Sen. Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill, Raises Age to Buy Rifle to 21

Gun Banner Dianne Feinstein
Gun Banner Dianne Feinstein

U.S.A.-( Everyone's favorite gun-grabbing Senator, Dianne Feinstein, is back at it again with more anti-gun legislation. This time she is using the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida to push her political agenda on the American Public.

A gun free zone and high school in Parkland, Florida was a recent scene of a mass shooting carried out by a mentally disturbed man named, Nicholas Cruz. The FBI was tipped off about Cruz's plan to execute a mass shooting at the school, but they failed to act on the information. Police took Cruz into custody after he killed 17 of his former classmates.

Sen. Feinstein (D-Ca) from San Franciso has said she is going to introduce a bill in the Senate that would raise the age to purchase a rifle from 18 years old to 21 years old. The 18-year-olds, who serve in the military, will still be able to carry a gun in combat. They just will not be allowed to buy one when they return home from protecting our freedom from the people that want to kill us.

“Under current law, licensed gun dealers cannot sell a handgun to anyone under 21, but they are allowed to sell assault rifles like the AR-15 to anyone over 18,” Feinstein said of the current laws. “This policy is dangerous and makes absolutely no sense.”

Feinstein demonstrated in her statement that she doesn't understand what constitutes an assault rifle. An assault rifle is a heavily regulated select fire firearm that cost thousands of dollars. Private collectors cannot buy any assault rifles made after 1986. The AR15 is not an assault rifle and is not a select-fire rifle.

It is undetermined if Feinstein calling an AR15 an assault rifle is a mistake, or if she was making an attempted to fool the general public. Since she has to know her bill will not make it out of committee, this could also be an attempt to satisfy the far left wing of the Democratic party.

“If you can't buy a handgun or a bottle of beer, you shouldn't be able to buy an AR-15,” Feinstein went on to say. “This is common sense, and I hope my Republican colleagues will join me in this effort.”

What Feinstein doesn't explain is how it isn't “common sense” to know that criminals don't obey the laws. Murder is already illegal so if a person already violates one of the ten commandments and something that is illegal in every country in the world why would they obey gun laws? Wouldn't it be “common sense” that these evil people wouldn't follow the law?

This bill isn't the first time Senator Feinstein exploited a tragedy to push her far left anti-gun agenda. After the Las Vegas shooting in October, where Stephen Paddock killed over 50 people, she introduced the “Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act.” This act would have banned bump stocks. It never made it out of committee.

Undeterred by her repeated failures a month later she introduced a so-called “assault weapons ban.” This bill would have banned cosmetic features on firearms as well as imposing a magazine size limit which would prohibit any magazine that holds over ten rounds. According to the Clinton era justice department, the Bill Clinton assault weapons ban had little to no effect. Once again this bill also died in committee.

The bill will be dead on arrival, but Feinstein will continue to push her anti-gun agenda. Dianne Feinstein has ignored the mental health issues that have been at the root of every one of these mass shootings. Feinstein seems to be using the NRA as her boogyman to raise money.

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John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

  • 97 thoughts on “Sen. Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill, Raises Age to Buy Rifle to 21

    1. Lance, it could be like it is in my state, where one must be 21 to purchase a handgun from and FFL, but only 18 to possess it or buy it privately. This also allows transfers between people, friends, family, etc., as long as the person in possession of the firearm isn’t a prohibited person. Also, there is no age limit when one is on private property, or while hunting with a person of age.

    2. My first question to this proposal is what will the government do about those 18-20 year olds that already own an AR15 or an AK-47? A conservative guess would be 100,000 or more young people currently own these types of firearms. Does Feinstien think they’ll be able to confiscate those without any resistance? If this were passed, I suspect there would be an extremely large increase in sales prior to enactment. Same thing with a ban.

    3. This just in: ” Sen. Dianne Feinstein failed to win the official endorsement of the California Democratic Party as she seeks her fifth term in Washington…” Turmoil in the Democrat party? Diane not liberal enough to overcome her “whiteness”? The minorities and illegal aliens prove prejudice against a white woman liberal? Victim of her own “No borders/white people are bad/ Socialist” politics? Will the DNC put the fix in for Diane, like they did for hiLIARy, against the wishes of the CDP?

