Nat’l African-American Gun Association , Three Years Old & Growing

by NAAGA President Philip Smith

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Nat’l African-American Gun Association , Three Years Old & Growing

USA – -( Three years ago on February 28, 2015 in honor of Black History Month The National African American Gun Association was started. Since then we have went from 1 person to over 20,000+ Members Nationwide and 54 Chapters. Let’s have 150 Chapters by 2019 !!

Regional Directors Appointed

The National African American Gun Association Executive Team has selected 4 Regional Directors to manage the continued growth of the organization’s membership Nationwide.

The Regional Directors will oversee Chapters and organizational expansion in those areas.

  • Pierre Salomon – Northeast Region
  • Chad King – Midwest Region
  • Kimberly Battle – South Region
  • Alton Clark – West Region

Congratulations to our new Regional Directors!

New Chapters & Chapter Leaders

Edward V. Clarke, Jr –
Deep South Magnolia Gun Club – Jackson, Mississppi
[email protected]

Harrice B Moore –
9th Cavalry Gun Club “Buffalo Soldiers” – McDonough, Georgia
[email protected]

Thomas Wilson Jr
Morgantown/Monongalia County Gun Club – Morgantown, West Virginia
[email protected]

Daniel Boykin
Ogun Gun Club – Aurora – Denver, Co
Email: [email protected]​​​​​

It is Time to Protect Our Schools with Good Guys that have Guns!

The last few weeks I have received numerous calls from members around the country…..we have been hit again with another school shooting and this time it seems to be causing real discussion and possible changes in laws. The conversations have been emotional because people are scared for our kids.

Nobody wants kids to get shot in America or any other place for that matter. Kids are innocent and shouldn’t have to be potential targets for any crazed lunatic who is out to cause harm.

You ask ten people on what American schools should do to protect themselves and you get ten different answers depending on who you ask.

I personally believe that the best way to protect our kids is to place Security Professionals and/or under cover police with concealed Firearms in the schools. These steps along with “hardening” the school as a target by locking all doors to the outside, security cameras, restricting entry to one or two locations will greatly increase the security of the school. That will work. Some may not like the new look of the Modern School in 2018 but folks this is the reality.

I have 2 children who are in school and I don’t have any problem with my kids being protected by trained Security Professionals at the school. To me it makes common sense so why not do it. Criminals, Racists, and Mentally ill people aren’t going to change if they want to hurt you. They are going to continue.

You can’t talk your way to a safer school. We must take action by doing something tangible that will work….. Our kids deserve it so let’s give them at least that.

Evil people will always get guns so we must always be prepared to stop them by depending on ourselves. We have a choice at this moment in time and our kids are depending on us. If every gun was taken from every Law Abiding Citizen all you would do is make it that much easier for Criminals to kill people because Criminals will always have Guns regardless of what you do.

It is time for America’s schools to look at the reality in 2018. Academic Institutions can no longer have open door policies so that anyone off the street can come on any campus and starting killing

Until that stops the same will unfortunately continue ….

The definition of Insanity is to repeat the same thing and to expect a different result”.

Send comments and/or suggestions to [email protected]


National African American Gun Association

About National African American Gun Association (NAAGA):

The goal of the National African American Gun Association is to have every African American introduced to firearm use for home protection, competitive shooting, and outdoor recreational activities. We are a civil rights organization focused on self preservation of our community through armed protection and community building. The National African American Gun Association provides a network for all African American firearm owners, gun clubs and outdoor enthusiasts. We welcome people of all religious, social, and racial perspectives. We especially welcome African American members of law enforcement and active/retired military.

For more information, visit:

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Patrick McCullough

How can I become a member of NAAG from Greenville SC?


We are looking for a chapter in South East Virginia (Virginia Beach)


I am also in the Hampton Roads area of VA and would love to join this Association.

George A. Suber

Good day,

I am writing to see what my membership status with the NAAGA. I joined NAAGA when the organization first started. I renew my membership after the organization was changing over to digital cards. I never receive any information on how to access card. I still would like to continue membership just would like to know my status… what I need to do to renew and or get a card.

Sheila Whitworth

Is there a chapter in Charlotte NC if so who is the contact person?

Keep up the good fight, NAAG!

