YETI Coolers’ Statement on “Dropping NRA” Claims

Yeti Coolers 36 oz. Rambler Bottle
YETI Coolers’ Statement on “Dropping NRA” Claims

USA –-( A few weeks ago, YETI® notified the NRA Foundation, as well as a number of other organizations, that we were eliminating a group of outdated discounting programs.

When we notified the NRA Foundation and the other organizations of this change, YETI explained that we were offering them an alternative customization program broadly available to consumers and organizations, including the NRA Foundation.

These facts directly contradict the inaccurate statement the NRA-ILA distributed on April 20 2018.

Further, the NRA-ILA stated in that same public communication that “[YETI has] declined to continue helping America’s young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities.” Nothing is further from the truth.

YETI was founded more than 10 years ago with a passion for the outdoors, and over the course of our history we have actively and enthusiastically supported hunters, anglers and the broader outdoor community. We have been devoted to and will continue to directly support causes tied to our passion for the outdoors, including by working with many organizations that promote conservation and management of wildlife resources and habitat restoration.

YETI Coolers

From our website to our film footage and from our social media posts to our ambassadors, YETI has always prominently featured hunters pursuing their passions. Moreover, YETI is unwavering in our belief in and commitment to the Constitution of the United States and its Second Amendment.

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BUY AMERICAN! Yeti sells a bunch of Chinese shit.


Totally disagree w/ the above Press Release from Yeti. I’m not a drama queen and try to open mindedly check out stories like this. Here’s the steps I took: 1. I emailed Yeti multiple times. No response. Then I called Yeti. The young man was polite I didn’t get a warm fuzzy about the truth being told. He said it’d take a while to get everything smoothed out. I told him I could help him smooth it out over night. I told him I’m an Outdoor Writer and publish 325 articles/yr. and of course there are multiple other Outdoor writers.… Read more »

Roy Biv

Photo contest of the YETI Cups used for target practice?


The NRA needs to go GLOBAL!
We need chapters in and around the world in other countries.
Seems like a no brainer to me.
Who the ?&;:#$ is in charge here?!
…bert life NRA member

James Crisp

There already is, in most western countries that is


Yeti’s original “cancellation letter” to the NRA mentioned absolutely NOTHING about “alternative customization” whatsoever. That’s a total BS claim. If they had, the Washington Post would never have called the NRA for a comment on the business cancellation in the first place. There wouldn’t be any story to report.

Yeti is simply doing fierce damage control to slow down the fire, but it’s too late. They’ve just “Dixie Chicked” themselves.


Just my arrogant opinion but “YETI” is just the “STARBUCKS”of the THERMOS/ GEAR shops anyway. I can get by with way less thermos and use surplus and still have money to protect my FIREARMS RIGHTS rights. YETI like DICKS will NEVER choose what I need to do with my dollar or my rights. They were never elected.



Here’s a link to a story from March 2017 about YETI’s flagship store in Texas banning licensed concealed and open carry – at that time they tried to excuse their behavior by saying the signs were posted because of the attached bar, but the signs also put the store off limits. It took some pressure for them to remove the signs and lift the carry restriction on their store. (Bar remains off limits to licensed carry due to a different provision of the law.)


DATE: April 24, 2018 TO: USF & NRA Member and Friends FROM: Marion P. Hammer USF Executive Director NRA Past President If it wasn’t bad enough that YETI dropped The NRA Foundation as a client, now they’re calling us liars because we informed our members and friends of their actions. The NRA Foundation has over 1,100 “Friends of NRA Committees” around the country. These committees host banquets and auctions that are attended by hundreds of thousands of guests each year. These events raise funds to support charitable causes and programs. The NRA Foundation supports the needs of youth programs for… Read more »


If it looks like a coincidence, its probable NOT! But, if YETI is being totally truthful there is something else we can learn about YETI. You NEVER empty your bowels BEFORE you get to the toilet! Timing is everything when relieving yourself and YETI has let it all out in the middle of the “house”! Was it an accident or was it on purpose? To avoid misconceptions in my post, in the middle of the messes of Parkland, Waffle House, and other recent mass shootings and the lefts call for more gun control and vilifying the NRA, YETI drops their… Read more »

Russell Wolffe

Don’t destroy what’s already paid for. It’s a waste of hard earned cash, and ammo. What you do is cover the YETI logo with that sticker they were offering at the NRA convention thos year. They were designed to cover the logo, and the stickers say something about proudly supporting the Second Amendment.

