Re-elect John L. Cushman to the 2018 NRA Board of Directors

John L. Cushman
John L. Cushman

USA – -( Your NRA Nominating Committee reviewed many incredible Board candidates and determined that John L. Cushman has the expertise, experience and courage needed to help lead us at this crucial time.

John has been on the Board for just over 20 years and has what it takes to continue to be of value to firearms owners and sportsmen – a strong and knowledgeable advocate for our firearms rights.

  • A true grassroots activist leader.
  • Member; Military & Veterans Affairs, Grassroots Development and Outreach Committees and NRA Whittington Center.
  • John Cushman is an active fighter for the Second Amendment and Current Board member.
  • NRA Benefactor member.
  • Life member and Board Member of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Former Board Member of the New York State Conservation Council for 20 years.
  • Former US Marine.
  • Active with NRA/ILA.
  • Created Legal Defense Fund to fight handgun licensing abuses.
  • Organizes and runs largest yearly Second Amendment Firearms Civil Rights Conference in the Northeast defending individual firearms civil rights and refuting anti-gunners such as Schumer and Clinton.
  • Defends individual firearms rights on radio, television and print.
  • Inducted into NY State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame and Honored by NYSRPA as Man of the Year 2016.
  • Wrote authoritative policy statement used by outdoor writers and politicians nationwide defending semi-automatic firearms.

The NRA has a track record of winning! We must keep the same team that led us to victory by electing president trump and witnessing the confirmation of justice Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court and John is part of that team.

Please consider voting for John when you get your NRA 2018 ballot in the mail.

  • 33 thoughts on “Re-elect John L. Cushman to the 2018 NRA Board of Directors

    1. Nothing against John, but Adam has used the internet wisely to truly show is pro 2A freedoms. I support Adam Kraut and if you do not know his platfrom and profreedom stance please find his website online or watch the Gun Collective channel on YouTube.

    2. I regret giving the nra my money for a lifetime membership. I feel that these guys and gals should have term limits. Same with all politicians. Out with the old in with new.

      1. @PG, My contributions will go to GOA, CCRKBA, JPFO, and TSRA from now on, BUT, having paid for the right, I am going to vote in the NRA BoD election, and all future elections. Boy, am I going to vote!

    3. Seems the same comments coming from the same folks hiding, most of them, behind fake names. If you are afraid to publicly speak, and handle what comes, you should not speak. If you do speak, while hiding, you are without honor and a coward. I am Ed Williamson of Heiskell, Tennessee and I cover the ground I stand on. Do you?

    4. The NRA board is in the same boat as our federal congress. It is time to roll the old timers out in the street and get some progun people to try and bring the NRA back to center.
      Vann40’s question didn’t get answered and Wild Bill’s statement is very true. Where has this guy been for the the last 20 years while our gun rights keep slipping away.
      Next behind regaining 2A rights is the outlandish salaries LaPiere and the others are taking from the citizens that keep this organization afloat. I am not saying they should work for nothing but let’s use a little reality here.

    5. is he one of the one selling us out to the atf’s latest ! Money greedy , do Lillte for the local states fights, nra lol. I wouldn’t vote for anyone who been there for 20 yrs of back sliding, atf kissing old guard rejects!

    6. To all of you who are so willing to campaign for Mr. Cushman and criticize those of us who ask questions, I have to wonder why Mr. Cushman needs surrogates to speak for him and why he can’t simply answer the question I posited earlier? This has now turned into accusing those who have questions of somehow not being loyal or questioning what they have done for RKBA Rights, as if this were a scoreboard and we’re keeping a running tally. It is not. We are the members who fund the organization with our hard earned dollars. Start remembering that without us NRA/ILA ceases to exist, they simply blow away like dust in the desert.

      Some of us started working RKBA issues in our teens and early 20’s, became Instructors, have written more letters to the editor (and had them published nationwide) than you’d be able to count. We’ve been on countless radio talk shows, debated antigun politicos and anti-gun organizers (Mike Beard for one).

      So, trying to divert attention away from the real issue is a nice ploy but most of us have seen it before and it doesn’t fare very well. Let Mr. Cushman and every other candidate speak for themselves, and I don’t mean a prepackaged bio, we’re way past that. If he wants gun owners votes he’s going to have to answer some very tough questions or he’ll be passed by the same as the history passed by the pony express.

    7. Yes twenty years of more gun control but WHERE THE H— HAVE YOU AND YOU AND YOU been Just look at all those anti gun people that got voted into office If you did NOT vote you have no one to blame but your self .

