Canik TP9SFL Pistol Wins the Ballistic’s Best Award For Editor’s Choice

Century Arms TP9SFL Pistol
Century Arms TP9SFL Pistol

Delray Beach, Fla. – -( Century Arms, the exclusive importer of Canik handguns and accessories, was presented with the Editor’s Choice award for Best Versatile/Value Pistol for its TP9SFL pistol at the Ballistic’s Best award ceremony on May 4, 2018 hosted by Athlon Outdoors.

The TP9SFL was designed to provide shooters with a more tactically oriented version of the popular TP9SFx competition-ready pistol, while maintaining all of the same performance characteristics.

“Century Arms and Canik constantly strive to provide consumers with the finest handgun offerings in the world at the best value possible,” said Jason Karvois, Century Arms Director of Sales. “It is our honor to accept Ballistic Magazines recognition of the TP9SFL as the best value and most versatile pistol made today. We will continue to innovate and bring more exciting Canik models and accessories to market.”

The Athlon Outdoors evaluation team selected firearms that represented superiority in their class with the most significant developments over the past year. The TP9SFL made its debut at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous event held in October 2017 where the Athlon editorial team was given an opportunity to see it first hand and test and evaluate the pistol.

The feature packed Century Arms TP9SFL Pistol, with its very attractive price point, definitely caught the attention of the Athlon team.

Built on the same base platform as the popular full-size TP9SF pistol, the TP9SFL is a military-grade, 9mm, striker-fired pistol featuring a match grade barrel with button-cut rifling, forward slide serrations, loaded chamber indicator and a rear striker status indicator. Canik added additional features consisting of an extended, 5.2-inch barrel and lightening cuts that keeps the barrel cool under the rapid fire experienced during a competition. The long sight radius, combined with Warren Tactical sights, makes the TP9SFL pistol an excellent choice for competition, home defense, or tactical applications, with an affordable MSRP of $519.99.

Century Arms TP9SFL Pistol Ballistics Best Editors Choice
Century Arms TP9SFL Pistol Ballistics Best Editors Choice

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About Century Arms

Born over 50 years ago with its roots in the surplus business, Century Arms has an extensive history of providing unique and affordable products to the American Collector, Hunter, and Target Shooter. That tradition is carried on today, with a state of the art manufacturing facility located in the U.S.A, as the company continues to offer unique, innovative, and quality products to the U.S. Consumer and U.S. Government.

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    1. LOL, this is an amazing comments section. thank you everyone for making my night. Very few comments about the content of the article, mostly people droning on about something they read 4 sentences about on fox or cnn and have almost no context or knowledge. Walk around your house and see where things are made, you will be surprised about the governments and terrible things your dollars are supporting. I don’t just mean when an item says “made in XXX” I mean where ALL the components are made. Let me help you out with that, EVERYWHERE. Muslim states, Christians countries, terror states, oppressive regimes, socialist countries, Africa, EVERYWHERE.

      All told these are nice guns. Crisp triggers, reliable, and affordable. I could get a glock but why pay 2x the price for basically the same gun.

      1. Re gas purchases Saudi/Opec have had their large corner of the US market for a long time. Originally extracted from their sand box with considerable support from US companies. However, the US now is producing more oil than we consume so the Saudi share may get smaller. It is possible. There is much to dislike re Saudi Arabia. Public beheadings, hands cut off, 18 of 19 9/11 terrorists were Saudi. No churches (not one), no bibles, etc. There has been more than 30,000 terrorist (muslim) events world wide sincve 9/11. Surely some involvement of Saudis.
        While the Canik is known to be a pretty nice pistol/value there are enough other options that there is little reason to source from Islam. Or, you could buy a CZ. Which is what got knocked off to build the Canik.
        And re Walmart you know all their clothing is imported. Moot point for me. I do buy ammo there. Sometimes. Not too happy with their marketing policy changes since Parkland tragedy.

        We are Americans. We have choices. Others do not. And some are very troubled due to the huge number of muslim immigrants. UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, etc. Indigenous Brits are now a minority in London aa an example.


    2. This about a pistol and we thank the editors choice. Take your political views to the Turkish government and the US government. In other words get a life and the freedom of choice should be continued to be supported worldwide.

      1. I see you are not a big picture guy.

        Do you buy your clothing at WalMart and then bitch about jobs going overseas?
        Do you support American values and then financially support other cultures trying to eliminate us?

