U.S. Concealed Carry Association to be Featured on 60 Minutes with CBS News

Wisconsin-Based USCCA President Tim Schmidt Discusses Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Concealed Carry Success
Concealed Carry Success

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), a Wisconsin-based organization providing education, training and self-defense insurance to responsible American gun owners, will be featured on 60 Minutes for a segment with CBS News this coming Sunday, February 11, 2018.

The House has passed the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act that would allow Americans licensed to carry concealed firearms in their own states to bring those weapons legally into other states. Steve Kroft takes a look at this common-sense legislation that the U.S. Senate could pass and send to the President for his signature. His report will be broadcast on the next edition of 60 Minutes, Sunday, Feb. 11 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.

The interview, which will air across the nation, will feature expert commentary from Tim Schmidt, the Founder & President of The United States Concealed Carry Association on gun rights and legislation moving through Congress.


The United States Concealed Carry Association has been urging lawmakers in Congress to follow through on their promise to pass national concealed carry reciprocity, which would ensure that concealed carry permits issued in one state would be considered valid in the other 49 states. U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) introduced the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act through S.446 last year and Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC) did the same through the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 in H.R.446. The House bill has passed the U.S. House of Representatives. Both bills would ensure that concealed carry permits issued in one state would be respected in them all.

60 Minutes has won more Emmy Awards than any other primetime broadcast, including a special Lifetime Achievement Emmy. It has also won virtually every other broadcast journalism award, plus 15 Peabody awards for excellence in television broadcasting. 60 Minutes was created in 1968 by Don Hewitt and premiered on CBS September 24th of that year.

About the USCCAU.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) provides education, training and self-defense insurance to responsible American gun owners. Headquartered in West Bend, WI, the USCCA is the largest and fastest-growing association whose sole focus is the responsibly armed American.

  • 186 thoughts on “U.S. Concealed Carry Association to be Featured on 60 Minutes with CBS News

    1. Jake, you claim victimhood and that all you wanted was to discuss ideas. Well, on numerous posts I requested that you do just that, and rebut my posts. All you ever did in reply was, yet again claim victimhood and regurgitate your tripe.

      You have been called a fraud because that is what you are. You piously claimed that only you are the arbiter of what is reasonable. We have on many levels explained how you are not the only voice nor our master, and pointed out the facts, logic and reason as to why we believe in our Constution and our rights guaranteed by it. You never discussed our ideas and beliefs, believing only that you are right and we are stupid, etc.

    2. Jake, yet another verbose post that again rails against our rights and you again play victim and fail to discuss or rebut my post. You claim you want discussion of ideas, but you don’t actually do such. You just want to rant about how you are right. You also appear to lack the ability to comprehend our rights and the four simple words that explain clearly to all who aren’t fools, “shall be infringed”. All the laws thus far have failed to prevent murder and other crimes, but one more regulation/law/concession will solve the crime problem? Address my last post if you are honest about having a discussion of ideas.

      1. And back in reality… while you are correct, the real world will take your guns and put you in prison for what is absolutely constitutional. Maybe after a million dollars in court costs, you can get your name clear, but still probably not your guns back. Not a risk I want to take. Pass the reciprocity as a stop gap, and keep pressure up for the restoration of our Constitutional rights in full.
        While we work back to that, we need steps to protect us from the leftists running several of the states we have to deal with and move through.

    3. Jake, you have yet to discuss any ideas I have presented, even when I have repeatedly requested you to do so. You repeatedly leave the same verbose bs that we have all rebutted with facts.

      You are free to post “ideas”, however, what part of “shall not be infringed” are you having difficulty with?

      Any limit, ban, compromise, concession or any other word you want to use to abrogate our rights is an infringement. No, we can’t allow our rights to be infringed upon any further. All we have done is concede and then the anti-rights people just want more “common-sense” laws that only affect the law-abiding.

      When there is a shooting, in a GFZ or elsewhere, it is illegal. No law prevents those that choose to do harm. If laws prevented crime, we would not have crime. Just about everything crime with a firearm is illegal, with or without a firearm. What makes killing with a firearm worse than by any other method?

      We have yet to ban evil by legislation, every attempt by passing yet another law has failed. Laws don’t stop evil.

