Mossberg Shockwave, Reader Range Experience & Feedback ~ VIDEO

Bounus Video Review by NutnFancy:

Virginia – -( The Mossberg Shockwave is a 12-gauge shotgun (now in 20 gauge, too) with a pistol grip instead of a stock and a 14-inch barrel. It is NOT considered a short-barreled shotgun under the law, however. Member John V. shared his experience with me on firing one:

A personal story concerning the Mossberg Shockwave:

I was in Afghanistan training the Afghan Border Police when a number of them showed up at my training site.

Wow, these are pretty neat little shotguns! Let’s go try ’em out!

But what’s this little pussy-strap on the fore grip for? (I knew what it was for, but being a tough guy there was no way in Hell I was going to use it because I was not a pussy!)

So I grabbed one and went to the range. I loaded it up with 00 Buck, stuck it out in front of me, and let fly – ka-BOOOOOOM!

HOLY S**T!!! They say that the first shot should always be a surprise – well, SURPRISE!!!

The thing flew up out of my support hand and over my head, and almost out of my fire control hand because I didn’t use the Pussy Strap.

Yeah, I know.

Hey, if somebody wants one of those things, more power to you, whatever floats your boat. But owners who think they want one for personal or home defense, or maybe a car gun, REALLY need to go to the range and practice with it to understand what this little gadget is about – it is a close-quarters tool – and to figure out what load to use.

True to its name, it is DEFINITELY not controllable like a regular shotgun unless you use the Pussy Strap. It is a fire-breather, and the muzzle blast is terrific, to say the least. If you aren’t properly prepared for blazing away indoors, or God forbid, from the inside of a car, your head will pay a heavy price – and so will the heads of the range patrons in neighboring stalls.

Be considerate with this thing – use an outdoor range. And use the Pussy Strap.

As for me, I’ll stick with something a little more tame, like maybe a .416 Rigby. 😉

Virginia Citizens Defense League

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Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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Guillermo Maguire

Use aguila mini shells and opsol mini clip adapter. You will have a totally different experience.

Charles Gantt

Mossberg, please show me where I can see a video on the Mossberg 500. my son won one in a raffle, and gave it to me,his dad, I would like to see the video on how to load, care for, etc. 12 guage.
Thank you,
Charles Gantt
[email protected]

David Phillips

Bonus, not bounus

West Virginia Bill

My 13 year old grandson has shot mine. It takes some getting use to to hit what you are shooting at, but it’s not all that bad. Some folks should stick to 22 rimfire!


I had a Mossberg 12ga back in the seventies, they make some pretty good duck and pheasant shotguns, but times have changed, and a lot of companies have better products, but for home invasion, alien invasion, zombie invasion or any other kind, my choice would be a Beretta 1301 12ga tactical that’s only 4in. longer than the shockwave, and has a complete stock, semi auto, 5+1, and a lot of other great features. I know, its a bit pricey, but if you want one of the best, you have to spend a little more. It was just on sale a… Read more »


It’s a finger saving control strap!