Major Federal Gun-Control Bills Are Coming, Thanks to Trump

No Gun Control Laws
Major Federal Gun-Control Bills Are Coming, Thanks to Trump

Virginia – -( Get ready for a significant fight for our rights. We need to get the “no more gun control” message to the president.

I hope that Sarah Huckabee-Sanders has a good pair of tennis shoes on because she’s not going to just be walking back things President Trump said in a meeting with lawmakers yesterday, she’s going to be running them back.

New Jersey Firearms ID Card
The Back of New Jersey’s flimsy paper Firearms ID Card. For those who can’t get one.

Besides seeming to be open to all kinds of gun-control schemes, the President also said the police should have confiscated the Florida mass-murderer’s guns regardless of whether they could have done so legally or not! He was supportive of the Emergency Firearms Restraining Order concept and accurately said that it allows guns to be confiscated first and the gun owner to have due process later. He was also open to the idea of a Firearms Owner ID card, such as they have in Illinois and New Jersey[if you can get one], where you need such a card to buy a gun either from a dealer or privately.

Trump said he would do an executive order to ban bump stocks, but I don’t think that order will stand a legal challenge if he does.

On the positive side, Trump did continue to push hard to end gun-free zones.

Action Item For President Trump

I suggest we contact the President for the next few days to voice a POLITE, but FIRM opposition to gun control.

Here are some suggested things to leave as a voice message (202-456-1111), to tweet to @realdonaldtrump, or to post on the White House contact web page:

  • Taking away someone’s gun and then giving them due process is like waiting until the barn has burned down before letting the horses out!
  • The original assault weapon ban was in place for years when the Columbine massacre happened in 1999. Total failure
  • 32 people were murdered at Virginia Tech with a handgun, not a rifle.
  • Murder capital Chicago has Universal Background Checks and Firearms Owner ID cards. No thanks.
  • If a person isn’t mature enough to purchase an AR-15, then he isn’t mature enough to fight and die for our country or to vote
  • Criminals will obey the law on the 10-round magazine-size just like they obey our drug laws
  • No more gun control. None.

Our *Full* Focus Has To Shift To Congress And It Will Soon

This is a serious situation. The gun-controllers have handed Trump their wishlist, and most of it is coming our way if we don’t fight back hard! We MUST focus on Congress to stop that wishlist from becoming a reality.

Wherever you look, Bloomberg’s fingerprints are all over these attempts to pass “universal” background checks.
Wherever you look, Bloomberg’s fingerprints are all over these attempts to pass “universal” background checks.

Here’s what’s on the list:

  1. An “assault weapon” ban
  2. A ban on magazines that will hold more than ten rounds
  3. Universal Background Checks – the “Manchin-Toomey” bill from a few years ago
  4. Emergency Firearms Protection Order, which allows the confiscation of someone’s firearm NOW (probably done at gunpoint), based merely on a sworn statement that the person is a danger to himself or others, and LATER they get their due process (gee, thanks)
  5. A person must be 21 to be able to purchase a rifle
  6. “Fix NICS,” which allows a government bureaucrat to delve into your medical history as far back, and as deeply, as they wish
  7. Firearms Owner Identification Card is required to be presented for the purchase of a firearm, including for private sales
  8. Gun sales denied for anyone on the Terrorist Watch List. You can be put on the Watch List without due process by some nameless bureaucrat

How We Are Going To Fight Back

  1. Trump wants one comprehensive bill in each House with all the above gun control in it. That’s good for us. The more items that are in a massive bill like that, the more legislators will see something they don’t like and will vote against the bill. Even many Democrats are going to walk away from that monster. Those two comprehensive bills have not been introduced yet because it will take up to a week for them to be drafted. As soon as the bills appear, we will analyze them and put an URGENT ACTION ITEM out for everyone to contact Congress in opposition.
  2. It is possible that some of the gun control items could be added to an omnibus appropriations bill as amendments. We will be looking out for that and will advise with an URGENT ACTION ITEM if so.

Virginia Citizens Defense League

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit

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I read that Pres. Trump left the letter Diane Finestein gave him on the table. He didn’t bother to take it. She then gave the letter to VP Pence to give to Trump to read.

If true, then maybe he dosn’t really care what they have to say.

The Revelator

@ Old Vet Once his signature is on the line it is too late, so now is the time to voice our disapproval and let him know that the time for gun control legislation is NEVER. Keep in mind Trump is not our “only benefactor” as you put it. There are a few people in Washington who still operate on the constitution and its principles, but they are becoming fewer and fewer because we have people who only look at the letter in front of a candidates name instead of what the candidate backs it up with. I warned of… Read more »

Dr. Bob Thomas

If your man is 18, and still acts as if he is 8, then he was not raised right. Maturity does not magically happen with a birthday. Maturity happens when parents do their job raising their children to respect life, liberty, justice, community, nation and God. And not necessarily in that order. This child in Florida had no parents to guide him. He had no role model to teach him. He had no adult to support him. If you wish to make a real difference, then get out of your comfort zone and do just that. Everyone on this list… Read more »


I agree with oldvet. Let’s not get too hasty as I still believe he is on ‘our’ side.