    4. Well folks, Team Troll has been kicked off the field and no longer allowed to play so I’m going to invoke a time honored tradition, among some, of shunning them on this post, and one one other, for future comments. I don’t know what WildBill, OldVet and others will do but I’d point out that when you deny the trolls a venue and make it an empty room, except for them, they tend to dry up and blow away like dust.

      Adios guys, see you on another topic.

    5. Oh oh, two flags on the play against Team Troll. One for untruthfulness on the field and the other for not answering direct questions. Sorry Team Troll but you’ve forfeited the game to Team Constitutional Values. See you after your coach, @JVC receives counseling.

    6. Jake, your feigned victimhood is pathetic. The only “attacks” you suffered were differences in opinion. You chose to claim victimhood rather than rebuttal, believing your emotions rather than facts and logic would “win the day”. You have been exposed as a fraud because you have been unwilling to debate facts. You have never rebutted any of my posts, except to claim victimhood and your self-perceived supremacy over us.

      1. What a crock of shit.. Anyone reading what I said in my posts can use COMMON SENSE and see that I was the one with differing OPINIONS of your and I have CLEARLY explained why. Don’t try changing the narrative because all the posts are available to read.

        You know you and your little buddies are the real trolls here.. But even worse, you are all the biggest threat to the rights we have under the 2nd Amendment. You lack of listening and debating other opinions is an extremely dangerous thing to all of us. You think YOU are right and anything anyone else has to say is wrong.

        Well if you watch any of the media today, you will have learned that because of those like you refusing to even discuss the issues, WE ALL ARE NOW LOSING MUCH MORE.. and not only that, the NRA is caving in some regards as well because of the pressure and the fact that some of you refuse to even listen or discuss things.

        Bump stocks we lose, any trigger mods that speed up weapon fire (included IN the bumps stocks law being written that you can now read) we lose, national reciprocity is now dead, suppressors are now dead. Worse, now we will see a HUGE draconian change to background checks to include “mental” health checks.. but even worse they have proposed that just someone saying they think you are mental can now allow for a court order to remove, by force, your firearms.

        So you morons can stick to your high and mighty bullshit. You can play your word games and you can not budge at all. With you there is NO discussion and NO debate as far as you are concerned.. Well you are about to reap that which you sow because the lack of discussion now has just given the other side the ammo they need to slam yet a bunch more doors in our face.

        The fact YOU and your cronies here are attacking other 2nd Amendment supporters in an open forum IS THE PROBLEM. Instead of debating, listening, suggesting and talking you all just attacked.. Well now we ALL lose.

        I hope you are happy because this is only going to get worse.. and the only thing that will change is if people like you stop outright attacking anyone with an opinion you don’t like.

        1. Molon Labe We ain’t giving up anything jake. The dems will do what dems have always done, and that’ll never change.

          The best way to foil the dems plan is NOT GIVE INTO THEM. That is our ONLY recourse at this point.
          otherwise we’ll lose ALL of our guns, because THAT IS THE DEMS LONG TERM PLAN.
          If you want to concede go ahead, but I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

          1. At this point, we only have that choice as you put it.. After what the President said yesterday about due process AFTER seizure and after the democrats posted the text of the law as they want it with full on semi auto everything ban, finding a middle ground is no longer possible even though I had hoped it might work to reduce the ‘pressure’ from the left on this issue.

            If they were able to get Trump to change that position and others.. we are going to lose. Make no mistake about it. It is becoming clear.. Somehow they are having sway on even Trump and that means nothing we say at this point is going to have any impact on it because there won’t BE any discussion.

            The one thing I said early on that I was worried would happen, is happening also.. I said that liberals would go for it all if our side was not willing to at least discuss things and differing opinions. I also said they would go into the schools and just like ISIS/Islam does, start indoctrinating children against firearms at young ages.. and in the last few days, they have made it clear they fully intend on doing just that.

            THAT battle we cannot win. Why? Because most teachers, most of those in social services and child care are liberal. There are not enough conservatives in schools to mitigate the damage that WILL be done.. and in a couple generations, I now believe we will see a government turn against the 2nd Amendment to the point of repeal and ban.

            I guess for me the only good thing is that by then I will be around 70 and it won’t really matter at that point what happens because of that.

            One thing this entire debate and discussion has done though.. Pretty much set me back and made me realize.. there is no point to any discussion because no matter what someone’s opinion is, there are those that don’t care, won’t listen, won’t even discuss it.. and pretty much alters what someone says anyhow.