      1. @ Wild Bill

        Thanks for the Great News !!!

        Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving statist hag,hopefully it will spread to a certain Commifornia congress Hag also.

        1. @W. Bill I heard that yesterday and she was running her mouth but I didn’t hear what she was saying but she didn’t look too happy. Somebody is looking to take out the trash or turn the dem. party into something Perez would like.
          Another item, did you hear about the red flag law they are trying to pass that means automatic confiscation of your guns if you are deemed mentally incompetent. I’m not sure what article of the Constitution that would fall under but I’m sure you would know.

    4. ok, then make everyone minors till they are 21. None of this halfway stuff. no draft registering, no military service, no smoking, no guns. Children till they are 21.

      1. And by gosh if they are not accountable enough or adult enough then they for damned sure are not qualified to vote. The majority of our problems goes back to lowering the voting age.

    5. With her finger on the trigger, and blood on her hands, Feinstein has profited from the death of Moscone. Continued to climb the political ladder by stepping on the lives of preborn babies, grabbing guns along the way. There is no extend to the evil deeds she is willing to commit to justify her political motives.

    6. Conroe – What about driving license? Voting? Joining the military? Careful where you start, you may not like where you end up!

    7. I find it hard to take issue with raising the age for purchasing a long gun from 18 to 21. There should be an exception for those who serve or are serving in the military.

      And while they’re at it, how about raising the age for drinking and voting to 21.

      1. Why not the same age one must be to become president? While we are at, we can use the same requirements required for president, and the same process. You need a majority of the Electoral College to vote for your right to own each and every firearm you want to acquire – we want it to be a fair process, right? Then you may only get one every 4 years, and no more than two. Who needs more than that? You don’t want to have an arsenal, right? And you only have two hands. Oh, and only one bullet, without the case, for each firearm, but without the powder and primer in the case, explosives are dangerous, you might hurt yourself or someone else. We don’t want that to happen.

    8. Feinstein has that AK done up like a Thompson sub (notice the circular mag and her in pinstripes with her finger on the trigger) to fool the masses into thinking the semiauto is really an auto and only criminals (think Ma Barker or Bonnie and Clyde) would have one. What masterful spin she gives her side of the argument. I hope the NRA can combat this crap with reason and their own spin. How about an armed teacher initiative and police officers on-site, that might deter armed, mentally ill, homocidal criminals from invading our schools. Raising the age to own a rifle of any kind is just foolish twaddle from make-work elected representatives who are only worried about keeping their power.
      I owned my first rifle at 14 and my first shotgun at 18, but didn’t buy my first pistol until I was 54. Now, I feel I need to carry to protect myself or others against criminals who seem so prevalent in our deteriorating country. If teachers want to carry concealed in schools to help protect our children against criminals who intend them harm, I fully support that kind of initiative. Give them training and a duty weapon and extra pay as police auxiliary, totally on a voluntary basis; I wouldn’t want unwilling teachers as they would likely be worse than useless.
      Just my 2¢…

      1. I got my Marlin 30-30 at 11 years old, been killing deer ever since. I heard a quote from a Montana Democrat Senator that I have more guns than I need but not all I want. Perfect quote. As all knows guns are not the problem as I am in my 60’s and have never wanted to shoot up a bunch of people, people who use a gun for a purpose that it is not intended is the problem, regulate them, not us hunters and shooters alike.

    9. Dont forget that no matter what we do to appease the public at large. And how much we give in. Our Constitution is eroding every year. The new society of today calls for new changes and they have no clue to how it will effect there own future. Yes they have no clue what it is to have a gun free america. We will all be subject to all those who take over our way of life. And then they will realized what they have given up. U young folks out there please study up on past histories of those nations that gave up their arms and sovereignty and they will have no rights to protect then selves from those who will keep them in bondage and against there will. Please wake up to your own destruction.

      1. well.

