NRA 2018 Board Election Results Are Out, Did your Pick Win a Seat?

NRA Board Election Ballot Vote
NRA 2018 Board Election Results Are Out, Did your Pick Win a Seat?

USA – -( The unofficial election results for the 2018 NRA Board member elections have been leaked. Did your pick for NRA board make the cut?

Below are the standings as shown in the final draft report from the NRA's election advisory firm. The official results and vote tallies will be released in the Committee on Elections report at the Annual Meeting of NRA Members.

ELECTED TO THREE-YEAR TERMS (endorsed by AmmoLand News)

  • 1) Ronnie Barrett
  • 2) Carrie Lightfoot
  • 3) Wayne Anthony Ross
  • 4) Duane Liptak, Jr.
  • 5) Julie Golob
  • 6) Don Saba
  • 7) Robert K. Brown
  • 8) Carolyn D. Meadows
  • 9) Timothy Knight
  • 10) Robert A. Nosler
  • 11) Kim Rhode
  • 12) William H. Satterfield
  • 13) Edie P. Fleeman
  • 14) Owen Buz Mills
  • 15) Kristy Titus
  • 16) Bill Miller
  • 17) Maria Heil
  • 18) John C. Sigler
  • 19) Scott L. Bach
  • 20) Dean Cain
  • 21) William A. Bachenberg
  • 22) Il Ling New
  • 23) David G. Coy
  • 24) Joel Friedman
  • 25) David A. Keene


  • 26) Ronald L. Schmeits


  • 27) Paul D. Babaz
  • 28) John L. Cushman
  • 29) Adam Kraut
  • 30) Grover G. Norquist
  • 31) Robert J. Wos
  • 32) Herbert A. Lanford, Jr.
  • 33) Mark Humphreville
  • 34) Stephen R. Plaster
  • 35) Al Cardenas

Editors NOTE; This is an unoffical tally and AmmoLand News will update readers when we get an offical report from NRA.

Not happy with the results? Make sure you join the NRA so you can vote in the next NRA Board Member election.

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  • 19 thoughts on “NRA 2018 Board Election Results Are Out, Did your Pick Win a Seat?

    1. this may come as a shock to many of you but the information members need to know who to vote for is difficult to find if you’re not already on a site such as this one. I found you searching to see if any of my picks won, but I’d never heard the name Adam Kraut before. Why is this so difficult? What well-visited news site should I have gotten this from?

    2. Members must stop the inside politics and stop the compromising as usual that the NRA leadership continual promotes. Please consider to never vote for those appointed by the board. This is a rigged system. Please vote for people like Adam Kraut who is nominated by the membership not the Board. Hopefully Adam continues to fight as more people realize he is trying to fix the system for the members to garner back their voices which is stolen by the shady endorsements the board uses to keep paying the compromiser in chief Wayne La Pierre in office. Go to to read his platform.

    3. I’m a member of the NRA I did not know their was an election. I did not receive any notification.

        1. No…. It was NOT in either of our magazines. Both my wife and I were NOT sent ballots this year.

      1. Neither did I. I had to contact the NRA and even then, it took them about 5 mailing attempts before I received my ballot.

    4. Been a Life member for 20 years. I joined the NRA believing they would be an absolute unwavering force protecting gun owners from Second Amendment infringers, just to have them capitulate when they should be pushing forward like a bulldozer. I’ve monetarily supported them believing they had our backs and best interests as their number one goal, not so sure anymore.

      I expected the NRA to get in the trenches everyday and fight unrelentlessly like a pitbull to protect my rights. I’m absolutely NOT okay with the NRA negotiating away or being a willing participant in giving up one inch of my gun rights. This happened most recently when the upper echelon of the NRA voluntarily became a mouthpiece for the anti-gun movement by suggesting that the BATFE/NFA should re-evaluate their classification of certain gun parts……….WHAT?

      What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” does the NRA not understand? Just what side of the fight are they really on? Maybe the NRA in it’s current form is starting to show that they’re really nothing more than a modern day version of the Wizard of Oz……….No brain, no heart, no courage!

      How is it that a small minority of under aged, snot nosed, misguided school kids can organize protests and get state government officials to immediately pass legislation further restricting our gun rights, but the NRA can’t seem to find it’s legs to stand up, stand strong, and be an impenetrable force to protect our rights?

      Just how many capitulations by the NRA will it take to completely see our gun rights stripped away? With their recent wins, some Democrats are now calling for completely doing away with the Second Amendment altogether, is that where were headed?

      So much for the NRA being a steadfast shield to protect the rights of 5+ million gun owners.

      Am I pissed, you’re damn right I am!

      On another note……..Congratulations to the newly elected board members. Unlike CONgress and the Senate of these great United States whom have completely forgotten who elected them, please don’t forget the people whose voice you really represent.

      I’m truly amazed with all the support and great work that Adam Kraut has and continues to do on behalf of us gun owners, that he wasn’t elected to represent us………Were there some hanging chads?

      Oops, wait a minute, the phone’s ringing and it’s the NRA calling again, oh they just need more money for the good fight………RIGHT!

      1. I could not agree more. The NRA, and it’s current leadership, is about to turn me into a felon because I own a piece of plastic. My option is to capitulate my rights under the Second and Fourth amendments. Thank You NRA. I’ve been a member for 15 years, and will continue to be a member. I will strive to vote EVERY incumbent out of office at each election.
        The NRA is a great organization.
        The leadership of the NRA is corrupt.

    5. We can elect whomever we like – until the current paid leadership changes, the NRA won’t. Despite the bylaws, it’s not the board that drives decisions, it’s Wayne. He’s done a lot of good, but we all know what Lord Acton said about power…

    6. I have been a Life Member since I was age 20, making monthly payments until my Life member status was complete.
      I have never regretted joining the NRA. I’m now 72 and still believe they have my six.
      Love my right to own and use firearms. Proud that I have grandson who this month became a life member.

    7. I voted for the newbies that I felt would uphold the values that the NRA has stood for all these years. This election reminded me of the presidential election. Out with the old and in with the new.

      1. Totally agree, Thomas ! The personal drive that these ‘new’ candidates demonstrated, gave me hope that the survival of the NRA is secured.

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