Guaranteed that everyone criticizing this group as “racist” is either paid to do so by Soros/Bloomberg, or otherwise a member in good standing of the anti-gun Left. They are trolls and interlopers trying to stir up trouble. Not a thing wrong with people having their own groups. Ignore the provacateurs. The only way we get through this next wave of gun grabbing is by having as many people on our side involved in the fight as we can get. If some folks want to advocate for their own perspective on self defense, all the better. The NRA isn’t for everyone,… Read more »

Robert Wilkerson

Good morning, my name is Robert Wilkerson, and researching organization as yours. I would like to know if there is chapter in Arkansas and if not I would like to recieve information on how to get a chapter started. We honestly need organization like this in our community. Thank you in advance for help
Robert Wilkerson

Lacy Rice Jr

I am a gun owning member of the Left and more than likely, the ones who might call this group racists will come from the NRA. Look at the racists on their board and construct an intelligent conclusion. Your rant was nonsense. Leftists are not racists. However, the Right has always been and they will call out threats to their perceived power/brand.

Sandra FM Wiles

Good afternoon my name is Sandra Wiles and I would like to join the association soon. I would like to know if you have a New York City section?? If so please put me in contact with them. I live in Manhattan New York. Also I briefly saw on FB a female didn’t get her name but would like her to be my instructor!! I was inputting my info and my
My iPad went down (646) 559-9778 is my home number not my cell my cell (347)493-9942. Email – [email protected]

Dan Oster

Outstanding! As for this old white guy, I’m wishing this group to have explosive growth over the next few years. I’m sure that as many Christians have joined, people from all races will join this organization as a way to support our common bond. It is without question that African-Americans have historically faced the “pointed end of the stick” in terms of efforts to restrict the rights of law-abiding American citizens to own firearms. A perusal of the historical record clearly demonstrates this. The authors of an article titled, “The Second Amendment: Toward an Afro-Americanist Reconsideration” point to the… Read more »

Christopher Eller

Awesome organization. I’m white, NRA lifer, DD214, and CCW 24/7, and I’m going to support The National African American Gun Association. The more American’s who are trained, armed, and responsible the safer our lives will be. This is superb and can change our cultural landscape in very positive ways in less than a generation. The African American community has endured things we can’t imagine, let alone the automatic stereotypes we instantly all have when anyone thinks about these words together: “Black man” and “gun”. The bad guys get on the news, and if it bleeds it leads. It is great… Read more »

Bill N.

Here we go again. People, read and comprehend what they are saying. Read the last 2 sentences, it says we welcome all religious, social and racial perspectives. it doesn’t say a word about black only. Old feelings die hard.


Go to their website and read the information on the association. They say they welcome all races, religions, etc., but be sure to check out the gun club chapters and the chapter names. It makes one wonder if all races are really welcome…just sayin’. If the association gets more people involved in shooting sports, and the shooting sports are used to enlighten and introduce the races to each other in our common field of passion, then I am all for it.

Bob Shell

Racism is an unfortunate fact of life. It is wrong but exists. So with that fact in mind I would support such a group as long as they don’t discriminate against any other I am white so I would expect to be welcome in this group. They have some good ideas showing that a majority of black people are law abiding citizens and should have the right for self protection as everyone else does. They can teach responsible gun ownership plus target shooting and other recreational uses gor guns. Good luck .


If you want the support of gun owners, then publish a picture of a women who clearly has never held a gun before, to support your position, well then maybe you don’t know anything about guns and gun issues either. If that’s the case get out of the arena.


Let’s just forget all this “color” b.s. and be Americans who uphold the 2nd amendment. Everyone should be judged on their merit, not their race.

Don Judah

Cut the bullshit ok


Obama’s race division lives on.


I see all race based groups as splintering this country. We should all stand together as Americans, and not base our associations on how we look in the mirror. It is the fault of the federal government for allowing it.


Was raised in northern Wisconsin in the 50s-60s by a Scandanavian Dad and Chinese Mom. I know a bit about racism first hand. I believe I’ll join this group. Maybe my conservative nature will rub off on some. We need all the allies we can get in this 2nd ammendment fight.


We need to welcome everyone in the tent. The battles are not going to get easier.


Is this not racists? If is was the National White American Gun Owners it sure would be? This is why the black/white thing will never go away. Equality is demanded but not practiced from those demanding it.


It should be remembered that the original purpose of “gun control” was to keep guns out of the hands of black people. In other words, gun control was always about control, not safety.


Let’s not get too goofy over a group of people wanting to start a firearm association.

The case to be made here is more armed citizens is better for all. We can come together as one when it comes to firearm ownership.

How better than to take on the NAACP with their recent stance in favor of gun confiscation.

Matt in Oklahoma

So being American with the 2nd behind you isn’t enough you gotta be and have a “special” organization?

Roy D.

So someone admits that “racists” are not necessarily criminals or mentally ill. On a side note at the USPSA match last Saturday there was a young man who happened to also be Black. Didn’t shoot on his squad but my conversation with him left me with a very positive impression. I hope he returns.