Illinois Gun Owners , “We’ve Done Nothing Wrong”

End Game Ban All Guns
Illinois Gun Owners , We've Done Nothing Wrong

Illinois – -( We are down to the last four days of regular Illiniois session. There is an all-out push to pass something, anything, in the wake of recent tragedies in the news.

One man in Nevada, maybe the only person in the whole world, commits a heinous act with a firearm accessory and now there is call to ban that item for all the law-abiding Illinois gun owners – gun owners who DID NOT commit the crime. Failure to comply gets you a felony and up to 30 years in prison under one proposal.

That's higher than 2nd degree murder and comparable to 1st degree murder.

A mentally ill student in Florida goes on a rampage after the FBI and local officials ignored warnings. Now there is call for an increased waiting period to purchase a firearm for all the Illinois gun owners – gun owners who DID NOT commit the crime.

Straw purchasers buy guns and sell them illegally after leaving the store – they get a slap on the wrist when caught and some do no jail time Then, anti-gun legislators want to put onerous, burdensome and redundant regulations on the lawful firearms dealers who are licensed and monitored by the federal government. Illinois Legislators have written vague, broadly written bills that would cause the closing of many, if not most, of our hometown gun shops.

AND – anti-gunners are still trying to register firearms and firearm owners. An amendment to SB337 Gun Dealer Licensing bill includes:

“A transferee shall not be criminally liable under this Section provided that he or she provides the Department of State Police with the transfer records in accordance with procedures established by the Department. The Department shall establish, by rule, a standard form on its website.”.

We’ve seen this time and again. An option becomes a mandate. A mandate becomes a criminal act. There are a lot of reasons to oppose SB337 Firearm Dealer Licensing, but this provision alone is more than enough to call your legislators and tell them WE ARE NOT GOING DOWN THIS ROAD that leads to registering private sales or possession of firearms.


Call your IL legislators first thing Tuesday morning. Firmly tell them to vote NO on any bill that further restricts the rights of law-abiding firearm owners. Tell them firearm owners are tired of being penalized for crimes committed in other states, tired of having our rights stripped from us all for the sake of, “We have to do something”, regardless of the fact it will do nothing to stop the acts of criminals. Be heard, stand firm. It is urgent that you make the call. That goes ten-fold if you live in a suburban area. Your Constitutional rights are not safe, they are under attack by the very legislators you elected to protect your rights – make the call!


Illinois CarryAbout

The IllinoisCarry forum was started in April 2004. The idea was that Illinois needed a central location to communicate ideas and information regarding 2nd Amendment issues in Illinois. There are many organizations in Illinois working to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. Working with these groups IllinoisCarry has become the central location for information and Action Alerts. IllinoisCarry will not endorse political candidates. We simply provide information so voters can make informed decisions. Our goal is to join the other 48 states that allow their citizens to carry concealed firearms. We encourage you to register on our forum and join the fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights in Illinois.

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  • 23 thoughts on “Illinois Gun Owners , “We’ve Done Nothing Wrong”

    1. Notalima is 100% correct in their comment
      Gun laws are not about safety or preventing crime
      They are about control
      Incremental restrictions leading to complete bans
      Full auto, bump stocks, magazine capacity limits are baby steps on the road to full gun prohibition
      That is why we should never agree to anything they want in an effort to “do something” with “common sense laws”
      Do not give even one inch!

    2. When we take Prayer out of schools, allow men to marry man, and women marry women, and put in God we trust on our money, what does that tell you? sounds like a double minded USA to me. Talking about Guns, what do we EXPECT. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Enough said.

    3. Again, none, zero, zip, of the bills the prog/libs are attempting to foist are about safety, saving lives, or making citizens safe.

      They are all aimed at “The Narrative”.

      The final goal of The Narrative is ‘control’, and complete civilian disarmament is a major step that is required to implement that control. Any step toward that goal–the incrementalism of ‘gun control’–is a win. It will never be enough, and they will ALWAYS be back for more until the goal of The Narrative is achieved.

      To that end there is no point in a ‘conversation’, no point to ‘negotiating’, as anything given to them is a win for them and a loss for freedom and liberty. They will not stop until they have achieved their end goal and each little ‘chip’ that is given to them only serves to undermine your rights and freedoms; freedoms which they fear and loathe.

    4. When it comes to legiskation such as this, the non voting public needs to get their butts to tge polls to vote for change. There are many registeredvotes who are either sympathetic to ornot against guns and gun ownership. These people need to be encouraged to vote. This will ultimately change the membership writing laws in Illinois.

    5. However,I believe they are not going after the big chains…Cabels etc…with some ratio of gun sales to total sales…only smaller gun businesses.At least for now

    6. Chicago (aka) ChiGanistan Democrats run the State of Illinois. We “down-staters” are to blame for the “killing fields” in this POS corrupt city. Illinois is a dying deadbeat state, and our infamous LibTard Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan, is putting the final nails in our coffin!