            There is no point for me to continue to waste my time and effort at all on worrying about it or working to keep the 2A rights we have. Sadly, I am most likely going to stop my actual real life 2A support activities and stay home. It is now clear to me, it is a waste of my time to go to events and meetings and discussions anymore thinking I was doing some good working to get things we do want passed, like reciprocity and suppressors being legal.

            Why waste my time for those that are not interested in anything at all? Why waste my time trying to get reciprocity or suppressors through and passed while perhaps in return, agreeing that NICS could be enhanced with mental health background checks? Why waste anymore of my time for those who refuse to even consider that we may need to find solutions like that to get what we want?

            It has been made it VERY clear here, that that is not an option and my opinion and that of others is, not only unwelcome, but pretty much worthy of insult and personal attack. I learned that right here in this forum discussion and it is probably the biggest shock of all.

            That is what I DID learn in this discussion thanks to @Wild Bill, @Heed the Call-up and @Vanns40 – there is no point for me to waste my personal time anymore because they know it all, they are right and anyone else be damned for an opinion. If they can’t work with those of us who actually HAVE been trying to find ways to keep things at least on an even keel even for them, then why waste the time anymore?

            I can tell you this.. We are gonna lose. We are gonna lose our 2A rights, probably within the next 2 decades. If nothing else, those three proved that to me here. We that support the 2A are going to lose. When someone is so pig headed they cannot see the big picture and reality of what is coming to the point they won’t even discuss other opinions, that right there is the first sign we are all in trouble.

            My predictions now after this experience are pretty much as follows:

            1) We lose all rights to own and bear firearms via eventual repeal of the 2A some time in the next couple decades. People bitch and moan but it is what it is and it ends there. And when this happens, so goes the Republic. But it won’t matter because socialism will be the driving factor as long as the majority gets their hand-outs.
            2) We lose the 2nd Amendment.. i.e. same thing as #1 but enough of us do actually stand and refuse to turn over our firearms…. and we see the second civil war… which will basically destroy the entire Republic for good.

            Sadly, both have equal chance of happening.. BUT #2 leaves a good chance of us losing everything.. a good chance we will NOT win a civil war…. Why? Because MOST people, including most gun owners, have NO CLUE what “blood in the street” means. Those of us that have been there and seen, do know. And for me, that is the last thing I want to see in my own country… and honestly, I don’t think MOST Americans have the stomach for it here in our own towns and cities.

            So there is nothing else. This is not going to go away and anyone WITH common sense can figure that out pretty damn quick now. The left is going to turn this into their next crusade. Just like cigarettes, just like all the other things they have started crusades over, they will win this one too and most likely, won’t even have to use force to accomplish it.. just money.

            They are not going to stop. They are not going to give in. They are going to war against us with power, money and the emotional backlash of more and more mass shooting events each year… and now, I am afraid it is too late to stop it.. One of those two things I just said above is coming – I have NO doubt.. one of those two things will happen….

            And sadly, at this point I see no way around it since because of this conversation and discussion, I now have been taught right here by some of you, conversation, opinion is pointless and it is moot… and for me now, a waste of my real life time to even try to do what I was doing for firearm rights and to keep the main principles of the 2A alive.

    7. Jake, no, you lost all credibility many posts ago, we have not lied. You are the only one that has been the fraud and subsequently been exposed. Unlike you we believe in our rights as guaranteed by our Constitution.

    8. Alrighty there folks, since we have a winner in the multiple choice question of who can expose the trolls we’re now moving on the the bonus round. This part isn’t a test but just for your added pleasure, because @WildBill did so well we’re giving out the fun fact if the day: Did you know that the cost of a Ghost Gunner CNC machine is around $1500? But, did you also know that you can get a few friends together, split the cost and all of you can make as many AR15’s (for your own use only) with absolutely no serial numbers or registration as you want (as long as State law allows)? I’ve made four in different calibers!

      This is a great way to drive the anti-gun trolls insane and add to your collection without fear of anyone knowing you have them (read the Jake’s of the world). Saddle up buckeroos and start cranking ‘em out!