    10. Feinstein raises AGE to purchase gun and no change to die for your country in the military. No action on mandating required brain function for U S Senators.

    11. Background check is only a snapshot in time, the time it is completed. Afterwards you are free to become a criminal, homicidal maniac or continue to be a law abiding citizen.

    12. How far back into the photo archive did they go for that picture of ‘Lady Di Fi’? Must have been an attempt to blunt public opinion that the Democrat Party is the party of “rich angry old women who want to rule your life” ALA Hillary?

    13. Wow what an Old Pic, I think you could have found a newer one. Anyway people, I have been a gun owner for 57 years, a hunter, a shooter, and I have carried for close to 40 years. I have seen Gun Control since the late 60s, and guess what, A. they really did not hurt me much, B. I do not think they did any good, and C. they have all been repealed since. Today I own overs 230 firearms, 98% are Shooters, and I am buying some more, yet I think we need to Try Some-Thing as what we are doing Ain’t Working. Man Up and offer some ideas. Me, I say start teaching Self Defense and Attack instead of standing around at the Age Of Five. I am 111% Serious. I have 4 and 5 year old Grand Buds, yes I will teach them to shot, and Yes I already have 3 firearms for each of them once they reach the Age Of Majority, That is if some Nut with gun dosen’t End Their Sweet Young Lives. I have been on the business end of a couple of Cop Guns all in their errror, and I am glad they didn’t feel threatened as that give them the right to shoot me. I say if they have that Right, We should All have the same right, but I digress. Teach them at 5 not to stand there and get killed but Attack. That is Better Then What WE are doing now, ain’t it?? I also am willing and able to be trained properly (not by some x militarily guy that has forgot the rules of combat), and once properly trained I will glad spend 5K for what ever they think I need before I start Patrolling The Halls of the School. Now I am already self trained, but more will never hurt, and I really don’t need much equipment, but knowing our DA Government they will want a bunch of crap and always the best. Man Up and Do Some-Thing.

      1. Feinstein in true liberal manner proposes a useless bill; she wants 21 as the age to buy a rifle. The liberals know their proposals are foolish. The liberals will try anything to put their foot in the door. Her next proposal will be some other, older arbitrary age, & so on. Don’t give in to the liberals’ useless proposals. They have an ulterior motive, & that is to take all firearms out of the hands of all civilians permanently.

      2. @Dave Brown, You claim to have over 230 guns, but think that gun control has not hurt you? FFL fees alone have hurt you. As to “…I think we need to Try Some-Thing as what we are doing Ain’t Working.” Yes, we need to stop blaming inanimate objects and punishing law abiding people. We need to discover the real causes and address those.
        Our progenitors knew how to identify criminals and how to insure that those criminals never committed crime again. They did it cheaply, effectively, and provided vivid instruction to other potential criminals.

    14. I see that D.F. knows VERY little about guns . Look close at the photo and you will see that in the room packed with people She ( D.F.) holds a AK-47 WITH HER FINGER ON THE TRIGGER. Stupid as stupid can get.

    15. If you are old enough to be drafted, you are an adult. Adults have no business attending high schools. Reduce High School to a three year education cycle.

      1. If you can’t be trusted with a rifle at 18 then you can’t be trusted to vote. Repeal the 26th amendment and raise the age back to 21, or STFU.

        1. @ Wild Bill,I was 17 when I went into the USAF but had to get my parents consent to apply for OCS. I could have been killed during several situations including the Berlin Wall, not to mention the Cuban Crisis where we were loaded on board an aircraft issued 30 caliber carbines and 2 bandoliers of ammo and not told where we were going. But I had to have Mommy and Daddy’s permission to apply for OCS. Makes as much sense now as it did then. Not.

          1. @Bill N, There appears to be another Wild Bill (or wild bill) out there! The one that you are replying to uses all lowercase and one word. I, myself, also had to get parents permission. Best thing I ever did!

    16. William, why 21? Why not 35, or 50, or 75? How old was that Vegas shooter? Setting an abitrary limit for legal ownership does not keep us safe and does prevent those who mean to do harm from breaking laws and doing harm.

