When Just Owning a Gun Makes you a “Crazy” Person


Gun Violence Restraining Order
Gun Violence Restraining Order

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Implications of “mental-health purges” aka: “gun violence restraining orders” from a friend in a position to know:

“In the former Soviet Union, this was commonly known amongst the general population as ‘going crazy.’

Many a Russian thus suddenly ‘went crazy,’ was then visited by the KGB, and subsequently disappeared for prolonged periods.

Most were never seen again!

The State alone (KGB) decided who was ‘crazy,’ and who wasn’t, and there was no such thing as an appeal process, nor a ‘second opinion!’

After you were imprisoned, interrogated, tortured, starved, drugged, and neglected (sometimes for years), you might be returned to your family (assuming you had been broken sufficiently by their methods), when you managed to live through it.

As noted, most didn’t!

What liberal snowflakes in our generation don’t realize is that the exact same anti-gun laws they are currently promoting will be expanded and applied here, just as they were there.

After all law-abiding gun-owners have been eliminated, no leftist government has ever retained their ‘useful idiots’ after their ‘usefulness’ has been exhausted.

The only solace is in knowing that liberal morons will ultimately suffer the same fate as the law-abiding and brave.

No, you say? This law is only about taking the guns away from crazy people.

And yet, ‘crazy people’ with rental trucks, kitchen knives, fuel cans, screwdrivers, or even sharpened pencils are also dangerous, because they can easily murder ‘one person’ with their improvised weapons.

And, since these laws are about saving ‘just one person,’ we need to utilize it to its full effect and eliminate ‘crazy people’ from society, because they represent a threat, even without guns.

Don’t believe this?

The ‘Concluding Solution to The Jewish Question’ wasn’t the first law put into effect, but it was the ‘Final Answer,’ if you recall!”


With this on the horizon, there is all the more reason U.S. gun owners need to reinforce our practice of minimizing the number of people who know we have guns and are always armed. All this needs to be a carefully-guarded secret.

And, we need to be very careful about what we say, and to whom!

We’ve all crossed paths with enough disgruntled acquaintances, sometimes including family members, who might seek to harm us by going to some judge and insisting that we’re “crazy.”

“When they’ve taken your guns, then they’ll come for your sons.” ~ Jewish Partizan, 1939


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About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr. Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit: www.defense-training.com

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What kind of person hired crazy CBS anchor man Otis Livingston to work on television if he had bad views over CBS Leslie Moonves life calling him white carbage, unprofesional in business and even homo. Leslie Moonves must becareful of Otis Livingston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VT Patriot

Our rino gov just passed this insanity in VT, formerly the best state (tho libnuts) in the 48 with the lowest rate of violence in the 48. The case that brought it up was a moron was posting on FB his plans to shoot up Fair Haven school. The cops got him first, and he was shortly later released because he had not acted on his threats, Now he’s back on the streets with gov approval. This happened after the gov had passed this law.

What could possibly go wrong there?

Larry B.

Stay quiet about being a gun owner? BULLSHIT!!! BULLSHIT TEN TIMES!! What ever happened to “Come and Take em’? What a bunch of pussified punks; – ready in a heartbeat to cave and give the anti’s EXACTLY what they want. It wasn’t but a few years ago Bloomberg, (or another one of those chyt-heads) said “we need to make gun owners afraid.” Fly under the radar strategy. Sickening!
“History does not long trust freedom to the weak and timid.”–Dwight D. Eisenhower


Figurehead, as was Charlton Heston.

Rich in Mo

I fail to recall the exact circumstances but it was something along those lines; my age is catching up to me…


I think if they have their way they will sign the U.N. gun prohibition pact and the blue helmet thugs will be there to kick your door in. That is ok because it would be easier to shoot one of those jerks than a fellow citizen. Besides their helmets would make good target practice.

John Dunlap

I used to think that too, but now I don’t really think we’ll have to worry about UN jackboots at the door until AFTER most of us have been disarmed (so don’t comply). Look at what’s happening in China for the direction this may take. Given the huge amount of information that has been successfully compiled on each of us, it’s likely that refusal to comply will result in the freezing of your bank accounts and credit cards, revocation of driver’s license, and denial of the use of public transportation. In short, they’ll just shut down your life. The political… Read more »

James Higginbotham

i AGREE Tomcat.
BLUE makes a great target.


