Secure Firearm Products Intros Toolhead Organizer & Improved Mover Target System

Secure Firearm Products (SFP)
Secure Firearm Products (SFP)

Carl Junction, MO –-( Secure Firearm Products (SFP) will unveil to shooters, the shooting Press, dealers and distributors, their new Toolhead Organizer (also known as the Heads UP Rack) and the improved Mover Target System at the upcoming Shot Show on January 23-26, 2018 (Booth # 2730).

Heads UP Rack:

One of the best inventions to come along in a long time that helps keep your Dillon 1050 reloading toolhead assemblies and conversion kits all in one convenient place. The Toolhead Organizer or Heads UP Rack mounts easily to your wall and frees up lots of space on your work bench! It is available in both a 3-post and 5 post models, and constructed of heavy duty 16-gauge aluminum. The Toolhead Organizer features Delrin Posts that won’t scratch, bind or seize onto the toolheads. All your caliber conversion kit boxes store easily below the toolheads!

If you already have a Dillon 1050 Toolhead Stand, it can be attached to the Toolhead Organizer instead of using the Delrin posts. All mounting screws are also included.

Mover Target System:

New and improved for 2018 is the SFP Mover Target System. The Mover/Track System now includes track that will not only accommodate cardboard targets, but just about any AR-500 steel targets, including AP-1, IDPA silhouettes, poppers, etc.

As always, the control box come preprogrammed for the NRA Bianchi Cup (Modified Mover Match) or the Texas Mover Match. It also has the availability for custom programmable speed that include running targets on tracks independently or simultaneously for more intense Tactical Training.

All the SFP Mover Target models are capable of being wired or operated wirelessly up to 1000+ yards.

Secure Firearm Products

The SFP Mover Target System is an extremely affordable Mover Target system for NRA Action Pistol Competitions, Law Enforcement and Military training, 3-Gun Shoots, IDPA and many other shooting fun and disciplines. It is constructed of heavy gauge welded galvanized steel in 80-inch lengths or custom lengths are also available.

With the SFP Mover Target System, there is NO need for a permanent installation foundation, and risers can be adjusted to compensate for unlevel/uneven ground!

For further information about the full line of Secure Firearm Products, go to the website at

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8 months ago

Great to learn about improved Movers Target system that has been enhanced lately.