Nomen Ignotus

For years …The Yeti ..was “Abominable ” ….:) but then it became a “cooler” …:(

Douglas Kuykendall

Well someone is bull shitting someone.Yeti says they were quitting old programs of a few people,including NRA.Are they now supporting other programs or did they quit all programs?Someone from yeti needs to clear things up before shit gets going to far. Would NRA bullshit someone,don’t know,they need to show letter from yeti to clear up.Has NRA Done shit I disagree with,you bet your ass they have,and I have called them on it,but still they do a lot of great stuff also.I am a life member endowed,plus life member of GOA.GOA does no backing down which NRA does sometimes. You shouldn’t… Read more »

Dave Brown

You know at the age of 12 The NRA brought me into the firearm sports. They used Education and Attraction back In The Day. I have been shooting and hunting for 54 years now, and I plan on another 26 or so years. Over those next years I will bring my Grand Buddies, both girls into the sports. Yet, I doubt the NRA will do much for them as they have Lost Their Roots. They called out Yeti, and they may be correct, but it don’t matter. The NRA used Fear and Worse to keep 5M Members. Me, I know… Read more »


Dave, you are either naïve or a troll…or just plain ignorant of what is going on in the country today and what the NRA stands for. The NRA still is the preeminent firearm training organization and supporter of hunting, shooting and other outdoor sports. The instructors in my state wildlife programs are “licensed NRA instructors,” as are most police instructors. The shooting organization I belong to has “NRA certified” range safety officers. I would sure like to know what “truths” you know and how I can verify them. Please speak up and let us know.


The NRA has done what it can to fearmonger for members and donations. They need a house cleaning. The “powers that be” cave like a cali sink hole when it comes to illegal taxation on civil rights, select fire weapons, bump sticks and other items they always say well it could have been worse. When are the reforms fought for by Knox et al. Going to be reinstated. The front office has a great deal. Great pay, travel, lucrative deals like printing for their buddies. I am an Rso, pistol, rifle. Personal protection, ccw instructor, former military and fed. So… Read more »

Michael Menifee

Briley, don’t be a sheep! I’ve been an NRA member for decades, and I am one of those “certified Pistol Instructors” and “certified Range Safety Officers” you’re talking about. And Dave is not naïve. The NRA has lost their way. They use fear as a recruiting tool. They wave the Flag and cash their checks. The only way to fix it is to get rid of LaPierre and Cox. Then we can start over. Dave Brown, fight the good fight!

Don McDougall

I just bought a cooler from ORCA. U.S. made and they support the NRA. Then I called Yeti and told them why I will not buy their products again. 7 minutes on hold to get through.

Dump Yeti. Make the cowards pay.


I reached out to them in an email notifying them that I was going to buy some of their merchandise until I received my letter from the NRA. I told them that now I’ll spend my money with their competitors and notified them of the boycott I started. They sent the same sob story as what the story says. I just don’t buy it especially when the moms demand action another bloomturd company president started praising yeti and urging the libturds to start buying their products. Hope they are happy with their new clients. They’ll soon figure out the mistake… Read more »

Cindy H

I reached out to them and said the same thing. I haven’t heard a word from them.


I reached out with a well-written, diplomatic, respectful letter stating that I found it interesting at the least and shameful at the most for Yeti to turn their backs on the very people who made them all so wealthy. Yeti’s made its first mistake by letting go of the very marketing firm that made them great. As soon as this other marketing firm took over, guess what, mistake number two came into play (dumping NRA). All I received as a response is the same public relations press release in response to the call-out by the NRA. We, the people, have… Read more »


Yeti is overpriced anyway. Besides Pelican makes a better ice chest and a really trick travel mug.

Dr. Michael Velsmid

Sam’s Club has a great knock off that works just as good. Besides WalMart put scary guns back into the WalMart Superstores. My daughter just bought one at a great price. The sell Yeti knockoffs too. I think Yeti is backpeddling because the quiche eaters don’t buy Yeti.

Mike Rust

I am an NRA member at the Endowment level. this looks lke someone at NRA got mad because they had a price increase, so they pushed Yeti off a train. I am very disappointed in NRA Foundation and NRA as a whole they haven’t come out with a statement yet.