Who defines “mental health”?
Who enforces those laws?
Who obeys those orders?
Who kicks down the doors?

How can we “support” the enforcers of laws we oppose?


You may or may not find this hard to believe, but these attacks on our freedom aren’t anything new. I do not speak of other countries, or distant times. Almost on a yearly basis, laws are proposed in many states that seek to fund building “Mental Health” properties in isolated areas like Alaska, wherein those who have been labeled mentally ill are relocated. These are given euphemistic names to disguise their purpose. But so far these proposals haven’t reached reality. I belong to one such group that fights these while they are still in committee, and they are prosed every… Read more »

Wild Bill

@TF, Yeah, this next set of elections is going to be critical, again, and we have failed in GA and Penn, thus far. Even Az was closer than it should have been. If the boldness and number of the trolls that make their appearances, here, are any indication, then we have a long row to hoe.


Right! Stay alert. Stay armed. Practice. And shut up.


I recall hearing about the Soviet Young Pioneers being encouraged to turn their parents into authorities
for non Soviet behavior. We are now about to experience the same behavior from our own family and neighbors
for being gun owners.

David Nord

I believe that you are mistaken; it is my understanding that this was attributed to the Hitler Youth.

Connor O.

I believe it was both organizations shared a similar ideology in that regard.


Gentlemen you are both correct. Each group one far left and the other far right, both extremes shared a philosophy of dominantion of individual rights. Hopefully we’re not on
a cusp of such rule in our country today.


pjw – you were correct in stating that both gentlemen were correct but you erred in attributing one group to the left and one to the right – they were BOTH to the left – after all it was the national SOCIALIST party.

Douglas Kuykendall

Right now they are feeling out the water.What I mean buy that,seeing how many people will defend their self,or succumb to the confiscation of their firearms.If enough people start getting shot,there probably will be some different thinking.This law sounded good to start with,get the loonies of the street,but I think there has been more misuse than good.Once they see they can get by grabbing people’s Firearms at will,your going to start seeing more and more

Richard L

Not so long ago it was called: Swatting

Rich in Mo.

The 2 guns I had I sold to a licensed dealer at a gun show I paid cash to attend. So I guess I don’t have to worry about it.

Harmon Ford

I don’t remember the what the writer had to say verbatim, but it went a little like this — ‘ First, they came for the man down the road and I said nothing. Then they came for the people down the block, and I said nothing. Then they came for the folks across the street. Again I said nothing. Then they came for me – and there was no one left to say anything for me. Perhaps you should go buy another weapon.

Wild Bill

@Poor in Mo. You are the pushover that government bureaucrats dream of.


Wild Bill, Rich.Poor.. I got the sense that his “gun show” narrative is a different phraisng of theold “tragic boating accident” so many others have mentioned……. TWO GUNS only? Yeah, right, and my pet chicken Henrietta is flying to the moon and back next week. When they “come for our guns” we will have a few options….. turn them over, turn SOME of them over (as the wise old residents of Warsaw did in Hitler’s day), deny ever owning any, give them some story that constituted “plausible deniability” andtell themyou have them no more….. until they FIND one, they will… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Tio, Well, if I misinterpreted him… my apologies. As to the denials, or partial surrender of one’s firearms, of plausible deniability, remember 18 USC section 1001. Any untruth told to a government agent, no matter how small, is punishable by one year as a guest of the Fed. Bureau of Prisons and everything that goes along with that.

Rich in Mo

Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Signed, Government Pushover.


I heard someone state, that if you think it is time to start burying your guns, it is time to start digging them up. I believe that the wording burying also would include the word hiding. A hidden or buried gun doesn’t do anyone any good. You will just go to the camps, kicking yourself on why you didn’t dig them up sooner when they kick your door in and snatch one out of bed. We truly do need a leader that will pull all of us together. If we do it one at a time, they will defame and… Read more »

A. White

You could not have stated the facts anymore clearly. A unifying republican force is very much needed.

