Hamas “Protestors” Who Are We Kidding? ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Our less-than-honest, liberal media, and “Weasel Words”.

Hamas has never been shy about articulating its intentions, in plain English!

Unlike North Koreans and Iranians, who insist they have only honorable intentions, but have just been “misunderstood,” Hamas  has no compunction about plainly stating that they fully intend to murder every Israeli, and every Jew, they can get their hands on, anywhere, any time, as often as they can, any way they can, as many as they can.

No apologies, no mincing words, and it is not all just talk. They’ve done it! Hamas has always been relentlessly honest and “transparent.”

I’ll give them that!

Recently, Hamas has mobilized a literal army of military-age, male “volunteers” to storm Israeli borders.

Islam provides them with a virtually endless supply.

They have all been openly instructed to get past the fence and into Israel, any way they can, and then murder as many Israelis as they can find, for as long as they can.

Again, Hamas has clearly, honestly stated that is, in fact, their purpose. Hamas’ endlessly-affirmed goal is to “utterly destroy Israel and every Jew therein.”

As noted above, I take them at their word!

After all that, our liberal media is “astonished” when Israeli border guards shoot Hamas terrorists as they are trying to forcefully, illegally crash the gate and enter Israel.

To the liberal media, it’s just so much casual conversation. To Israelis, it’s personal and extremely dangerous.

Our media describes Hamas terrorists with fraudulent nouns, like “demonstrators,” and “protestors”

Funny, they look like “rioters,” maybe “foreign fighters” to me.

Liberals in our media shed an ocean of tears over suicidal Hamas terrorists who die at the hands of Israeli border guards.

Funny, these same liberals never shed tear one when Israelis are murdered by Islamic terrorists in Israel, nor for murdered Jews and Christians in Western Europe, Indonesia, and around the world!

Liberal/Leftist propagandists, masquerading as “journalists,” are incapable of so much as a honest thought!

They are a disgrace to their profession!

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy is adults, who are afraid of the light.” ~ Plato


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American Patriot

Protesting? If they were conservatives or NRA members it would be called Rioting.

Raymond Miller

This was/is a perfect opportunity to have a Palestinian BBQ. When you’re going to be blamed for something anyway, what do you have to loose ? A little napalm goes a long way in changing peoples attitudes.


Time to end islam as a whole. Not just hammas or the muslim brotherhood or isis or nothern arabian peninsula or taliban, it’s an islamic civil war between two groups sunis and shiits/saddam family who carried their fighting on for so long the real issues are mucked over. Palestine is 90% suni islam which is irrelevant as to which family, the fact it’s islam is all that matters! Islam has no need to even be in Jerusalem with all the treacherous tension they create and betrayal Muhammad did to the Jewish when they took him in as a refugee. Palestine… Read more »


i think you need to get a different perspective – Israeli snipers DID use LIVE ammo against NOT armed protesters – yes, protesters. But there are issues at play here – I suggest you get some better info on the situation of the Palestinians being held behind gates, not allowing to leave, lacking many necessities due to blockade by Israel and others, before you go posting on this situation. Israel is pretty much keeping people in detention camp and controlling who and what goes in /out the army guarded barricades. And Israel is NO friend to US. They attacked our… Read more »


No Sokol, there’s really just one “issue” and it’s this – one side wants the other dead, period. And since you have your head so far up your a&$, I’ll spell it out for you. It’s NOT Israel that’s the problem.

Canada for Canadians

Huh! Why didn’t you make the video available in Canada?
I am Canadian and agree with you. Thankfully, not all Canadians are Liberal Retards, but I understand how the world might perceive that as being true. Too bad!
Please make your video available to world. There’s nothing to hide here.


I had an executive officer who had been the Naval Attache to Israel. We frequently talked about Middle Eastern affairs. He told me “the only people disliked more in the Middle East than the Israelis are the Palestinians.” The other nations love seeing the two go at each other. It makes total sense that the Iranians (Persians, not Arabs) use Hamas as proxy warriors. They encourage the fighting, promote bloodshed on both sides, and then move into areas where a power vacuum is created…witness the Lebanese and then the Syrian civil war, which allowed them to move in, control governments… Read more »

James C Funderburg, MD, FACS

I like your message. Totally agree…well, not totally. The final quote, often attributed to Plato, is not traceable to him.