      Murder is illegal, bringing firearms onto school property is illegal. Many drugs are illegal, yet bans have proven to never be effective. Do juveniles that commit armed robbery obtain their weapons legally? Aren’t they already banned from obtaining and possessing firearms? Isn’t committing armed robbery also illegal?

    17. So, I hate to be the only skunk at the party, but I believe the age to buy a SEMIATOMATIC rifle should be raised to 21. They are at least as dangerous to young people as beer, which we restrict to 21+. Let them hunt and target shoot with bolt action, lever action and pump action. Those guns are well suited for sporting purposes. I own two AR15s but purchased them as an adult for family protection. Let their raging hormones calm before over arming the school children and teens.

      1. I am sure that others will find fault, however, I find your logic acceptable. I have ridden motorcycles for over 40 years, but my opinion is that no one should own one until at least 25 years old. The younger the person, many times the lack of common sense. Just look at the statistics on automobile accidents by those under 25. That’s why insurance companies charge them so much. Still, when a person is mentally ill, it doesn’t matter how old they are. And when it comes to common sense, just being an FBI decision maker doesn’t guarantee a person qualified.
        Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just sit around and write about how things should have been done.
        And here is a thought, how many times has the government really fixed something by passing a law that did not prove to cause 2 other problems that they didn’t foresee.

      2. Comment…Once again a caring parent providing proper supervision at younger ages will trump all age restrictions.
        If you can’t accept the responsibility don’t produce the offspring.

        1. Exactly. I think we need an age restriction on having children. & you should have to pass a minimum IQ test & take drug tests. You’d then get a license like a DL that needs to be renewed periodically.
          Of course I’m only joking…partially anyway.

          1. @Wzrd…Yes sir I have to say both my son and daughter have never given me reason to regret. No I did not start them out with semi-auto’s , but I found on both motor cycles and fire arms we had no one else’s bad habits to break. No I didn’t start them out with a race bike or road bike, Trials Bikes are low speed off road bikes but require skill to master.

    18. Any one even consider the carnage that shooter with a high capacity 9mm or .40cal. hand gun would cause? Harder to spot a hand gun, almost as much ammo as an AR15? Much more easily concealed? How much time does it take to change mags? Makes me shudder to even think of such things.

      1. @Bill N. – Hand guns already account for more murders that rifles! Doesn’t change the fact that a mentally ill person will find some way to commit his murders!

      2. @Bill N., These school shooting malcontents are learning from Hollywood and video games, thus they do not know about more effective weapons. Think of the carnage if they used an ordinary shotgun on a crowded hallway. I think that we should concentrate on the type of people that would commit crime rather than inanimate tools.

        1. @Wild Bill, You are absolutely right. Too much yap on “assault rifles”. One thing we must not forget, back ground checks are only as good as the information fed into the computer. Oh yeah, I don’t need the trolls to tell me what “AR” means.

    19. The woman in the red scarf is like “OMG I hope it’s not loaded if this crazy bitch pulls the trigger just to hear the click”.

    20. I know a lot of people that have guns and not one of them has the one she is holding in her hands. When she stops “grandstanding and becomes reasonable, maybe then she will be taken seriously. Only a museum in CA where she lives could maybe get that one she has. Come Diane, come into the real world.

    21. FYI-Feinstein has a concealed carry permit (maybe) and carries a concealed handgun, and has armed LEO’s as bodyguards. I work with someone that was on her security detail, and she would hand her firearm to one of the LEO’S before going onstage to give a speech.
      Let’s just get rid of all firearms and make it illegal to own, possess, manufacture, distribute or otherwise possess any firearm, or parts thereof, except on military bases. No public citizens, LEO, or federal agents will be allowed to possess or carry a firearm. This would include all security for Congress and the President. Mandatory 25 years in federal prison. It’s they only solution that I can think of that might work. I’ll give up mine when Congress and the President give up their’s.

      1. Well, that’s even better! I see that all that “training” she got in her California concealed carry course that’s supposed to be so far superior to all other states (according to the 60 minutes report on conceal carry reciprocity) has served her well in the gun safety department. What a joke.

