Stop Gun Violence Virginia License Plate – Legislative Update 2/4/18

Stop Gun Violence Virginia License Plate
Stop Gun Violence Virginia License Plate

Virginia – -( As was mentioned in a previous Alert, Church Carry (HB 1180, LaRock) has cleared the full Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee and is headed to the House Floor for a vote, probably on Wednesday.

Sadly, the vote was along party lines. I firmly believe that some of the Democrats who voted against HB 1180 didn’t really understand that 18.2-283 interferes with a church’s ability to control its own security measures.

Here are the Delegates on the committee who voted to give churches more control over their own security by repealing 18.2-283 (all Republicans):

Cline, Wright, Morefield, Edmunds, Wilt, Webert, Fariss, O’Quinn, Head, Rush, Freitas, Brewer

Here are the Delegates on the committee who voted to continue limiting church’s control over their own security (all Democrats):

Tyler, Kory, Simon, Rasoul, Bell, John J., Levine, Adams, D.M., Carter, Carroll Foy

Stop Gun Violence Virginia License Plate

There is a license plate bill (HB 287, Simon) with the message “Stop Gun Violence” that has cleared the House and is headed to the Senate. Virginia Citizens Defense League opposes the message because it is not denouncing all violence, only violence perpetrated using a gun. The implication that beating someone to death is acceptable, but shooting them to death isn’t acceptable.


However, as misguided as the message is, bills like this usually pass. NRA has license plates one can order, for example.

When the license plate bill got to the House Floor, Republicans did modify it. The final version of the bill was amended by Delegate Matt Fariss to require that $15, of the additional $25 fee for such a custom plate, goes to the Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Fund and used to enhance and ensure for the coming years, the quality of care and treatment provided to individuals receiving public mental health, developmental, and substance abuse services in Virginia.

If the plate had been worded “Stop Violence,” I think the support would have been unanimous and Virginia Citizens Defense League would not have opposed the bill.

Here are those few who stood on principle and voted against the license plate bill with its off-key message:

Bell, Richard P., Cline, Freitas, Gilbert, Landes, O’Quinn, Poindexter, Wright

No Gun Safe Sales Tax

HB 172, Delegate Filler-Corn, provides there will be no sales tax for gun safes that cost less than $1,000 (such as Gun Vault safes), was defeated in the House Finance Subcommittee #3 by a vote of 5 to 3:

Voting to support gun owners (all Democrats):

Keam, Kory, Lindsey

Voting against gun owners (all Republicans):

Pogge, Ware, Orrock, Byron, Hugo


Virginia Citizens Defense League

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):


Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit:

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Andrew Ling

Gun safes are a necessary part of owning firearms. Tax or no tax. As a matter of fact, ammo safes should also be in every gun owners home. Sure I have several home defense guns that I can reach quickly, 24/7, but we must keep them locked and secure so that unwanted access is denied. Why make a political issue out of this non-political issue?

Heed the Call-up

BAWinNewCastle, we may believe that law-abiding firearm owners are “good” people, but those that are anti-rights do not believe that. In a recent news report on proposed bills in my state, one specifically stated that CC holders are the enemy. Also, in conversations and via email, I have discussed our rights with anti-rights legislators. It is quite clear they believe we are criminals that just haven’t been caught yet. They admit that their legislation only affects the law-abiding citizens. They just don’t care because they firmly believe you should not be allowed to be armed. “Control” is only they first… Read more »


Somehow we need to communicate the message to the libs that we are not on opposite sides of the fence. We also want to reduce violence but take a different approach to the solution. LAC are not running around shooting people like some libs think. There are only two buckets you can put people — good guys and bad guys. You may be lots of other things but you will fit one bucket or the other. Whether you are a LAC going shopping, Law Enforcement doing your job or taking the family out for a movie — we want to… Read more »

Wild Bill

@BAWinNC, I hope that you still have the energy to participate in the political process. Being liberal or progressive is just a front. They are really anti-Civil Rights. Gun control is just a way to achieve people control. There is no profit in letting us be a free people.


In Virginia the license plate should read “Stop crooked politicians like McCaulife.”


At least, criminals will be able to see who they can more safely carjack. Yet another “brilliant” liberal idea.


“Gun Violence” is a made up term by anti-Second Amendment liberals. They love to quote their “apples and oranges” comparisons in an attempt to convince people with low IQs that guns should be banned. “Oh look, gun deaths are so much higher in the United States than they are in (pick a country where guns are banned)”, never mind that the “violent crime rate per capita” in that other country is TEN TIMES higher. So, they’re not using guns, instead, they’re hacking people to death with machetes or, caving in skulls with a hammer.


It is sad that statements like “Stop Gun Violence” have been hijacked by those with extreme liberal agendas. I would venture to say that the vast majority of gun enthusiasts agree that we need to stop people from committing violent crimes with guns just like the majority of all Americans believe ‘black lives matter”. In the day and culture in which we live however, whenever I see an article or hear a commentator begin by saying we need to “stop gun violence” I know what follows is “do away with the second amendment”. When I see an article hear a… Read more »

Mark Are

I’ve never had a single one of my guns commit violence. I’ve told them on occasion to please go out and eliminate some psychopathic gooberment “officials” and they simply will not listen to me.


There is no such thing as gun violence! No gun jumps up and does violence any more than a bar bottle, ball bat, or knife. It is people violence. I hope that pro Second Amendment citizens and the media that supports the Bill of Rights will not use that term. It is pure propaganda.


Why not have no tax on ALL gun safes? A $1,000+ gun safe isn’t being purchased by the average guy or the average family. No tax on ALL gun safes would perhaps encourage more gun owners who have a couple of handguns and a couple of rifles and a shotgun to get a safe.

Dave in Fairfax

I think you want to reread that.
This would have removed the taxes from the safes that cost LESS than $1000. It would have increased the likelihood of people buying safes and using them.

Heed the Call-up

The general sales tax rate in Virginia is only 5.75%, the potential savings in tax on most safes would not have been enough to make one go out and get one. The really odd part is that this was killed by Republicans. Why, I can’t fathom. I can’t believe that the market on firearm safes is so large that eliminating the tax would cause any budget concerns.