        OpenMind does not have to mean naiveté.

    3. There are isis camps in Amerika. Amerika sells weapons to any foreign country with money to buy them. Why shouldn’t we buy what we want from where we want ? Nearly everything in most any country has foreign content if not manufacturer. I expect the best value for my dollar. I earn it and I should be able to determine where I spend it.

      1. You must not be an American or jusYou must not be an American or just plain illiterate or worse just totally disrespectful, but even our enemies know how to spell Our County name…..Repeat after me……AMERICA!t plain illiterate, but even our enemies know how to spell Our County name…..Repeat after me……AMERICA!

      2. I see you are not a big picture guy.

        Do you buy your clothing at WalMart and then bitch about jobs going overseas?
        Do you support American values and then financially support other cultures trying to eliminate us?

        OpenMind does not have to mean naiveté.

    4. Tom and American Patriot, You have overlooked important facts about Turkey. Turkey is a member of NATO, our ally in the fight against Muslim Extremist Terrorists. And also Turkey’s Government is more or less secular compared to other nations of majority muslim population.

      I used to shy away from Turkish guns because at that time I thought what Remington was importing was junk. But I have two Caniks now. Their factory is fantastic and builds to high spec quality. I have a Tristar Canik C-100 (a CZ 75 clone) and the Century Arms TP9SF Elite. The Elite is the best pistol I have ever bought for the price and maybe just the best regardless of the low cost. Finally someone made an affordable pistol with great sights out of the box. Warren Tactical rear and FO front. U-shaped rear sight and red Fiber Optic front.

      1. Erdogan is a pretty typical Muslim. Married to a cousin like is common for them. Moving his country as far into the Muslim universe as possible. Along the way he attempts to butter his bread on both sides. But, he is surely leaning towards the Mo side. If you ever have any doubts just buy American. Very good prices are available. Sometimes you just need to do a little looking. Like my Remington R1 1911. Purchased brand new for less than $400 net. ($435 less $75 mail in rebate). 50 rounds weekly for 2-1/2 years with a 100% positive experience. Buy American. You won’t regret doing so.

      2. It doesn’t matter that their NATO allies they still harbor terrorists in their country without wiping them out. Turkey has ISIS training camps and recruitment in their boarders.

        1. You guys don’t know much about Turkey. Not only are there no Isis training camps in Turkey but they are at war with each other. On 23 July 2015, Turkey allowed the United States Air Force to use İncirlik and Diyarbakır air bases in southern Turkey for their airstrikes on ISIL. Also on 23 July, after an alleged ISIL attack on a Turkish border outpost in Kilis Province killing one Turkish soldier, the Turkish army with tanks shelled ISIL militants in Syria killing one militant and destroying several ISIL vehicles.

          On 24 July 2015, an anonymous report appeared on a Turkish newspaper/website stating that the United States had agreed with Turkey on a ‘partial no-fly zone’ in northern Syria. While no official statement about the zone has been released, commentators still speculate about the real motives and objectives of Turkey and the US with the supposed ‘buffer zone’ or ‘ISIL-free zone’. On 24 and 25 July, Turkey carried out three waves of airstrikes on ISIL in Syria hitting a number of ISIL targets and killing 35 ISIL militants.

          After these events, ISIL publications had upped the rhetoric against the Turkish government, condemning it as one of many “apostate regimes” allying with the “crusaders”.[30] In the Turkish-language ISIL digital monthly Konstantiniyye, an article promised the “conquest of Istanbul”.[31]

          In the meantime the Turkish authorities have arrested around 1.200 people inside Turkey through the past year for suspected links with ISIL.[32] This means that Turkey is at active war with ISIL.[31]

      3. Jon….Just because a nation is in NATO does not mean they are our friends. Several countries hate Trump for not being Liberal and standing up to other countries, NATO & the EU always expect the U.S. to pay for everything now that’s changing and they don’t like it.

    5. Screw a country that supports terrorism. Turkey is no better than Iran with oh we are your friends but we are also friends of people who hate you. Will never buy that imported over priced paperweight. Give me the Steyr pistols that cost $650-900 with trapezoidal sights.

    6. Regardless of these glowing articles I have a MAJOR conflict when it comes to buying a product made by Muslims. Turkey. End of story. I do not wish them success.

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