      2. you forget that military personnel ,by oblamo executive order aren’t allowed to carry on base anymore .so, that leaves just the feds ie.dhs,fema(part of dhs) , and the other alphabet agencies with guns and guess what happens next.all those fema concentration camps will be in use

    22. Now come on guys she is a expert LOL we all know what a coffee cup is used for = we all know what cold and hot is =when she talks about her mass knowledge of assault weapons, she claims to be expert in the field, few years back on one of her big push’s to have guns confiscated, in a hearing in congress or senate , a news guy was questing her about weapons and parts , he asked her what a heat shield is and its use ?????? she mumbled and looked at him with a simple statement of= part of the problem or some slide type answer !!! When the guy asked the 2nd time , same side step , he then asked the third time and she became frustrated and admitted SHE HAS NO IDEA OF WHAT A HEAT SHEILD IS USED FOR ON ASSULT WEAPONS !!! Feinstein should be Called Frankenstein !!!!

      1. @ NO1LOCATOR

        “Feinstein should be Called Frankenstein !!!!”

        Fineswine or Frankenstein,ether is appropriate for the petty tyrant.

    23. A picture is worth a thousand words…let’s take a look. #1 – We have Diane holding the rifle with her finger on the trigger and #2 Who is to the right of her, where that barrel thingy is pointed. I do believe I see someone in a dark shirt, looks to be seated, with his/her right arm right below the barrel. Almost looks like the firearm is pointed directly in to his/her chest/face. And here in lies the problem…it is this type of person, one who clearly has no experience with firearms or firearm safety that are making these laws for us.

      1. So true, that’s the first thing that I seen in the picture, her finger on the trigger. (1) You never put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to shoot. (2) a gun is always loaded. Clearly she isn’t responsible enough to have a gun.

      1. laddyboy = same for me ,my post is not showing up , but right after making the post I got hit with pc problems , had to go to check disk in command prop to get back on line !

    24. AK47 or AR15 they are big scary guns to her so she wants to do away with them.
      How about we do away with the so called gun free zones so the bad guy doesn’t have a clear killing field.
      The liberals won’t admit that it’s the user who kills people not the guns fault.

    25. And so the legal age to vote for these libtards should also be raised to 21 since most kids in high school and taught that they have to vote for Liberal Democrats because most teachers are.

      1. just look at the picture, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Waving the gun around with her finger on the trigger……………

        1. Wait a minute!!
          I thought there is a push to keep guns out of the hands of mentally impaired people!!!
          What’s she doing with one??!!!

      2. Good point.
        Require Kalifornastan to obey the Laws-of-the-Land. Otherwise, charge, arrest and prosecute the governmental administrators for DISOBEYING the LAW.

    26. Stupid bitch does not even know enough to keep her finger off the trigger and she is introducing gun safety bills obviously she knows nothing about firearms.

    27. Well, she’s worried that they might attack the lack of adequate and timely mental health treatment, and of course, if we do start to confine and treat our mental health folks we will lose half of the legislature…..
      BTW why is she not in handcuffs????

    28. Raise the age, these are not the same kids that we were in our teens. Also cut out the violent games, movies these kids watch. Parents spend more time parenting and less time on your cell phone. Law makers and Judges use the laws and let them work. Stop making metal health private.

      1. @ john
        Are you going to take little Johnny’s place in the Military ?
        Little Johnny joined up at 18 Now he can’t be there doing
        his job.
        If your going to own it go to both ends of the extreme before
        saying something that must not happen.
        By the way I did enlist at 17 and did my job !

        1. I agree. Remember the part of the song that went “old enough to kill but not for voting’? I believe the song was titled ” Eve of Destruction”. Think the year was around 1961. The 21 age limit was changed just for that reason. Don’t remember the year it was changed. I do remember being in Vietnam and not old enough to vote or legally buy a beer in the states. The “World” as we called it then. They did let us buy 3.2 beer on base while we were in training. Now he suggests we raise the age so “Johnny” becomes an outsider once again? It’s bad enough when “Johnny” comes home and he/she joins the ranks of Vets now being labeled as possible “terrorists”. Yet we would join “Johnny” in a minute if we still were able to.