    9. @Grundy: Ah me, just one more to deal with. So many lies, so much time. We engaged Jake, Joe and all you other trolls who wanted to toss unfacted, baseless “facts” and just plain outright lies. The problem with.most of you, especially the one calling himself Jake is that it was impossible to have a logical discussion because: 1. He avoided answering questions he didn’t want to answer and diverted to something else (a common tactic among Liberals) or 2. He gave an answer that was a complete fabrication of the truth and, when confronted with the truth, claimed he was the victim and he had far more experience than anyone else who voiced an opinion. Don’t take my word for it, count the number of times “Jake” bemoaned the fact that he was so qualified in this or that, that he was the expert.

      I don’t believe any of it. Just my opinion but I think he’s a complete and utter fraud the same as I believe most of the trolls who have subsequently shown up here are frauds.

      Now, as to the subject of whether some of us on these forums know each other, guilty! There are three or four of us who, over the years decided that we’d like to know about the other person so we devised a way to accomplish that outside of Ammoland. One is a former JAG Attorney, one a former cop, one a former spook and one, well, ex military and that’s about all I know. We don’t work for or have any affiliation with Ammoland. However, you’re still free to send us money if you choose.

      Now, as for all you trolls that have decided to suddenly crawl out of the woodwork and add nothing substantive……..pound salt.

      1. So you even make up shit and lie because you don’t have a true valid argument? Talk behind my back like a coward.. Take your bullshit elsewhere. It is apparent those like you should not be carrying a firearm because it is now clear you lack ANY common sense or responsibility. I am tired of asshats like you that think YOUR idea of what should be is the way it should be and that no one else should have an opinion as I do.

        Well fuck you. When you get OFF YOUR ASS and serve YOUR country and actually stand up for the Constitution, THEN you have a place to tell me how it is.. Until then, you are nothing but a keyboard fucking coward and piece of shit at that.

        I have CLEARLY said I think gun ownership requires common sense and responsibility.. Something it is now very apparent YOU LACK at all. So yea, when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, there ARE situations where people should not be allowed to carry.. and you stand at the top of the list because you fail to understand, EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY HAS A RIGHT TO AN OPINION and YOURS IS NOT the only one that counts.

      2. You really do not know how to read do you Vanns? Name ONE LIE I stated… Name ONE question I did not answer with MY opinion. Name ONE BASELESS fact I stated.

        You can’t because you do not have a VALID argument against COMMON SENSE and responsibility when it comes to those of us that support the 2nd Amendment. You and some others sit behind your keyboards and spout nothing but your moral bullshit about how the 2A is the 2A and there is no such thing as ANY kind of morals needed, required or that should have a say in how it is used.

        You sit there spouting your crap as all literal.. and I have said numerous times, I HIGHLY DOUBT the founding fathers intended for the 2A to sit there and never grow with society. I have NEVER said I advocate taking away, restricting, keeping someone, stopping someone or removing someone’s right to own and bear arms.. I DID SAY there should be common sense AND RESPONSIBILITY with that right in today’s society because things HAVE CHANGED from when those words were written by people a LOT SMARTER THEN YOU.

        Yet you play your little word games and seem to think that gives you some kind of cool “internet” power while you hide behind your little keyboard. At this point it is clear YOU are the troll and don’t have the brains to argue and opinion without attacking me constantly.. and I hate arguing with an unarmed man.

        Most likely you are some dimwit fatboy sitting in a dark room that has no balls except when he is on the internet.

        Well, you want to attack me online? Go for it. I can spew just as much garbage back at you as you do with me. The difference, I use facts and don’t make accusations I can’t back up.. Up until now, I at least argued with you and respected YOUR OPINION. You have taken it to the next level as have a couple others.

        And sadly, knowing that someone like you represents we gun owners is an embarrassment because you clearly show the other side that indeed there are morons and those without any brains that get to carry and own firearms.

        1. @Jake, Here is one lie: “So you even make up shit and lie because you don’t have a true valid argument?” We did not make anything up. We took valid arguments from the historic and legal record of debates about the Second Amendment. We asked a few simple questions. You refused to answer.
          You challenged our credibility, so we provided our credentials, but you did not reciprocate.
          Here is one of your baseless facts: “…Talk behind my back…” Pretty hard to talk behind your back on a website. Here is another baseless fact: “… ANY common sense…” There is no sense that is common to all. Please list all the sense that is common to all. I don’t want to have missed anything.