Wild Bill

@OV and LE, Yep, all true. And I don’t know, but I an guessing that Trump is using the “dump due process” line to punk the Demonazis yet again. Just in case, I am continuing to correspond with my senators, congressman, and the whitehouse ( to tell them that blaming inanimate objects and punishing the law abiding gun owners will not solve the problem, but only separate them from their voter base.

Edward Weber

Question,,,why do compromises ALWAYS lean left and take away more of our freedoms? Personally, I’m tired of this trend whether on the 2nd Amendment or others.

Wild Bill

W, Yes, we should be forcing the Anti-Civil Rights Movement to give in a little by repealing a little of the GCA and the NFA as a compromise position. First we need to demonstrate our political power through numbers and cash.

American Patriot

If Trump plans on winning Re-election there will be no chance in He!! if he screws the people of the 2nd Amend.

Country Boy

Not neccesairly …………. Now, I am TOTALLY AGAINST ANY new control laws and I truly believe the vast majority of the current gun laws we’ve been put under by our tyrannical gov. since 1933, SHOULD ALL BE REPEALED ! Yep, and to the tune of where we have only about 3 or 4 gun laws total, and those would be concerning VIOLENT FELONS ONLY being banned from ever owning a firearm along with released murderers and a couple more. NOW…With the above plainly stated…. IF our beloved POTUS D.J.Trump throws us a rotten lemon (dem pleasing new gun laws)…’s still… Read more »

The Revelator

@Country Boy Well, How about voting for a candidate well versed in the constitution and willing to stand on principle? If you are saying the Dems are the only option, then you are part of the problem that keeps giving us milk toast candidates like Romney and McCain. Great job, but maybe its time to recognize your track record is not so good. If he throws us a rotten lemon as you put it, primary him and replace him for 2020. Do you really think more gun owners will vote for someone who will betray them again, just so they… Read more »

Wild Bill

I just do not know… Donald Trump punked the DNC, the GOP, the Hillary campaign, and the lame stream media. He is so good at it. This looks so much like the punking that he has done before. This looks like the DACA deal that has revealed that the democrat party does not give a damn for immigrant. This current situation is revealing which individual senators and congress persons don’t give a damn about due process, and belong to the unspoken Anti-Civil Rights Movement.

The other Jim

And now Trump is saying just the opposite:
“Good (Great) meeting in the Oval Office tonight with the NRA!”, Trump tweeted of the unannounced meeting, without offering further details.
NRA Executive Director Chris Cox, meanwhile, echoed Trump’s sentiments, and added Vice President Mike Pence was also present.”We all want safe schools, mental health reform and to keep guns away from dangerous people. POTUS & VPOTUS support the Second Amendment, support strong due process and don’t want gun control,” he wrote on his official Twitter account.


Sounds like a voice of a former president from the past, ” No new taxes “! Well, it just goes to show you that politicians, no matter what side of the fence they are on, really aren’t that much different.
And people were all over me because I didn’t like Trump. I voted for him because I didn’t have a real choice, BUT, I don’t like him! He is a “used car salesman” at heart and I was always afraid he would “sell us a lemon”.

Jody Bankester

The only thing I agree with is raising the age to 21. Now as a firearm owner, pro-secoind, NRA member and veteran, I know it may sound crazy to promote any kinda of restrictions. Think of it this way, we have kids that at the age of 18 are still playing games made for children and eating tide pods. Does that really sounds like a generation that at that age should own guns? Now there’s the argument that if there old enough to serve in the armed forces then they should be able to put buy a gun. I disagree… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Jody Bankester, If congress could take away the Constitutional Civil Rights of 18 to 20 year olds with just a vote, then congress could take away your Constitutional Civil Rights just as easily by raising the age limits to 75 years old. Congress, ill advisedly, lowered the age of majority down to 18 because of the Vietnam war. Those young people have the full panorama of Constitutional Civil Right.


Actually, at any age… If a person cannot be trusted with a firearm, they cannot be trusted. Period.

Pistol Packin Preacher

Amen brother WB

Wild Bill

@PPP, Welcome back. Long time no hear from. You must have been busy.


@Wild Bill High five to you. Why do people not get it. Lordy me they are stupid.


We take away all their rights till they are 21, no to them entering contracts, no to draft or volunteer service, no to voting and no to charging them as adults. If they are too immature to have one right they should have no responsibility.
Seriously, if they can’t have a gun should they be able to choose or be force to fight in war? You appear to think they are mature enough for the decision to be put in harms way.

Country Boy

I got my 1st rifle at age 13. I’m 60 now and I haven’t shot ANY people.