      2. If an 18 year old isn’t responsible enough to buy a rifle then he’s not responsible enough to vote. Repeal the 26th Amendment and raise the voting age back to 21. Otherwise, STFU.

    29. Sen. Dianne Feinstein one of the first rules of safety is to get your finger off of the bang switch aka trigger until you are ready to use it. See the picture

      1. That’s the first thing I noticed! If she doesn’t know the first thing about gun safety, how can she be proposing gun safety legislation? If I were at her little lecture, I would have been tempted to call 911 and report a crazy women with an “assault rifle”.

    30. Isn’t she breaking the law having that there?
      Anyway yeah this will probably pass. It sucks but I can see it passing.

    31. Here again is another nit wit gun law from a nit wit idiot gun grabbing person who is guarded by the Secret Service who carry guns. Does she really think by passing this bill it is going to make a difference. I think not if some one under the age of 18 wants a gun bad enough they will get it;. Okay you government idiots with this bill and other laws and bill that tell 18 years old who by there laws are concedered ADULTS AND CAN GO FIGHT IN THE MILITARY WHO BY THE WAY YOU GOVERNMENT IDIOTS CARRY GUNS YOU NOW CAN NOT OWN ONE THEN IT IS TIME YOU PASS A LAW YOU HAVE TO BE 21 TO JOIN UP. COME ON COMMON FOLK WE NEED TO SEND A MESSAGE VOTE THESE ASSHOLES OUT.

      1. And does she really think even if this law would’ve kept the gun from Cruz that he wouldn’t have used some other means. Or he’d have just waited till he was 21 to commit the crime. He’s 19, it’s less than 2 years till he’d be able to buy it. He was obviously mentally disturbed. Another law by an idiot politician proving they know nothing. Knee-jerk reactions making laws trying to address the specific, unique circumstances of each individual crime is just stupid.

    32. HEY ! Look It’s MA BARKER Herself !
      Finger on the trigger just itchen to squeeze off a few .
      Ya Know ,,, Bust a Cap Up in Here.!

      What Brain Child Put a Weapon in Her Hands Anyway ???
      That’s the one who ya need to check out

      1. One must remember that ‘d.feinstein’, “NO GUN FOR THEE, ONLY ME”, the Chief of Police of D.C. and the Police “friends” who BROKE Washington D.C. laws with semi-automatic rifles, which were transported into and then out of D.C., when they were making their anti-gun spiel in Washington District of Corruption.
        No charges were ever brought against them for these ILLEGAL ANTI-LAWFUL action.
        DOUBLE STANDARDS ANYONE?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. Ms. Feinswine’s tyranny no’s no bounds, she continually introduces one civilian disarmament scheme after another year after year,anything to further the Infringement agenda.

    34. The real startling issue here is her continued re-election by the voters. She is a testament to how incredibly ignorant there are there.

    35. Member of NRA SINCE 1983 I AGREE THE AGE SHOULD BE RAISED not all kids have guidance in their lives to make the correct choices like respect life and work through their problems but have ALL of the exposure to the dark things in this immoral world we live in. The school failed the local PD failed FBI failed, 21 year age law would have stopped it. If you think otherwise you are a fool. I’m not alone in this l, but you may be.

      1. You think it would have stopped this? You are sadly mistaking. This mentally ill individual would have found a way to arm himself or use explosives and kill even more people. You would not have stopped him with a feel good gun law.. Isn’t murder against the law? Did that stop him? You are the fool if you think a new law would have stopped this.

      2. I don’t totally disagree, but… 21 year age limit MIGHT have stopped it if he hadn’t been able to access a gun illegally, or had he not used some other means to commit the crime. Are you including ALL guns in your under 21 ban? The article states it applies to rifles but doesn’t mention specific rifles (rimfire, bolt action) or shotguns. If it doesn’t include those then they’d be at his disposal. OR he’d just wait until he was 21 to buy the rifle of his choice & commit the crime less than two years from now (he’s 19). Or are we assuming he’d have a criminal record by that point that would disqualify him because he was obviously mentally disturbed & violent. There’s a lot to consider in these situations which is exactly why the immediate politicizing & rushing to just “do something” doesn’t work. Also, gun laws written by those who’re completely uneducated on firearms do not work.