          You, Jake, write, “When you get OFF YOUR ASS and serve YOUR country and actually stand up for the Constitution, THEN you have a place to tell me how it is.. ” Ok, I have done both of those things so I meet your qualifications requirements. There for, I tell you now that your view of the Constitution and our Second Amendment Civil Rights is unlearned and superficial. I gave you a whole list of really great reading materials concerning the Constitution and our Constitutional Civil Rights that you could have gotten in your local library. You did not, did you?
          Finally, neither my thirty-one years, eight months, and three days of military service, nor your purported thirty years of military service qualify either of us to decide for others.

        2. @Jake
          QOUTED “You sit there spouting your crap as all literal.. and I have said numerous times, I HIGHLY DOUBT the founding fathers intended for the 2A to sit there and never grow with society.” QOUTED

          Is that why the 2nd A states that :” the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” ? LOL
          FWIW… if we continue to delete/amend the Bill of Rights as determined by the Founding Fathers, we’ll soon end up with NO RIGHTS at all. Which is where the liberal socialist progressive marxist democrats are in a helluva hurry to take us to.

          I call BS

          1. IF you had read all my posts, it would have been clear that I did not and do not advocated in ANY way removing, infringing on, or limiting anyone from their 2A rights EXCEPT for violent felons and mental nutcases.

            But instead of reading all the posts to see what I actually said, you jump on what a few others spout.. where they are twisting what I said to fit their own skewed sense of reality.

            What I have SAID and maintained this entire argument is that gun owners need to use common sense and responsibility. Once I said those two things, a few people here went off the rails. I then gave a few OPINIONS on possible things that could be done.. instead of debating the how and why or the merits, even if the ideas would not work, I was attacked outright. And now you want to join the bandwagon as well.

            THAT is the problem here.. It is not who is right or wrong, it is that we now have 2A supporters attacking other supporters because of opinions. Not discussion about why or whether they are good or bad.. no. Instead outright attacks.

            From the big news and press conference today, it is now apparent that just as I warned early in this discussion, we are all about to lose big time because many refuse to listen or discuss what is going on.

            We could have gotten through this again without losing anything but instead now we are about to lose a whole lot more than any of us want…

            When 2A supporters attack other 2A supporters who are trying to have an open discussion of opinion, you know the whole is doomed.. and that is exactly what has happened here.

            I hope those attacking me are proud of themselves.. I hope they feel like they “won” something and it makes them feel all powerful and warm and fuzzy inside… because that is about all they won…

            Without common sense and responsibility by firearm owners, we are going to lose a whole hell of a lot more than any of you can imagine. And all because none of you can even consider other opinions without getting angry.

      1. Vanns, yes, apparently they have found this site. It’s amusing that they even post here, since the regular posters are typically pro-USA, pro-Constitution, and pro-rights, the site itself, based on the site name and commentaries and stories posted on it are clearly pro-rights. However, they serve as useful targets to sharpen and hone our ideas on our rights. I have learned a lot from the site contents and the comments from both sides.

        The anti-rights posts have taught me that they have no facts, reason nor logic to their arguments against the USA, our Constitution, and our guaranteed rights protected by our Constitution. They strengthen my belief in our rights, and push me to become ever more active in preservation of our rights.

        The posts by you and many others that are pro-rights have also taught me a lot. Not only showing how many good people are out there also fighting to preserve our rights, but providing good, personal perspectives and insight into many topics of concern. You and many others are quite knowledgeable and at times entertaining.

        1. @V and H, The low level paid propagandists think that they have found a gold mine of responses. Rather than jumping through hoops to produce an income for them, I am currently conducting a one man letter writing campaign to pressure my president, senators, and congressman to decline the DNC ploy of any gun control, which will, surely, divide them from their voting base.

    10. Grundy, Jake did not want a discussion, and Vanns and WB were not the only ones posting comments rebutting him and other anti-rights people. If Jake wanted a discussion, he would have responded to my numerous posts that were rebutting his exceedingly verbose posts, and the numerous times I requested a rebuttal. He clearly only wanted everyone to agree with his anti-rights stance – we don’t. We believe in our Constitution and in our rights as guaranteed by that document on which our country is based.

      1. Bullshit. Conversation is DIFFERING OPINIONS is one thing. Being attacked outright because my opinions don’t match yours, is not a discussion.

