Inceptor Ammunition Now In-Use with Georgia and Ohio Police Departments

Polycase Inceptor Sport Utility Ammo
Polycase Inceptor Sport Utility Ammo

SAVANNAH, Ga.-( The Inceptor Ammunition brand, owned by Quantum Ammunition, LLC, is pleased to announce that Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia and Dayton Police Department in Ohio will now be using Inceptor Sport Utility Ammo for training purposes. The departments will be incorporating Inceptor Round Nose Precision (RNP™) 9mm Luger +P and Short-Range Rifle (SRR™) 300 AAC Blackout ammunition, respectively, into firearms training exercises that require special-use ammunition for close ranges.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the law enforcement community as a leader in producing lead-free, range-compliant ammunition,” said Inceptor Ammunition CEO Ron Embree. “Our Sport Utility Ammo product line delivers unmatched frangibility, which means that individuals—whether law enforcement, military or civilian—can safely train for real-world threats at closer distances. Ultimately, Inceptor provides a safer, more realistic and better overall shooting experience for all levels of shooters, including those serving in the police force.”

RNP Handgun Ammunition

The Sport Utility Ammo line features Inceptor’s patented RNP bullet technology, with a solid-core, injection-molded, polymer-copper projectile. RNP projectiles feature SteelSafe™ construction for use on hardened steel and allow safe range distances measured in feet, not yards, for the safest and most dynamic close-quarter training experience. For duty purposes, they offer non-sparking, low-ricochet and limited penetration rounds with unparalleled stopping power.

SRR Rifle Ammunition

Featuring the same advanced technology and performance as its RNP counterpart, Inceptor SRR performs very well in rifle platforms and opens up options not available with traditional bullets. They are non-sparking, low-ricochet, low-recoil and clean shooting, providing an extraordinary training option. Inceptor SRR ammunition rivals any frangible CQB cartridge due to the near-perfect projectile concentricity, excellent function in a variety of weapons, great bullet-to-bullet weight consistency and high velocity with less felt recoil. It’s the perfect multi-role ammunition for training or CQB.

PolyCase Inceptor .300 ACC Blackout
PolyCase Inceptor .300 ACC Blackout

About Inceptor

Inceptor brand ammunition features the world’s most advanced composite materials and manufacturing methods. Serving domestic and international lines of business, Inceptor is available through fine shooting sports retailers everywhere. Proudly made in the USA, Inceptor brand ammunition is designed for superior training, lethality, consistency and performance. A full line of component bullets for handloaders was also added in late 2017. For more information about Inceptor ammunition and components or to become a partner retailer visit

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Matt in Oklahoma

Dusty Storm Thanks got the input

Dusty Storm

We’ve tested this ammo in our range looking for good, safe lead-free ammo. 38sp, 380acp, 9mm and 45acp all worked as claimed. You can stand 5 feet from a steel wall and these projectiles simply vaporize on impact (I do not recommend shooting steel walls from 5′, be safe). They are significantly higher velocity than standard, but lighter weight. We ran through a few different common semi-auto pistol models, 1911 (45 and 9mm), Glock (45 and 9mm), M&P Shield, Sig p238, Sig p226 and the 38spl through a revolver. Only the tiny M&P Shield failed to cycle reliably in 9mm.… Read more »


Practice, Practice, Practice, The Most Expensive Round You Shoot Will Do No Good Unless It Hits It’s Target !

Roy D.

Their definition of “solid core” seems to be lacking factual evidence. But a salesman has to make a living too I guess.

Matt in Oklahoma

The ammo claims to have less felt recoil so is that a good thing to train with? I’ve not actually shot any so I’d like to hear if the difference is that big or not.

Andy Buckmichael

Ammo does not make the cop. It takes intelligence and most cops do not have it.


Says the poster child for “Better to be thought of as an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Matt in Oklahoma

Criminal who has nothing real to offer anyone

VT Patriot

Why do you spend every day bashing cops? Did you have a few little mishaps that some mean and nasty cop intervened? Was it as simple ab a few MPH over the limit, or were you erronously disturbed while ‘visiting’ a neighbors home whiel he was sleeping?