      3. You have opened your mouth and have proven to the world that YOU ARE THE FOOL.
        There is only one reason, according to the FOUNDING FATHERS, to restrict an American Citizen from possessing a weapon.
        That reason is when an individual is WANTON TO HARM OTHERS.
        This was proven by the TERRORIST(s) who murdered 17 innocent souls in Florida.
        POLITICS of the anti-gunners did not allow the information to be passed onto the correct LAW ENFORCERS.
        Also, much of the blame falls upon the STATE and institutions which do not allow their Citizens to DEFEND themselves inside of “gun free zones”.

      4. Bill Kaz, it’s not like we don’t read the news daily about juvenile criminals armed with handguns. They obviously did not obtain nor use those legally, but you believe raising the legal age to purchase a rifle would work? I don’t know about your state, but mine allows possession of handguns at 18 years old, though not eligible for CC, and an 18 year old is legally allowed to obtain a handgun through a private sale, not just given one by a family member. Also, juveniles are allowed to possess and/or have title of firearms in Virginia under other certain circumstances, such as for target shooting/practice, hunting, etc., and in homes and private property of the guardian/parent or if granted by the owner of other private property, etc.

        Regardless, improper use is still illegal. Murder has always been illegal, and it used to have the backing of the death penalty. However, murders occurred even then. The threat of punishment does not prevent crimes, otherwise we wouldn’t need a justice system to punish those that break laws, we’d only need laws.

      5. I agree with you, 21 or older for anything bigger than a 22LR unless you are former or current military. These shootings need to stop or the antigun groups are going to win big one day and none of us will own an AR style weapon. This is not a fluke it is happening with too much regularity. We have a responsibility to work with others to find some solutions to this growing problem. You can not keep pretending that muttering about the 2nd crap we need to do something. I know that this will not solve all the problems we face but it is worth talking about. If we keep up with our hard line in the sand, we will not budge approach we are going to lose big one of these days. Are we so blind to admit that we must work hard to keep others safe or we might lose this important right? Are we so uncaring of others we can continue to turn a blind eye to these events?

        Me over 60, former military, NRA member, top 2% of owners, I am tired of seeing this crap if some of you want to put your head in the sand be my guest but some of us are willing to talk with others to see what modest things we can find to help reduce this problem. We need to be a part of the solution. Bans have come before and will happen again unless we take some action to help reduce these events.

        1. Doug, if you truly are who you claim to be, you would know that what you stated is utter nonsense. What ban on anything has ever worked?

          Making legal ownership 21, 35, 50. Do the juveniles that commit armed robbery legally obtain, possess or use their firearms while committing crimes?

          A .223 isn’t much bigger than a .22LR, which, like any other object, is still capable of killing. The tool isn’t the issue, it’s the person. Don’t make schools soft targets. We don’t hear about police stations being attacked like this. Why is that?

        2. @Doug, Then the age at which one can vote in a federal election should be increased to over 21, also, because that is far more dangerous than buying a gun. At least you are not blaming the inanimate object.

          1. @Doug you and several others that have posted here are trying to put a bandaid on the problem and that won’t work. It will only serve to distance 18 to 21 year olds from being an adult. You give the libs an inch they will take a mile. Why isn’t it worth the time and money to set up protection for our kids. Your lying, crying politician has armed guards, I think kids are more valuable.

    36. ““If you can’t buy a handgun or a bottle of beer, you shouldn’t be able to buy an AR-15,” Feinstein went on to say. “This is common sense…” Well when this witch is ready to also mandate at the same time that the voting age is also raised to 21 I might, just might just consider her ravings. Otherwise STF_

      1. Exactly, does she have armed security. Would she walk around in Chicago at night? It is gun free. Did anyone ask her what kind of gun she was holding with her finger on the trigger.

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