        AND THAT is the mistake you are all making and why we already have 11 states that are truly anti gun.. Because you can’t seem to get it through your thick heads that you can be and stand and act like a tough guy all you want… but liberals are doing an end around you all because you refuse to even bother looking at the ENTIRE situation.

        Mark my words… IF liberals ever again get the presidency, the senate, the house and more of the supreme court, they WILL abolish the 2nd Amendment.. and all of your bullshit talk won’t stop it.

        We either find a middle ground and work to defend our rights with some common sense and responsibility included or we WILL lose the 2A and you WILL be forced to cower and give up or stand and fight in the streets along side your children and probably their children to retain that right.

        I prefer to do everything I can in talk and discussion BEFORE EVER having to shed another man’s blood again.

        1. I put forth that the main reason we have 11 states that are anti gun, is because our government officials have allowed illegal aliens &, criminal illegal aliens from mexico , to overun our US borders to the tune of 11 million of ’em, and have allowed muslim extremists from the middle east to be shipped here totally unvetted (by obama) and have allowed socialist marxists teachers and professors to teach our young people in our schools and colleges as well as run for office in our government..

          The rest are just knee jerk thinking people who cannot think logically for themselves and believe whatever they see and hear on CNN, CBS,NBC and the rest of the MSM who broadcast nothing but lies and marxist /socialist propaganda .

          if we deport these illegals, reign in the socialist professors teaching our young people marxist ideals, and arrest the corrupt politicians who sell us to the highest bidder, we’ll see a change in these statistics.

          In other words the time has come to right this “great ship of America”, from it’s extreme port side list, restore the rule of law, and throw the traitors out.

          Also there is NO amendments to be made to the 2nd A. The fact it ends in “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” is proof positive of it.

          Jake, I sincerely thank you for your service to your country and to law enforcement, but your views of agreeing to cowering to the left on the 2nd A need to be seriously rethought. Just my 2 cents.

          1. You actually backed up the very argument I have been making: “we have 11 states that are anti gun” and the reason “knee jerk thinking people who cannot think logically for themselves and believe whatever they see and hear”

            Isn’t the irony thick here? The “knee jerk reaction” that my posts with MY opinions brought on?

            I don’t advocate in any way restricting or infringing on the 2A and I have made that clear. But I DO advocate DISCUSSION and ideas that might show everyone else we gun owners understand the issues and have the common sense and responsibility to listen and discuss the points… even offering suggestions and ideas..

            But instead of discussion here we get an outright attack on me because a few others lack the foresight and understanding to even understand what I was saying.

            No matter.. I am not advocating for infringement on the 2A. Rather I am trying to find a way to get to a middle ground without infringing using ideas, whether good or bad, that can be discussed and debated. The point was not whether my ideas were right or good or bad.. it was that I had some suggestions at the least and thought that would garner adult conversation and discussion..

            Instead we had what we had happen…

    11. Jay, easy access to ARs? I believe the guy did buy his firearm at an FFL and did pass the NICS background check. There are many other tools that could be even more deadly. You state that ARs are more effective at killing that vehicles? Mnay more were killed in one attack in France with a truck. Easy access to ARs in the USA, then why didn’t the man who ran over all those pedestrians in NYC use a rental truck rather than the “easy to obtain” AR? Why are over 1,600 homicides by hands, feet an fists, if ARs are so “easy to obtain”? Why are over 8,000 homicides by handgun, if ARs so “easy to obtain”? Oddly, your statement is blatantly false. Fewer than 400 homicides are by all rifles and shotguns. Clearly, they are not the most used firearm or method of killing. But don’t let facts get in the way of your emotions.

      The school shooter broke numerous laws. He entered a GFZ with a firearm, and he injured and killed numerous people, all of which is illegal, regardless of method. Yet, the worst school massacre was not by firearm, but arson. The worst mass-killings in the USA were not by firearm, but by jet passenger planes. Evil people will kill using the methods they decide to use, regardless of any laws. Why do MS-13 use knives and machetes, instead of the “easy to obtain” AR-15? Why did the OKC bomber not use the “easy to obtain” AR-15? Why didn’t the Uni-bomber use the “easy to obtain” AR-15? Clearly they use the method of their choice. Just as the Charlie Hebdo killers used automatic weapons, which obviously, even though illegal, “easy to obtain”.