Haha. Here here country boy. I was thinking the same thing. I was handling weeapons with my father , uncle and other mentors instruction from a young age and began to learn how to hunt at age 12. Still carry those leassons of safety and appropriate use of firearms from my youth and have gained better training and knowledge throughout my adulthood. I also have not shot anyone, nor has one of my firearms ever walked off and shoot someone or been involved in a crime.

Brown Water Veteran

Sir, Had you not added Military service at the end of your comment, we would have had a very uncomfortable argument on our hands. I am a Service Connected Vietnam Combat Veteran that on my 1st tour of Duty “In Country” I was 19. I turned 21 during my 2nd Tour of Duty. Should we stop Drafting 18 year olds? BTW, I Volunteered, and was not drafted. You also state “MAYBE” we should have an exception for those that served, and I would not agree, unless you had stated consideration “Without an Honorable Discharge.” Those that have an HD no… Read more »


What if you’re a 19 year old who has moved out into his own place? You’re telling me, he can’t defend himself. What if he wants to compete in shooting sports?

Thank you for your service, but I’m not buying your gun control.


Please call the President immediately at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 and tell him you do not support gun control laws.
This is your chance to actually do something.
Be polite and courteous, dont scream these are your rights.


JS: It’s always about being polite and courteous! Are the gun-grabbers being polite and courteous? Watch their actions closely. We’ve been betrayed by Trump. No support from me again EVER! P & C does NOT work. Us sheep are being eaten alive by the wolves. I will make my call today, but I will not be P & C. It’s time to let Trump know he’s a cave-in to the gun-grabbers. We need to man-up and be active instead of watching our 2A rights disappear like “passive” little snowflakes.


Agreed, but be as polite and courteous as you can, without failing to make your point firmly. You don’t want to give adversaries an easy excuse to write you off, like, they can’t deal with a raving madman or something! Also, the sense of cooperatively seeking answers to real problems lets people save face (or at least one of the two), and changes the question into a goal of agreement yet to be accomplished, rather than a battle to be quickly won. That’s the theory, anyway, but it doesn’t mean to let people blow you off.


We should also push for Congress to fix HIPAA so that information on people with a DOCUMENTED history of mental illness can be mandatorily listed in the background check data base. It will not fix all problems, but it will identify those like Cho from the VIRGINIA Tech shooting and would possibly have helped prevent the Fla school shooting by preventing the legal sale of the firearm.


But who gets to decide what qualifies as too “mentally ill”. Does it include anyone who is just taking an antidepressant, or has taken one in the past? Doctors frequently push patients to try antidepressants when their “standard tests” can’t identify the cause of a patient’s problem; or how about a kid who was misdiagnosed as ADD and made to take Ritalin and has stopped taking it as an adult because they never needed it in the first place? Some people would identify anyone who owns a gun, or wants to, as mentally ill. Who gets to decide?

Cole Campbell

The Press and even Republicans are making a very big deal today out of Trump saying seize the guns, arrest him, and to hell with due process. Trump’s point was that he was talking about Nikolas Cruz and the fact that Cruz had been reported to be certifiably insane and violent and said he would shoot up a school. That is a felony to threaten to kill someone. All Trump was saying was that there was probable cause to arrest him before getting a warrant, just as if you caught a person in the neighborhood of a burglary. So get… Read more »


Cole, I do see your point and if that is truly his strategy it is a great one. HOWEVER, there are enough spineless politicians on both sides that if an overreaching bill like described above should see the light of day, it may just pass. That is not a risk I am comfortable taking just to expose the other parties lies. The democrat party can (and does) just create another lie and shift focus and they get away with it because they have enough media to make the story of the day be whatever they want. This is too serious… Read more »


I agree with Cole. He’s playing 4d chess and the Demon-crats are playing checkers. I fully believe he has a long game against the traitors, but always remember and leave some room for the possibility that it may also be a long game that ends us. It’s just too soon to know for sure which.


I hope you’re right. I have wondered myself if this is President Trump’s strategem.

I any event, we should all be vigilant when it comes to our 2A rights. Trump has certainly got my attention.


If he is looking to be a one term wonder he is on the right track. We can always vote libertarian in 2018 and 20120 I will not give my vote to a gun grabber of either party. I would rather be stabbed in the chest by a (D) delusional than stabbed in the back by an (R) Rino.


I hope the President enjoys his 1st term because I doubt there will be a second if this actually passes. You can cut my taxes in half and close every border, but mess with the 2A and I’m no longer a supporter. Our personal security and freedom trumps all else. (no pun intended)


Keep the info coming as no media outlets are telling the whole truth. Much appreciated, much thanks.

RM Molon Labe

Μολων λαβε



RM Molon Labe

Sheer genius of Leonidas…


I’m finding myself checking this site for gun news updates.

Thank you for being on top of the news-situations!