GLOCK Reaches a Historic Milestone with the Millionth G43 & is Giving it Away

Millionth Glock G43 Pistol
GLOCK Reaches a Historic Milestone with the Millionth G43 & is Giving it Away

MYRNA, Ga. – -( Today, GLOCK, Inc. launched #IamGLOCK, an interactive campaign to honor GLOCK enthusiasts and celebrate production of the one millionth GLOCK 43. The campaign will run April 30th through May 6th, 2018 on social media.

“GLOCK customers are at the heart of everything that we do and this campaign celebrates the GLOCK family that has made one million GLOCK 43 pistols in only three years possible,” said GLOCK, Inc. VP Josh Dorsey.

Fans will submit a photo demonstrating what GLOCK means to them on Instagram or Twitter using #IamGLOCK.

Fans can also visit the GLOCK booth (#7802) during the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, Texas and have their photo taken and submitted. Together, GLOCK and its fans will create a mosaic that represents and celebrates the GLOCK community and will be displayed in the booth during the conference which runs May 4th through May 6th 2018.

The GLOCK 43 is and will remain one of the most popular concealed carry pistols available. To commemorate this landmark milestone, the slide of the one millionth GLOCK 43 features custom hand engraving by Rob Bunting of Baron Technology, Inc. This unique pistol will be on display at the GLOCK booth and will be awarded to one lucky GLOCK enthusiast as part of the #IamGLOCK campaign.

For more information about participating in the #IamGLOCK campaign and entering to win the one-millionth GLOCK 43, visit


About GLOCK, Inc.

GLOCK is a leading global manufacturer of firearms. The simple, safe design of GLOCK’s polymer-based pistols revolutionized the firearms industry and made GLOCK pistols a favorite of military and law enforcement agencies worldwide and among pistol owners. In 2018, GLOCK celebrates its 32nd Anniversary in the United States. Renowned for featuring three safeties, GLOCK pistols offer users of every lifestyle confidence they can rely on. GLOCK, Inc. is based in Smyrna, Georgia. For more information, please visit

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J.A. Brooks

I’m 53 and refuse to support Fakebook & the like they are very anti 2A take down posts that don’t agree with Zuckerbergs visions. Sell personal information, and twittee/instagram is just as bad. It’s really not social media it’s Socialist media. When a rape suspect & convicted felon is allowed to tweet I just did a B**ch good along with posting his gang affiliation, has an ad in FB marketplace selling weed pipes and uses instagram to communicate gang symbols along with a picture of him holding 2 firearms at a photograph of the POTUS and praising Allah. Makes me… Read more »


Yep the same for me no Fb, twtr, ig. The only one I do is LinkedIn. Yeah


There are a few older folks that may be on twitter or one of the other social media. But the majority are not so what that tells us is we don’t matter to Glock. Mayby if we didnt buy as many Glocks as we sid they wouldn’t be.xlose to there milestone. I guess i will het rid of my Glocks amd either get more Sig’s or H & K pistols.

John Dow

Three years and a million made? That’s impressive.

American Patriot

I guess I’ll just have to stick with my G19 cuz sometimes MORE is better.


Not accessible to those not using accounts on Instagram or Twitter, or at 2018 NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas. Oh well, I guess a lot of folks can’t enter. I guess Glock’s market is 18-26 year old who take pictures of their guns and food and post those pictures on those foolish social media sites.

Matt in Oklahoma

Unfortunately for them that’s really not their market but the age of their marketing team. I wont be getting in on it either.


Age has nothing to do with being on Twitter I’m 53 and I have a Twitter account as do all the gun mfg’s I also follow pro 2A groups and several conservatives. Its simply a vehicle to use to see what’s going on in areas that interest you and to express your opinions. You really should consider getting on Twitter it’s quite entertaining. If you do decide to give it try look up James Woods that guy has some of the best tweets


I agree with N5del. I dont do FB or IG but do Twit. James Woods is a hoot. I also follow special forces guys since they always have there nose in the wind. Potus is another since he is unfiltered on twitter.

Jason Neucere

Well I’m 54 and I have no way to take a photo of my little old Glock 21. I don’t have one of those fancy phones or camera. That means I’m out. I’m not going to buy a camera or get a hundred dollar a month phone. I’m on disability and have trouble with my doctor bills. So you guys try not to be hard on the people that are less fortunate than others. I know I just started a S%@t storm. Well let’s see who the a-holes are step right up!


I’m pretty sure that I know of at least one 71 year old with a Twitter account….


I love all my Glock’s and do already have a 43, with a mag extender that gives me 8rnds in the mag, and it carries nice with a lot more grip, but it would be really nice to have a free one, I don’t think I would shoot that one being what it is, and probably pass it down. I do like the engraving on this one, and they left the polymer alone. That’s a big plus. I guess I will have to just keep enjoying the nice 43 I already have because I don’t do social media. I don’t… Read more »