The NRA is a Second Amendment protecting organization–not a bump stock outfit–which by the way is NOT a %$&*% firearm! I suspect the NRA also does not advocate the private ownership of rifle grenades because they can be launched from a rifle! As long as trolls, Second Amendment enemy’s, Soros’ paid info. planters (commenting on ammoland’s site) , and idiots keep dividing and promoting the distrust of the NRA we will lose our asses. And, there are some 90 MILLION people out there who own guns who are not members of the NRA–now that is dumb because good as the… Read more »


YETI is catering to those who are unlikely to purchase its products while insulting those who would.
It does seem to be a strange way to run a business.

Jerry Grzeskowiak

Screw yeti and any other company who is so narrow minded.most of their shit is made in china.JERRY NRA life member

Todd Jones

By “officially” ending any partnership, vendor or otherwise, I believe that they have created a buffer thereby insulating themselves from any possible backlash from the anti-gun community. They have simply said that the NRA can purchase YETI products just as anyone else can and thus that they do not officially support the NRA.

This is a cowardly move no doubt advised by someone in legal trying to preempt any possible problems.

YETI knows who its customers are and would have been better served by showing more support for the ones who have supported their business.


: I’m hard pressed to know what the hell to make of your comment! Are you inferring that ALL companies should offer great discounts to NRA members to show their support? If so, wow, nothing like free enterprise in your world. Businesses owe the NRA nothing. They can choose to offer or not offer discounts to whomever they chose. From your remarks it seems you think they owe NRA something. They owe them NOTHING.

Now, if I’ve misinterpreted your meaning, please correct me.

Lew Tripp

It’s jot about discounts so much as it is about supporting the NRA.


YETI, now on my “no longer exists” list….


Any company which, by act or by failure to act, fails to uphold the entire Constitution for ALL American citizens (legal exceptions noted for criminals and mentally ill noted), deserves no support from any American, and can fade into history.

If a friend of mine received my unrestricted support for his endeavors and then failed to support my endeavors which were not endangering his, that person would no longer be my friend, and my support would end. You’re either for me or against me. You’re either my friend or you are not.

K Kelly

Why did you wait so long to deny claims? Maybe because word spread and profits went down? Member of NRA and not a Yeti owner…


I just watched a video of a “good ol” boy take his yeti cooler out in a field with twenty two pounds of Explosives
in it, and shot it with his AR from quite a distance, pretty much vaporizing it. He called it #yeti, #NRA. Awesome.

Waxme Beavers

The joke’s on him. Yeti made their money from him…


YETI’s statement sounds a lot like what we hear from gun control proponents who say “I support hunters BUT we need common sense gun laws . . . ” Actions speak louder than words and talk is cheap, so just keep an eye on YETI and see what they actually DO in the coming weeks and months.


I agree with Ricard. The NRA rolled over on the bump stock issue. Now a company is going out of business. I’ve stated here before: I carried an M-60 for three years in combat. Those gunfire sounds I heard recorded from Vegas are from an M-60. Even with 9/11 we all those facts the next day yet Vegas is mum. Some of us know that Paddock was already dead and the shooters just went upstairs to the floors owned by the Saudi’s. have they ever showed us an invoice for twenty-something bump stocks? Of course not. Ever fired one? Civilian… Read more »


Same here rock. The enemy is insidious and will stop at nothing ! We gun- owners and sportsmen of all types must unite against these deserters! Never ever in ant way buy from or support these cowardly companies! Or anyone who push for the same end. The destruction of our freedoms. Citibank is one such company. I used to have one of their cards many yrs ago, but when they changed To working against our freedoms by refusing to do business with legitimate American company’s. I dropped them closed the account,Shredded the card and all subsequent mailings begging me to… Read more »


I saw 2 different shooting positions at the same time in vegas from private phone video. In cali, witnesses stated there were 3 white guys in body armor shooting, in parkland, a teacher stated a white guy she thought was a cop came in sprayed the wall and left, there was a deputies son that wore armor to school that day. If you think our govt black agencies won’t do that, watch the backside flir of waco where it shows military dismounting a cev, shooting into the bldg, then reappearing right before the satchel charge blows up the bunker foll… Read more »

Christopher Brocksmith

Recommend you notify ANY retailer that continues to support and sell YETI products that you will boycott them as well.