    8. To all of you so call GUN PEOPLE, Have you ever met John If you have not, SHUT-UP I do not see YOU out there fighting to protect YOUR right to have or carry a firearm . If you think you can do a better job than get out there and do something . I don’t see to many of you ,who are always crying about MORE GUN CONTROL Doing much about it .I know John and anytime something about gun control comes up ,you can bet JOHN L WILL be there to fight for your second amendment rights. WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?????????

    9. John Cushman has more energy in his little finger than most people half his age. To say we’re fighting on the front lines of 2nd A. freedoms would be an under statement. Under the shadow of NYC we’re fighting surrounded, & behind enemy lines and we’re holding our own. While the younger ones are at work earning a living & supporting their families, we retired older members are attending every town, county, state, & federal hearings on bad legislation, stepping up to the podium mike & voicing sound opposition and winning. We usually out number the opposition 10 to 1. Go back & read his accomplishments again. This guy works non-stop.

    10. John is a true and consistent fighter for the 2nd. I have known him for many years and know him to be a hard working and determined fighter. Whatever you may think of NRA internal politics, do not disparage John. He has worked hard and effectively for us. Just read his resume! John Cushman continues to deserve his BOD seat.

      Some talk, others work. John WORKS.

      Ed Williamson
      Benefactor Member, former EVC Tennessee 2nd & 3rd Congressional Districts and former recipient of NRA-ILA Volunteer Of The Year Award, member JPFO and 2nd Amendment Foundation. Retired USN CPO.

      1. The only question that he needs to answer: Will he publicly say that NRA’s remarks on “Bump Fire” stocks were wrong, do not reflect his beliefs and do not, in any way serve the interests of gun owners or the Right to Keep and Bear Arms?

        Simple question, requiring a simple answer. Bonus points for adding that Marion Hammer was totally out of line in her comments and he disagrees with her.

        Silence here speaks volumes. If you have nothing to hide make your position clear.

          1. @Ed, What you suggest would not be good opsec. One should never put one’s information out into cyberspace. There are people that can piece together enough information to steal another person’s financial identity. If your name is really Ed Williamson, then using your real name is a huge mistake.

          2. Ed: Some of us used to or still work for organizations that, if our real names were used, would compromise their security or ours. We also don’t allow our real ISP’s to be shown. It has nothing to do with whether we’re telling the truth or ashamed of what we say.

          3. Mr. Williamson: TennX makes a good point but there’s more here that I believe all have missed and that is what you’re doing, or I should say attempting to do. The subject is not what name we write under. If you wish to have a column on that I suggest you write one and submit it to Ammoland. What you’re trying to do is divert attention away from the true topic at hand, John Cushman, his background, qualifications and history with the NRA. Whatever name people write under is irrelevant to the questions or comments made. Why would you attempt such a diversionary tactic? Why wouldn’t you want Mr. Cushman to answer direct questions? If you’re such a supporter and so convinced of his qualifications I’d think you’d be encouraging him to answer all of our questions as quickly as possible. And yet not only have you not done that, you’ve tried to obfuscate the entire issue by raising a false flag.

            We now await not only Mr. Cushman’s answers but your explanation as well.

            As a PS: to answer your previous question, I’m not running for the Board so, as to why I use a pseudonym, it’s none of your business.

        1. If you have nothing to hide state your real name. Silence does speak volumes, especially from you and others who hide behind fake names. It is easy to be keyboard hero.

            1. I almost said the same thing. With the resources available to some of us we could list a lot more. Of course we wouldn’t but it shows the fallacy of his statement. No one wants their personal information on the Internet unless they’ve been in a cave for the last 30 years or are a complete idiot.

    11. Quit voting the same characters in and expecting different results. If he supported banning bump stocks then we need new blood. Look at how these guys vote and get real pro2A people in. (Like Adam Kraut)
      We keep giving up on issues and getting nothing in return, like the case with bump stocks. They will get banned and we will get nothing in return except another restriction.

    12. The same NRA that wants the atf to be able to regulate ( ie illegally legislate with no Constitutional authority) bump stocks and binary triggers?

    13. Mr Cushman has been on the BoD for twenty years. Twenty years of more and more gun control. The unconstitutional NFA of 1934 and the GCA of 1968 still exist. I think that he has had his chance.

      1. YUP, New blood is sorely needed. Time to STOP the seven and six figure income slobs in charge, giving away the store.

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