      In Norway, that shooter that killed 69 with a firearm, began his killing with a bomb that killed 8 people. Oddly, even with Norway’s strict firearm laws, he still legally obtained his firearms. I guess the Glock pistol and the Ruger Mini-14 were “easy to obtain”, as were his other firearms, which included a shotgun. Interestingly, shotguns are much more effective at killing than a pistol or a rifle. Many shotguns have detachable magazines and loaded with buck shot, can fire many more, and larger projectiles, more quickly than your “easy to obtain” AR, and in close quarters is devastating.

      Laws do not prevent people intent on harming and killing from committing their crimes. Laws only serve to punish, after one is caught and convicted of crimes. That is why, even though murder has been illegal, since man had laws, we have always had murder. GFZs do not prevent criminals from bringing firearms into those areas, they only prevent law-abiding citizens from doing such.

          1. Yes, you are correct, even though full was still legal then, the killer still didn’t use that “easy to obtain” weapon, which just proves my point.

    12. Jake. We hear you. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to vann and Bill. They’re just trying to generate activity on the site so they can make money off the ads. And if not they are just know it all bullies without much experience. Keyboard warriors you might say!

      1. Send your money directly to us, we take cash, PayPal, we don’t care. Then we’d all appreciate it if you trolls would just scurry back under the bridge you came from till the next tragedy when you think you can dance in the blood of the dead to score points.

        1. @Vanns, I would feel guilty accepting gratuities from uneducated, unskilled, unemployables, that are forced to accept jobs as low level propagandists rather than having an honorable job, and doing an honest day’s work. Perhaps they could send my share to GOA, CCFKBA, or JPFO. Then scurry back!

          1. @ W.Bill and Vanns Marshall p and Grundy must be the supervisors and they had to call them in because they were drowning in their own stupidity. Maybe just kids, huh?

    13. Jake, you have added nothing to the discourse on this topic, except for the same extremely verbose diatribe railing and ranting against lawful firearm owners, and crying about ring a victim.

    14. I’ve followed this from the very beginning and I’ll make one comment only. The person calling himself Jake is a fraud, both in his service and his experience. He disgraces those who actually work to serve others and the country. For whatever it’s worth I suggest we all move on. There are far more important things to discuss.

      1. @TennX, Avec pleasure. You are right, of course, but I must reserve prerogative to respond should Jake attempt to misrepresent the issues involved, here.

      2. F*** YOU.

        And for the record, I was retired in 2014 due to my 7th COMBAT injury, United States Navy. I served over 30+ years along with being a part time sworn deputy sheriff. I am now a 70% physical, 100% rated IU as a service connected V/A disabled Veteran. As far as I am concerned, you are nothing but a coward and a piece of s*** that probably has no clue what it takes to choose to stand up and walk the line..

        You people make me sick. The fact you pounce on me because in some areas I have a different OPINION is just insulting. And then you come out and make comments like you just did about my service… that is even lower then I thought you would go.

        You people cannot even come up with a rational argument from your own perspective.. so now you lash out at me because you cannot argue against the reasonable options I posed in my opinion and in the discussion.. Pretty sad for a bunch here that are SUPPOSED to be adults AND responsible gun owners..

        We have truly lost the republic I and others served for.. and sadly some of you here lead the way in its continued decline when you cannot even hold a discussion and debate over different opinions.

        1. @Jake, The rational argument from our perspective, that we have stated many times, is that what you suggest is an unconstitutional infringement. How odd that you have not picked up on that with so many saying it, so often. By the way what was your MOS?

          1. @Jake, I have been following the discussions but have stayed out of commenting because you are up against W. Bill and Vanns40 both are true patriots and very concerned about losing our 2A rights. You bark up the wrong tree, maybe because you have been in the Navy so long that you do not know how to think for yourself without having to take an order. Anyway, if you think lengthy mandatory training will get anyone anyplace I agree it will. It will give the anti gunners all the fuel they need for their fire that is headed toward taking our 2A and our guns. An old saying: if you give them an inch they will take a mile. I do not know of any state that will give a permit without training. Anyway, that is my two cents and I stand with my brothers that oppose your ideas.

            1. Ahhh Oldvet and Wild bill… you two and Vann share a treehouse together? You’re like simpleton children.

              Make a valid argument.

              Oh right, need to have half a brain between you for that.

              (Evidence: almost every post you write. Which is a lot of evidence because it seems your full time job is posting on Ammoland! Losers)

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