    7. Laws do not prevent crime. They set standards for levels of punishment and set baselines for the authority to arrest. Even traffic laws are regularly flaunted by large numbers of drivers every day. However, If caught they do provide millions in revenue for the government. But miscreants who purposely set out to do physical or financial harm are not prevented from doing so just because a law exists against it. Decent people obey laws because they are decent people. Idiots simply don’t care and hundreds of new laws will not change that. And concerning guns, only the good guys are punished with the inability to protect themselves when the public is disarmed. Like I said, laws do not prevent crime.

          1. @Tcat, Cluck Kent was a traffic cop for his entire career. He can not stand the thought of abolishing his raison d’être. Have another drink Cluck and go back to sleep.

            1. @ Wild Bill Cluck Kent has gone from standing in the street waving traffic through but now he has graduated into the thought police squad and he is a peon on the word nazi brigade. It must be tough to be him.

            2. Tomcat: Figured out the difference between ‘suite’ and ‘suit’ yet? Better keep quiet until you do, bozo. Wild Bill: Nope; I was never a traffic cop. Nothing wrong with being a traffic cop anyhow. I would tell you to go back to sleep but I believe your posts prove you have never been awake.

        1. Clark Kent you are in the same trap as lots of gunphobes, the point is not to abolish all laws because they dont work but to find a level where public sanity can be enforced but not to take away everyone else’s rights, ie 25MPH speed limit on the interstate highways. When you point out to gunphobes that the laws they love dont work then they use your comment. Bud? THINK before you post. and I left plenty of grammar mistakes to reinforce you feelings of superiority.

    8. The Senate also recently passed (42-10) SB 2387, which criminalizes the transfer of a gun to someone without checking whether they have a valid FOID card, the so-called “Waffle House” bill. Should we be against that too?

      1. YEP! Soo! What THEY are saying is; IF you do not have a PERMIT “foid card”, you do not have the RIGHT to own a weapon! This goes AGAINST the Second Amendment that REITERATES or RESTATES that LEGAL LAW ABIDING American CITIZENS – – – ALREADY have the RIGHT to posses and own a weapon that they can afford and keep functioning correctly!!!!!!! I call Bovine Scatology on this idea !!!!!!!!

        1. @To have peace,… prepare for war. Well, If you want to have peace, as your handle intimates, then you should oppose SB 2387 because it does not help you prepare.

    9. Union members…. keep voting for liberal democrats. Will you guys never learn? The good companies/factories have left Illinois, your out of work, and now THEY TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS! How long does it take to Wake Up? NEVER!

      1. Chicago ballots are fungible. However many the Democrat needs the machine will provide. The Illinois constitution provides that all of the tax money raised in Cook County/Chicago stays in Chicago. Also half of all the tax money from downstate, goes to Chicago.
        I “escaped” from Illinois almost fifty years ago when it was still a mostly “free state” and open carry was legal and concealed carry as a minor misdemeanor.
        Illinois politicians don’t know the laws. 52 years ago I worked in a gun store in Springfield. The boss sold a handgun to Adili Stevenson and told him te law required he state what his reason for buying the gun was. This was before the FOID law.
        Stevenson said he needed the gun for protection. He lived in Chicago were it was illegal to have a handgun but he bought it anyway. You’d think a legislator would know that there was no requirement in the Illinois or Federal law to say in writing why you wanted a gun. There was no law making it a criminal offense to sell a gun intrastate to another city.
        Stupid people make really STUPID laws.

    10. With Chicago being one of if not the #1 capital for murder legislation wants the entire state to suffer. The idiot mayor allows it to become a sanctuary city and has done little to nothing about the gangs overtaking the city. As many of us outside the city limits of Chicago has requested, make Chicago an entity all unto themselves. Why should the entire state suffer the ‘slings and arrows’ of poor management?’
      Does legislation want to take away our only defense to all the above mentioned? It appears so.
      Have they taken into consideration that Chicago is a city with the constant flow of illegal weapons ( or why would the gangs have guns? )We know they don’t have license/permits for them. The very people wanting this are living in GUN protected gated communities and guarded by GUN carrying personnel! How are we, the good guys, suppose to protect ourselves?
      It will have to be if legislation requires all guns that would mean they would NOT be guarded by men/woman packing or live in gun protected communities. As that would never happen, this law they are trying to pass is written too one-sided.
      It is obvious all politicians are not admitting WE ARE AT WAR!

      1. I just heard on the news that chitown has added 1300 additional patrol cops this weekend trying to slow the shooting incidents. Emanuel is a waste of air space and totally ineffective at governing.

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