Russell Grayson

Yeti products are ridiculously overpriced–they think the value is in the BRAND. What bulls**t! When I can get the equal-in-every-way, Walmart, generic replacement for half the price THAT’s value to me. You want to damage the support for my rights? You don’t get my financial support. UnderArmor learned the hard way that you can’t betray 2nd Amendment supporters and still try to get into our wallets, now Yeti will as well.

Michael SKiver

Someone is lying. NRA needs to print the letter from Yeti. Or Yeti needs to show the initial letter with their intents.


I agree Mike.
This needs to be aired out.


Smells shifty to me. Just stop buying Yeti and move on.

Phillip Mason

Any company who,by action or statement, comes out against the 2nd amendment or legal gun owners will lose any and ALL support,from me


I see nothing in their statement that says Yeti Coolers supports the NRA. Seems like that would have gone a long way. Too bad for Yeti…….

Coville John P.

Where are yeti products made, my 32 oz mug was made in China. Their accessory stainless straws are as well. Strike two for yeti.

Richard Kennedy

Sounds like ‘Damage Control’….Too late….and who else was affected?

Wild Bill

@RK, and too little, as well! Yeti says, “YETI was founded more than 10 years ago with a passion for the outdoors [what ever that means WB], and over the course of our history we have actively and enthusiastically supported [and what ever that means WB] hunters, anglers and the broader outdoor community.”
Why didn’t Yeti write that they financially support the NRA, GOA, CCRKBA, JPFO and others and believe that Second Amendment Civil Rights are not limited to hunting? Why, well because they can’t.

Hardy Spires

The damage to your reputation has been done Yeti. Your company has lost a lot of customers for standing against the law abiding gun owners of America. Any company that tries to stand against the right of owning a gun will never see a penny of my money.

Earl Bollinger

Well, what other organizations were affected by their decision? I doubt any other organization was on that list of theirs. i think they were doing spin control after the fact, trying to mitigate the damage they did.


You don’t know that other organizations WEREN’T in their reorganization either and for you and others to condemn them simply on the half-hearted word of the NRA is just wrong. I believe in playing it straight down the line of truth. The companies that have cowered and withdrawn support of NRA because of some little snot nosed kid whining and complaining deserve to be publicly shunned. This does NOT appear to be the case with Yeti. They have come out strongly refuting the NRA’s statement, reiterating their support for the Second Amendment and the Constitution. Let us not forget that… Read more »


I don’t buy NRA stuff either.


To late… when you make a decision in a world of mixed cahos… you can reap the bad hype and reviews. When you should be supporting your countries outdoor sportsman and fans … you decide to pull out.. that send a strong message of negativity to the outdoor community… so enjoy your bad because we honest gun owners are tired of being pointed at from every direction and to blame for every mishap and tragedy.


So did we get played by the NRA?


They should’ve made this public from the start. The fact that they waited so long is cause for suspicion, especially given how long they took to respond after it finally went public. And given the delay of that happening, I can’t help that the NRA likely attempted to negotiate with Yeti prior to going public with the decision. How exactly would it benefit the NRA to just lie out of no where?


How did it benefit the NRA to roll over on bump stocks before the facts were in on the Vegas murders? The facts still are not available, but at least we got our National Reciprocity. Right?


Bump stops are not guns the nra fights for gun rights not gun part rights if you want to shoot full auto get a stamp and spend the $20000 on an m16. Ive shot full auto weapons and they are hard enough to control. Having to the the gun slide inside the stock is even harder. I still believe you should have the right to own one if you want but we cant expect the nra to start fighting for stocks too.

Wild Bill

@Tc3, Bump stocks are a gun part. If the government can ban one gun part, then the government could ban any and all gun parts (e.g. gun barrel, or the action). The NRA should be fighting gun part bans.

Todd LP Crawford

Wild Bill first of all thanks for your service I agree with you about owning bump stocks Im saying the NRA can’t fight every battle the people I blame are the gun owners that don’t belong to the NRA the more money they have the more battles they can fight that’s all I’m trying to say. If it wasn’t for the NRA we wouldn’t have anything.


And…. how about YETI publishing a list of the other entities that were similarly cut off from their discount program? Allegedly cut off that is….