NJ Students Targeted by Anti-Constitution Mafia, NJ2AS Vows to Fight Back!

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Two students high school students were placed on 5 days of suspension, plus Saturday suspension, for posting pictures on social media of firearms with the caption of “fun day at the range”.

New Jersey-(Ammoland.com)- After weeks of irresponsible and false attacks on Second Amendment supporters for educating uninformed teenagers, New Jersey’s anti-Constitution mafia is now targeting high school students for lawful behavior off-campus.

Two students at Lacey Township High School were placed on 5 days of suspension, plus Saturday suspension, for posting pictures on social media of firearms with the caption of “fun day at the range,” according to NJ101.5. Apparently sharing a photo from a shooting range on social media disrupted the “school climate,” one of the students facing punishment said. Not only are they after the Second Amendment, they are also after the First Amendment.

A person with knowledge of the situation told NJ2AS that someone (obviously unfamiliar with firearms) saw the picture and contacted the school (“see something, say something”) and stated that the picture offended them, scared them, and appeared to be threatening. Superintendent Craig Wigley said all claims of threats are referred to the police.

While the school and the administrators claim this is a public safety issue; we know first hand this is nothing more than a witch hunt to intimidate, harass, and discourage any student from participating in the joyful activities of hunting, shooting trap/skeet, self-defense training, etc.

With all the real issues teenagers face – including bullying, delicious Tide pods, drugs, finishing homework and raging hormones – it’s hard to believe the “school climate” was disrupted by pictures of students at a firing range. We at NJ2AS are guessing it was the political agenda of liberal school officials that was most disrupted by the student’s photos, not the school climate.

Also, we at NJ2AS would like to compliment ANJRPC on their fast and aggressive response to the actions of Lacey Township school officials. We stand in solidarity against any policy that “allows suspension of students for exercising a fundamental right off of school grounds.”

Furthermore, given the zero-tolerance policy of NJ2AS regarding discrimination against Americans exercising the Second Amendment, we are currently pursuing legal action against the school district on behalf of a plaintiff who suffered. Our lawsuit will seek to address the unconstitutional policies and make sure the victim, and any others who come forward, receive justice for the unnecessary stress they’ve had to face at this difficult time in their lives.

Unfortunately, we have been advised that the two victims who were suspended are not willing to come forward with a lawsuit against the school due to fear of retaliation. It’s even more disturbing because Superintendent Wiley is a former Harassment Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) coordinator, yet he has no problem intimidating and bullying teens for exercising their constitutional rights.

Speaking of Superintendent Wigley, we would like to address his horrific response to this situation and how he attempted to wiggle his way out of it. Click here to read the e-mail he sent in response to the situation.

While he claims no student has been disciplined or punished under the district’s policy 5611, in Houdini fashion he tried to misdirect everyone to a different policy in the handbook. Not only did he lose his opportunity to fix a wrong in a respectable and professional manner; he resolved to deception. Perhaps we should advocate for a new school policy that reprimands administrators for purposeful misinformation?

Please stay tuned and subscribed to NJ2AS as we follow this story closely. Also, the Board of Education meeting will be held on Monday, March 19, 2018 at 5:30pm at 200 Western Blvd, Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734. We strongly encourage any of our members who are Lacey residents to attend and speak up against this Fascist mentality.

Please join or donate at www.NJ2AS.org/Join as we take the fight straight to those with no regard for our constitutional rights.

By supporting NJ2AS this month you could win a Sig Sauer M400 Rifle! Click here to enter our March Giveaway! Proceeds go towards helping us with undercover investigations, lawsuits, and activism. Join NJ2AS today and become a proud card-carrying member by clicking here! Become a part of the fight for the Second Amendment in New Jersey before it is too late!

About New Jersey Second Amendment Society:

New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – The NJ2AS uses innovative and bold direct-action tactics to expose, document, and take results-oriented action to confront anti-Second Amendment policies and legislators.

By Defending, Protecting, and Preserving the Second Amendment within New Jersey, the NJ2AS works to ensure that our civil rights are restored, no longer degraded, and to prevent NJ from being used as a laboratory to destroy the Second Amendment nationwide. Visit: www.nj2as.com

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Without 2A there ARE NO other rights!!!


Well, while NJ2A was writing press releases so they could ask for more memberships and donations, the ANJRPC had an attorney send a letter to the district regarding the unconstitutional regulations and actions of the school district. It is reported that the district has re-written it’s student manual and they are in private discussion with the students and families to make things right.


Back when I was in high school, the administrators occasionally tried to extend their “authority” to actions outside of school hours, away from school property, and NOT at school sanctioned events. The student response? Non violent noncompliance – we simply ignored their edicts, placing them in a position where they would have to initiate force or violence themselves.

They didn’t.

Something of the sort should happen here – students should consider simply refusing to comply with edicts UNRELATED to their LEGAL actions utterly unrelated to school.

Herb T

You should realize by now that expecting honesty, truth and the American way from democrats is too much. They lie, cheat, steal, and expect forgiveness when they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar.


It would be fun if the kids were Olympic Athletes in a shooting sport
They could be suspended for winning an Olympic gold medal in ( for example) biathlon and posting it on social media
What would the school reaction be then?
I hear that they have removed the no weapons off campus part of the policy from the school handbook after the outcry

2A Warrior

Its a shame the kids arent stepping up for the law suit. Clearly the Lacey Township has COMMUNIST school policies that try to regulate what kids do off of school property, not during school hours, and on social media.

Vom Brunhaus

Entire State is run by Dem O Rat Extremists , as anti gun as they come , many leaving the state