Foot in the Forest

I am crazy just ask my friends and neighbors. I have collected firearms my whole life and am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment. Crazy isn’t it. Feel free to report me to whoever you want. There will be many open job positions to be filled in the responding agencies. FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS is not hyperbole it is a fact for me and I suspect for a lot of other people. There is fast approaching a time of decision for all firearm owners in this country. Stand and fight or be a cuck and live on your… Read more »

Clark Kent

Yawn. Another tough talking internet commando dork who will fold like a deck chair once the crap hits the fan. BORING!

Jeremy brown

Clark are you referring to an impending gun confiscation? Of so this man has millions of patriots who will do what he has said. So keep your yawns for the finale. Y’all are yo much of pussies yo try a d take our guns

P.s. nothing says a mouthpiece like a fake name.

VT Patriot

Oh goody, clark is back. I guess he got his phone booth up and operating. Wait a minute – – -here comes super dude to save us all.

Wild Bill

@Foot in, I applaud your enthusiasm, but what is your defense plan? If your defense plan is the Jim Bowie plan, then you will get yourself, your family, even your dog killed and your house burned down.


Had a very good friend of 35yrs. who’s a LEO at ICE hit by a false GVRO by his live-in girlfriend in FL. Did know what was happening until the county police came a knocking at his door. Had to temporarily leave his own house. This put his job in serious jeopardy and his duty carry was suspended for one year. He had to be reassigned because of this kind of BS. He supported this woman and her kids whom he cared for deeply. She was a complete paranoid and a border line sociopath. This is the door to hell… Read more »


A recent incident in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania made the ‘News’ here. Pennsylvania is an ‘Open Carry’ state and a man was recently observed walking around the county with an ‘AR style’ rifle slung over his shoulder. Local police were aware and ‘allowed’ this until they received enough complaints from people observing this ‘behavior’. BINGO! – They hit him with a 72 Hour involuntary mental health evaluation and confiscated the rifle.


Open Carrier Arrested in Pennsylvania — 72 hour MENTAL Health hold , Gun Confiscated.
Radio host ,Ken Matthews WHP 580 AM was talking about this last week and reported the man was not being a problem and carried ‘ muzzle down ‘ over the shoulder. ……. But somebody was ‘ afraid ‘ so boom HIS RIGHTS are gone.



Janek, what do they do of you are carrying a handgun? Now the person may have been making a statement but there are times that sensibility comes into play. Residing in the Peoples Un-Democratic Republic of Kommieforniastan my ONLY form of FU to the Marxists are my American Flags proudly flying. They don’t have a need to know diddly beyond that.

John Dunlap

“They” know, simply because it is a given that all of our posts here, much of the rest of our browsing history, the metadata from our phones, our voting records, and a list of our associations has been collected, legal or not. As a fellow resident of California, I can say that it is IMPERATIVE that all Left Coase conservatives show up and vote this time, in lock step. I hate to say this because I don’t like either mainstream party, but pick whatever Republican is in the lead, hold your nose, and vote for them. It’s life and death… Read more »


@John Dunlap Dunlap, I myself also reside here, reluctantly, in californicateus. You be correct. Everything done here, text, phone calls, all metadata is collected for reference. If you are a member of CRPA, GOC, NRA, 2nd Amendment Found., GOA, then we are automatically branded a terrorist. Not crazy, but one would think they go hand in hand. I reside in a small conservative part of cali, have perused the just mailed voting pamphlet, and it’s scary. Gavin Newsom makes it perfectly clear in his present tv diatribe…..socialized medicine, and total gun control. He also states that he sued and beat… Read more »

John Dunlap

I would say they are already one party, wearing two masks. They fight over control of minutiae, but the overall agenda is similar. The tools of the police state have been gradually put in place, the so called deep state has a turn-key technocracy practically finished, just waiting for the paint to dry. All they need now is a major land war to create the political momentum to activate it. Here’s one of the finishing touches, being attempted by two Republicans: http://www.wnd.com/2018/05/congress-lining-up-behind-indefinite-detention-for-americans/ How much would you like to bet that this “power” has already been used, at least occasionally? If… Read more »