made an example of. The hypocrisy and double standard is disgusting, and the snippet at the end of the video below speaks for itself.

Stay tuned as we release more undercover footage and continue the fight for your rights until National Reciprocity is the law of the land! If you’d like to support the work of NJ2AS, please consider joining or donating today by clicking here!

About the New Jersey Second Amendment Society:New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

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Re a pistol permit for the judge and hardly or actually nobody else, surprise, surprise, is anyone surprised?


REGARDING THE GUN GRABBERS If you were to threaten the gun grabbers with a civil war, very quickly they would break out their arsenal, an arsenal much like the ones they want to deprive you of. These Commie infiltrators need to be charged with TREASON, given an education on what the word “infringe” means, and then given their fair trial where all sorts of questions are asked. If it is found that they are acting on behalf of a fifth column intent on destroying the 2A for ulterior motives, which it sure seems like they are since they don’t give… Read more »


Imagine if NJ had a large demonstration of Civil Disobedience to kick off a campaign to get rid of these tyrannical anti-Constitutional laws. I had a dream that a million NJ gun owners formed a group, and at a specified time they all got a message on their phone to meet at a specific location where they could proudly march in unison with their weapons. Multiple locations with thousands marching were on the agenda until the Just-Us crowd got the message. There were large signs lambasting the tyrants, with pictures of them like you would see in a mug shot.… Read more »


Going back a while, Christene Whitman was governor as memory serves, the then commander of the N.J. State Police offered, during testimony before the stare legislature the following interesting point of view. He said, ” we don’t control guns, we control people .” This clown should have been fired immediately. He wasn’t which likely does not surprise anyone, or does it.


Putting the thing in somewhat blunt, but wholly understandable Kitchen Table English, the situation depicted
and the manner in which this lady was treated, notwithstandingher own mistakes, are the reason that I would not willingly urinate in New Jersey.

American Patriot

Seems like the perfect opportunity to use the race card (white judge-Black victim). You know if the tables were turned the libtards would be first to call out racism!


Another friggin TRAITOR exposed ? If he was charged and convicted, his black robes could be exchanged for black tar. I hear tell NJ has lots of TRAITORS sitting on the bench who would look good in tar. In fact, I hear they got a whole Mafia RICO agenda going, depriving law abiding citizens of their Constitutional rights, to which they swore an oath to uphold. Their hypocrisy is enough to make one puke. And not one of them is doing a damn thing to investigate the discovery of nanothermite and “WTC NUCLEAR CRATERS” within and under the jointly owned… Read more »


No, we don’t need national reciprocity we need to repeal all gun control. What part of “shall not be infringed” does NJ2AS not get?

The other Jim

Good work NJ2AS for exposing another Aristocrat, Judge Michael Donio who has great disdain for and regards the average law-abiding citizen as inferior and unworthy of life. As well as Ammoland for remembering NJ Senator Loretta Weinberg and the like…See Ammoland May 6, 2016.


Loretta Weinberg ? Isn’t she the wrench on the bench who accused the OATHKEEPERS as being terrorists, and had her friends at FAKE NEWS plaster the pic of NJ OATHKEEPERS standing in front of their billboard reminding persons to “Honor Your Oath” to the Constitution ? I suppose that to Libtards like Whine-Forever, just the thought of the Constitution would strike terror in her blackened heart.


If the people of NJ are this stupid then honestly they deserve what they get.


Ah, that judge was appointed, not elected. The people of NJ had no say what so ever. So idiots like yourself honestly deserve what they get.


They had some say over who appointed him, didn’t they?

RetMSgt in Pa.

New Jersey shares a border (the Delaware River) with Pennsylvania.

New Jersey – 1,274 carry permits
Population 21 or over – 6,436,959
Carry Rate – 0.0002%

Pennsylvania – 1,272,408 carry permits.
Population 21 or over – 9,594,961
Carry Rate – 13.3%


Here is an even funnier one in my town (DC):
registered firearms: 6,200
owners of registered firearms: 3,150
carry permits issued through Sept 2017: 147
carry permits pending and likely to be issued with “shall issue ruling): 1,200
Brady estimated gun ownership in DC: 25.9%
Population: 681,000
Legal gun possessors: 3,150
Criminal gun possessors: 170,000
ratio of illegal to legal possessors: 55:1
Yet DC spent millions blocking the 3,150 from getting carry licences even with training and background checks instead of worrying about the 1/4 of the city in illegal possession


Surprise, surprise. Who has been in control of local government in Washington D.C., and for how long?

Gala Poola

Just to be clear, NJ does not issue concealed carry permits. A common mistake since most have never seen one. We have a “pistol carry permit”. I imagine that since lawmakers made it impossible for little people to get one, there was no need for a distinction.